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  1. @Ishti Are you going to bring us sailing around the Arishta Isles?
  2. Birds. Get zapped by Lars or Lydia?
  3. Guess why I'm Honey Butter Chloe!

    1. Honey Butter Chloe
    2. Queen-of-Ice101


      ......I am at a loss....... erm let me think, um you also love sweets and your skin is a caramel/golden like honey can be?? XD XD I dunooooooooo

    3. Honey Butter Chloe

      Honey Butter Chloe

      Ewwww, honey-coloured skin sounds disgusting... But nope! xDDDD @Queen-of-Ice101

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  4. I like warm people.

    Are you thinking sensual thoughts?

    If not, then congratulations. Because I like people who aren't cold.

    Are you thinking sensual thoughts now?

    Snap out of it and look up the definitions of warm and cold in a dictionary.

  5. Simple Mel doodle before I turn in for the night. :3
  6. I don't need fluff...



















































































































































    I need fluff.

  7. Nope! x3 Mind if I use these for the game?
  8. I have like a gazillion favourites so don't ask... Lotion or cream?
  10. When people act distant with me, I say that they dislike me.


    That is still something I do not know to this day...

    What is 'weird', anyways? When we say that people are weird, are they actually weird by everyone's standards or are they just weird because they do something we aren't used to?

    When we call people idiots, are they really idiots? Just because they do not do well in one thing, such as driving, does that mean they do badly in everything?

    When someone acts like they're better than us, what do we do? Most people would stay away, while some would attempt to bring them down a peg or two.

    When someone tells us that we are ugly, others say that we are beautiful.

    So, who should we listen to?

    If we listen to the ones who give us bad opinions, we get slightly upset, and we don't know if they're telling the truth.

    If we listen to the ones who give us good opinions, we get happy and smile, but what if they're just saying that to be polite?

    Be yourself, guys. Block away the haters, watch out with the fans.

    The only standard you have is the standard you set for yourself.

  11. dear lord i can't choose both of them break my heart— Hearts or stars?
  12. Harry Potter, le classicth Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso or Koe no Katachi?
  13. Banned because Patrick dislikes you. XD
  14. Write-a-thon, who can type out the most spells in a minute... a lot.
  15. It's still the same, I believe. @UnicornLady
  16. Another planet ftw Same question.
  17. Bob because SpongeBob. Love Whisper or Summer Rain? (Which title do you like best?)
  18. You can read the long post that Queen made. it's the one about ironing the final details out. @Scrivener of the Gods
  19. dear people who think i'm weird:

    please go away

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