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  1. I'm done with exams, which means more time to write. I have like six stories for other fandoms lined up right now, but an Aveyond Halloween idea just struck me... I must write it!

    1. Queen-of-Ice101


      yaaaaaay halloween idea:D

  2. DKDHODGDOEBEIWSISGIWCSIWSOS I must be dreaming! This. Is. Pure. Gold. No, not gold! Platinum! Whatever! Diamonds! Whatever! Mel and Edward were acting a little too sappy for my tastes, but otherwise, this was amazing! I really, really, really liked how you made out Eliza and Markus' characters. They perfectly mirrored both Mel and Edward. It's honestly amazing. Also MxE i love you so much for this! I must repay you with some strange MxG prompts... When I can find the prompts. XD Isn't there a button where you can fave this!? Oh my goodness omg I love this is this posted on Fanfiction? Can I please read this a gazillion times more? All in all... BEST AFTER EXAM GIFT EVER I LOVE YOU
  3. The misadventures of Te'ijal and Galahad going trick or treating!
  4. Hello, everyone! I just wanted to get out a quick update on the game. Because I can't use the RPG Maker XP tilesets in VXA, the graphics might end up a bit different from what we're expecting. I've also been looking into scripting, so it might look a little more customised, but as of now, everything's still going fairly slowly. I've decided to just focus on map-making at the moment (the snowy land is already almost completed, I just need to make the interiors for a few more houses. Next will be Spring) while Queen tries her best to complete the sprites. She's been arguing with them for a while now, and so far, it looks as if the sprites are winning T.T The database at the moment is really, really, really messy. While I can't say that we might be able to give this game back to Amanda because it's so messy right now, we're just going to try our best until we can't do anything anymore. Also, since I've had enormous trouble with making the character you choose in the beginning, I've decided to just make different files for different users. Everything will be customised, including the text. So, I'd also like to thank everyone for the support and we're really sorry for such delays. I've been busy with my final exams and that leads to this project being neglected, so I apologise. I'll be continuing the project as soon as I'm free from the chains of the papers that determine my future. XD Bye!
  5. Also, excuse my terrible grasp of the English language. I don't even know why I write when I'm so bad at it... Why am I saying these weird things again? I must be losing my mind 

    1. Rodania


      you are totally losing your mind XD your English is amazing gurl

  6. Has it ever dawned on anyone that you honestly,  really want to write for a fandom after a really long writer's block, but exams/schoolwork is staring at you right in the face?

    School is... Hypocritical. :D

    1. Queen-of-Ice101


      I have had that, it sucks -___- Hope that school works out for you and returns your free time back to you soon!!

  7. I spy with my little eye, and see Miyazono Kaori... Oh my god, she looks beautiful.
  8. @Meroko We're still organising everything so please be patient. Since we can't do as much now, I hope you enjoy writing and drawing and random games. XD
  9. 137 (huhu... Definitely going to take three years.)
  10. @Meroko It's very nice to meet you, Meroko. Did you say that you liked Ib? It certainly is very enjoyable, even with the simple graphics!
  11. @Meroko @negar-bendy You guys will absolutely love Mu11Berry's works, then! She writes plenty of RxD that even one who formerly highly disliked Dameon enjoyed.
  12. @Ant Thank you very much. I hope Aveyond will never cease to be iconic in the game world! @moonpeace You'll never be too old, Moonie.
  13. Didn't really expect the Ishtar and Heptitus one xD Nicely written as usual, Moonie.
  14. You need to go around, flipping all the switches until you find the right one.
  15. My heart has been smashed to smithereens; I need ExM fluff, and lots of it, pronto! :kaiwaii-super-happy:

  16. Oh goodness, I can't explain how much I love this! This was written extremely well and it set the mood for both romance and also humor xD I never expected that GxY twist in the end omg hahahaha so funny yet so CUTE ALDGLSGDLFKFHRKDFHKDBX Write more, woman! ... I spot some MxE -I love you even more now-
  17. Random thoughts...

    Why are humans... Human? Because God made us that way.

    I'm sure, when everyone was like three or four, they wondered. Why am I myself? Like, we pondered over why we had control over our own bodies. Why didn't we have the control over our mother's body? Why not our father's?

    Life's greatest mystery to a child. XD

  18. Both are delicious to me, but I'll say noodles because I grew up with it. Ice cream or shaved ice?
  19. I'm neutral about both. Math or literature?
  20. The end looks a little bent, but it's the most unique dagger I've ever seen as of now.
  21. That was extremely scary and yet, so very sweet... I really enjoyed this piece; for it truly had portrayed the hardships that married couple needed to go through. Can't wait to read more of your October works!
  22. I've no idea who they are, so I suppose neither. Do you tend to smile more often or are you more of a grinning person?
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