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  1. Time. That way, I can see how the world evolves through my power as a druid. Live on the moon or live on Mars? (If both of them were habitable)
  2. Also because there have been several queries about why we are trying to bring back guilds... They are for the fun of it. The guilds last time were so exciting and it gave a lot of us entertainment back then. Although we can't recreate the exact same thing now because of bot issues and things like that, it would be nice to just have a makeshift thing just for grins and memories.
  3. @tiniponi Like Moonpeace said, the War and Magic guild is only half magic That's why we have Knights and Dragon Lords in there as well.
  4. ... same! Like it would be so worth it to just spend all the money sponsored by the event and all. What I would give to meet Miranda, Berry and Rodania irl -- If someone asked you to 'Smile, please!" when you're honestly just in a horrible mood, what would you do?
  5. YES! That means "Don't be embarrassed." Hahaha, I like you, you're nice.
  6. Magical. If you could have anything you wanted for a day, without a price, without a catch, without anything to return for this chance, what would you have?
  7. You guys, the support is overwhelming, so I was thinking, maybe we could make it into a full, non-commercial game where we ourselves fight against Mordred Darkthrop VI or whatever. But first, since I don't know if this thing is going to be worth your time and effort or not (since me and Miranda are planning on doing graphic design and game-making in the future, this is kind of like a baby step thing), the both of us are going to finish it off first. If the game is successful among all of us, then I might consider enlisting in you guys' help for storyline and map-making and such. This game will probably take some time to do, but I estimate that with our (very slow) progress, it can either end up as a Christmas gift, or since I have to study for exams, before October starts. Thank you guys so much for your support and I hope this game will be able to sate any cravings for games.
  8. @callmedan That's actually because I just edited one of the sample maps ;;;;;;; Some of the self-made maps are just so... ew
  9. I don't think I'll ever be able to make maps as good as yours, Dan. @callmedan
  10. We actually wanted to make it a surprise, but since some unfortunate events occurred, we decided that it was time to unveil it. While Queen's sprites are borderline perfect, my maps might not, so I apologise beforehand. The both of us are using this as a learning experience. Sorta.
  11. Teaser number one~! (I'm in charge of the overall game-making with the database plus the tilesets, while Miranda is working on the sprites and occasional tileset resources).
  12. @Scrivener of the Gods It makes you a great person?
  13. Colby because he's cute. Eat chicken and only chicken for the rest of your life or never get to play Aveyond ever again?
  14. Alright guys, so we've gotten information suggesting that signatures might not return anytime soon since a lot of us had really big ones in the past, so our badges and stuff might have to go to our About pages. There isn't any lit for About pages as far as we know, so perhaps the Cottages will have to be moved there as well. @Scrivener of the Gods Your suggestion is great! For how to join the guilds, we're planning on using the clubs. There are options on whether to make them public or restricted.
  15. Night watch~ Be a fire-wielding goddess or a human healer with ice powers?
  16. Drow. I hate the nighttime breezes. Would you rather see Lars with a moustache or Edward with a beard?
  17. Stella! Our gentle little baby <3 Be a black or white mage?
  18. AP! Didn't really like AV4. Watch Edward do the dirty with Mel while having you watch or get into a really dangerous magical duel with Lars, with you having like a 1% chance of surviving?
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