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  1. You guys are nuts. uhhh, hello and welcome, Mel x Gyendal converter. *evil stare*
  2. I have the same issue as Moonpeace and Berry T.T
  3. Thoughts when it's 1 am:

    Hi, SpongeBob!

    Hi, Patrick!

    *Gasp* You say hi to me every morning, right?

    As I do every morning.

    Well, I need you to do it again.

    That wasn't the deal, Squarepants!

    What do you mean?

    My hellos aren't something you can just rewind and play over and over; they're special!

    But Patrick, I lost my name tag and I need to get it back in under an hour!

    You lost your name tag? Haihehaihehaihehaihe

    ((Proof that I've watched too much SpongeBob... This was all written from memory xD))


  4. @moonpeace To fix it, just copy the content of your story into the forum box, then when given the choice to paste plain text, click on that. Rich texts will apply the size, colour and font of any text, while plain text basically will turn everything to the default size, colour and font.
  5. Thank you so much, I'm honoured to hear you say that! @Queen-of-Ice101
  6. This was beautiful... I loved the different scenarios and the story was divided really well. The touch of mischief mixed into the empathetic, romantic theme of this story is really something that you can't miss. It acts as a human magnet, really. Also, Mel's funny story made me LOL
  7. I suddenly got overwhelmed by RxL feels while I was making the kaomoji characters, so here's an extra piece before I throw in the towel for the night. (Yeah, like I'm going to go to bed so early when there's crime to be discussed with Berry and Miranda ) As much as I love the ships that both Berry and Miranda write for, Rhen x Lars will always be my number 1!
  8. ... Because I couldn't help it. These new kaomoji are too cute! Ooh, that's my shadow~
  9. Fly like a butterfly, na-na-na-navillera~

    What if...

    In the land of Aia, everything had to be purple?

    1. Mu11berry


      T.T don't get me started

  10. As for our own choices, Queen would like to have an underworld-themed guild, maybe something like Necromancers or Witches and Warlocks, or perhaps Vampires. I'm in favour of a mage guild where there can be healers, magicians, summoners and the like, while Berry is entertaining the idea of having various contests as activities in the guilds.
  11. @moonpeace In the beginning of Rhen's Quest, he's the one who's standing in front of the cave during the festival. He's the one who asked Rhen if she'd like to join him in chasing Billy Harper's sheep.
  12. I picked my avatar because it's my little boy Saeyoung and also because this GIF is super cute! Why is your location where past and future meet? Is it because you're in the present time?
  13. @Ant Yay! Thanks! *Runs off to find egg emojis*
  14. @Mu11berry Thank you so much, I'm glad you like them!
  15. SCREAM THEY'RE SO CUTEEEEEE It would be nice if you could add in food emojis, like the sprites in RPG Maker XP~
  16. What if...

    The cast of Aveyond was a Korean pop group? And they sung strange odes to Mordred Darkthrop?

    ((I'm having too much fun with these status update things xD))

    1. Queen-of-Ice101


      Wait, there was a TV special to that song?! I had no idea!!  

    2. moonpeace


      @Queen-of-Ice101 Yeah! It's notoriously cracky (to use fandom terminology), but I always loved it. It's not too long and you can find it online, but if you don't want to bother, I'd recommend the music video or the Nostalgia Critic review (the latter being if you don't mind profanity in your comedy)

    3. Queen-of-Ice101


      @moonpeace I'll have to check those out then:D That would be hilarious to go through and watch

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  17. 'Tis one in the morning, oh goodness, 'tis one in the morning.

    What am I doing this late at night, you ask?

    Well, it appears that the infamous Queen has her ways with conversations with everyone around her. XD

    (seriously though, i need sleep and not thoughts about rhen and lars.)

    1. Queen-of-Ice101


      XD XD XD Glad to be of service my dear Chloe~  :ph34r:

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