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  1. now i am scared.. my teds being uber nice and sweet?? ok arggie, chk her for sporks. hugs teds miss ya love.
  2. omgs.. i am and auntie!!!!!!! yays.. grats pops.. you old geezer. hugs for ang for me.. tell her she will be a gr8 mum, i know.. she got tons of awesome family that will love the baby and give tips when asked, and some when not asked. lol omgs.. just think arggie..... we got a new warlock.. and omgs.. lion and teds and moo will be aunts.. omgs.. this sooo gr8. passes lollies out to all in celebration, and even though i told you no more stone lollies, this is special so you get 1. gratz to you and ang.. i am so happy for you both.. wtg. now i am scared.. my teds being uber nice and sweet?? ok arggie, chk her for sporks. hugs teds miss ya love.
  3. OMGS.. A new one already? come on tini... spill it.. when and where and what is it like? is it part 2 of gypsy? ok, i know, i know.. just sit back, drink my coffee, let rainbow keep the pot hot and wait.. but SHEEEESH, you know i cant wait. lol huggles to you and rainbow.. and psst... make sure Amanda knows i came home.. i miss her and bryce.. huggles to all Amaranthians.. and as a good treat to those that remember me.. i leave a large supply of my lollies. fruit flavored ( made w/real fruit), low cal for the cal counters (dont worry low cal dont mean low taste just try a strawberry - bannanna and prepare to faint from the heavenly flavor), for the gargoyle stone lollies.. for my w/w family an assortment of niteshade, witches brew, toadstool surprise and mellow scream orange for you all.
  4. Amanda and all the Amaranthia staff, you did a really fantastic job on Gypsy. HOGs are really the only games my mother plays and you have her stumped and fussing at the game, that is a SURE sign this is not only a keeper but a definite winner.. so WTG. I played it and loved it, but then you know I love your stuff anyway. So again, kudos to all the hard workers that helped create this game and the wonderful peeps that did the BETA. Ty all for your hard work and your time and your efforts.. p.s. Amanda... now you go have a seat and relax and have some tea (see.... i may be gone for long spells , but i remember stuff) huggles to you all.
  5. omgs. only you teds.. lol.. love it.. ok.. i heading off for the time being.. wait.. i think you should go first.. yuppers.. :After you teds... I insist. huggles bear..
  6. ok, i have a really important question... it is August 15th yet? (picked that date cuz i know will be out by then. )
  7. ok bemused, now you got me curious and gonna go look cuz i know where one of my caves is. lol *elma runs off to look at the map*
  8. ok.. that is why i didn't know what you meant.. you can't get that yet i don't think til you deal w/the pirates in chappie 2.. you can wait and see if someone else has gotten there in case i am wrong.
  9. not sure those have been done and are ready to be released yet hon. soz.
  10. not sure what you mean by pirates room. if you can give me more info i may be able to help or guide you to the topic of a thread that can.
  11. didn't know they put a map out yet for the goodies. they are all in game this time around and spread over the world. there is a list of their locations in the one of the threads though, if that is what you meant. just not a specific location, like it is at point x. Goodie Locations - sorta
  12. not really. this idea had been around for awhile, it just finally got implemented i think a few months ago. least i think so. been awhile since i been home, so i may remember things wrong. oooooo shazzzzz... we need ya hon. *opens the door for the expert to enter*
  13. bryan - that is what i think alot of peeps are going to do. they dont like the concept of a bit at a time and want the whole thing right this minute, so they are just going to wait until the whole thing is finished and released, then just pay the normal 20 bucks. @ shaz - hey there hon and huggles. and i sorry, i misread somewhere that it was done. no worries. i am just sitting here watching all my eggs and waiting to see what happens next.. my rabbit has a habit of hopping on the back of my spider.. who knew that the sweet little bitty thing was a bully. lol you should see the striped spider eggs i get.
  14. just like anything else hon.. it may be ready but the other one just came out.. you gotta give peeps a chance to play that first. think of it this way: you make a cake. you cut it in half. ok the whole thing is ready to eat but you know that you can either eat it all right now.. or just eat half then have the other half later and enjoy it more. pretty much the same concept with the game. yus, it is all finished.. but, what amanda is trying to do is see how it goes over being able to give us more cake over time, time to savor the flavor and texture - then give us the rest.
  15. @ Borodin, I am sorry that you are not happy with the game. But personally, I think you should wait and reserve your deletion of the game until after July when the next chapter comes out. The game is completed. It was just broken down into two chapters so that instead of having to wait for a year or more for another AV game, we get new content every 3-4 months. I too have tons of BFG credits and was so glad to see that the first part was out and then learned that the next part will be out in July.
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