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  1. Rhen. Freedom is life Give up Aveyond or your favourite childhood teddy bear?
  2. Mel because she won't care about whatever weird thing I decide to do before I go to bed xD Rhen x Dameon or Rhen x Lars?
  3. Awww! This was such a lovely piece of work, I enjoyed it thoroughly! The climax was really heartwarming omg <3 Write more, Moonie.
  4. Lars because he's much more mature than Nicolas. XD Be best friends with Stella or Myst?
  5. When you're bored, never ever forget about the Aveyond thoughts.

    How would Dameon react if he found out that every odd number has the letter 'e' in it?

  6. AV3 because it actually looks like a proper college here xD Hmm... Sleep next to Lars who has smelly armpits or give up sleep for the next 3 days?
  7. Alright, so I'm not really sure where this thing is going, so forgive me if something here is a bit off the charts. -- I raised my eyebrows, very shocked at his statement. His name was Smallburrow as well? Quickly, I hid my surprise. I didn't know if this... this person was trustworthy. "He could be lying, for all I know," I remember reasoning with myself. "He could just be lying so he can kill me when I show my sorrow. I'm such a coward, a coward! Look at what I've done to myself!" But still, perhaps at the time, I had been overwhelmed by my thoughts and allowed myself to delve into the worst of assumptions. He noticed my silence, I could tell as much, because he tried to comfort me. "Hey, man, I know you're upset, but you've gotta get over it," he said gruffly, his discomfort shining through his fidgeting. I don't remember what happened next. Everything was a blur after that remark. All I know is that he had sparked my anger once more before I took my leave of him after completing the burial with a glare on my face. I didn't know how to bury someone, let alone someone I barely knew, so I just laid the corpse in the dirt-riddled hole I dug up and covered it up using my cape. "Rest in peace, innocent being," I recall myself muttering before walking away. I couldn't stay there, I told myself. So I left him, with only my heavy, steady footsteps accompanying my being, unaware that I left a cataclysm of emotions behind me.
  8. @Queen-of-Ice101 Yeah, no way I'm going to join that sort of thing. XD Chips? Potato chips?
  9. Yemite. Nox is a bit selfish. Drink cyclops waste or kiss Rhen in front of a furious Dameon?
  10. @Mu11berry Uhhh, I don't know? XD; Thank you for saying so, though. Thank youuuuu!
  11. @Mu11berry But I thought you won! XD Because I ran out of points and eventually gave up. And thank you for the compliment, I'm truly honoured to hear that you think so. I thought the most uncomfortable person would be Galahad because of his plate armour Like, since there should be some sharp edges that would pinch and everything.
  12. Ooooh, interesting topic! And educational as well. Hmm, our culture, eh? I suppose one thing about my culture is how people speak. They add so many strange slangs and alternative words to certain languages, but no matter what weird thing it is, it always makes us feel as if we're at home. For example, we use 'lah' at the end of a sentence to point out something obvious, like this. "You put it on top lah." The bad grammar was also intended. This, my fellow friends... Is known as Manglish. XD
  13. Ulf just because he's cute. Eat cow dung or fight an evil monster with a 5% chance of winning?
  14. I'm currently using Tumblr, but thank you for your suggestions! Can you see the pictures now? :OOO I've forgotten if I've fixed the issue or not. @Scrivener of the Gods @callmedan
  15. @callmedan Thank you! Is that so? XD; I'll take that as a compliment~
  16. Talking and writing essays with you was one of my best memories in FF.net too Welcome officially, Berryyyy
  17. *sneaks away from the red carpet and lays it behind you* @moonpeace
  18. BOIIIIII THIS ONE-SHOT IS GOING TO MAKE ME CRY Need I rant about how beautiful you have written it to become? In short: I LOVE IT.
  19. When I was a little kid playing Aveyond, I used to be really scared of the part where Mel would steal that statuette, so I would always try to stall it by making her sleep at her apartment all the time xD;

    Also, when she wore that pretty red gown, I would make her 'dance' with Lord Rupert and now that I'm older,  that can actually become a very frightening situation :kaiwaii-super-happy:

    1. Queen-of-Ice101


      Isn't Lord Rupert the old dude that spies on the king??

    2. Honey Butter Chloe
    3. Queen-of-Ice101


      LOL even worse haha XD XD

  20. Soooooo... I can't say I'm new, nor can I say I'm an old-timer. But I saw that everyone was introducing themselves here, so I thought... Hey, why not? (After reading every single one XDXD) It could be fun! -- So, hey, hi, ho, hello, my name is Honey Butter Chloe, but please, just call me Chloe. It's the only place where I'll ever be called Chloe. (My classmates and teachers refer to me using my surname. ) As I've probably said in the last introduction I did in the old introduction thread, I've been a fan of Aveyond since I was seven years old, when I played with my elder sister. Now she's in university and I'm stuck as a first year in secondary school. (I'm twelve now xD) Since then, I've been a HUGE fan of anything Rhen x Lars and Edward x Mel, and (much to Berry's chagrin at times) a hater of Rhen x Dameon. BUT NOW I HAVE BEEN CONVERTED. This fanbase is nuts for their creativity. But yeah. Besides that, I write trashy fluff and random one-shots. When I'm not lazy. But don't read them they're terrible omg— And I draw. Chibis. Which is not at all professional. But I still do it anyway. I'm such a good girl. *Sarcasm* Soooo, I hope to get along with everyone! ^,^
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