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  1. It was from a mysterious rock that owl lady identified. The icon looks like a old vhs tape and the description reads, "Some kind of old timey device that has no use in the modern world"
  2. Thank you Valkyriet but I must be missing something because it didn't work I tried giving the ancient trash to that owl lady (I assume that's the collector you mean?) but she says, "Sorry this is outside of my area of expertise"
  3. Thanks, Innos! Can I have a hint, please? If you mean the cave prison cell with the cheeki in it, yes. But I used the extra cave key I had. One more I forgot to mention, is there any use for the acorn dust?
  4. Wondering if I may have missed something as I have not found a further use for the following key items at the end of my game: 1) Snail/ghast/swamp/crab extract I've turned them in and finished the quest, but they keep dropping off enemies and I can't sell them. 2) Calm Potion Does this have any other use than one time on Phye? 3) Ancient Trash I can't seem to do anything with it nor can I sell it. 4) Kobold Keepsake After showing the mayor, it doesn't seem to be used for anything else. 5) Prison Key/Brightsword Key I've opened all the doors they open, did I miss something? 6) Fire/Water boots I finished the dungeon, I'm fairly certain I don't need them anymore, so this one is more of a small nitpick lol 7) Acorn dust It says no use for it, but it's in my key items...there must be! lol Thanks in advance! ~Xchain
  5. You're Welcome, Catastrophe. This bug was actually fixed in the final patch 7. I was lead tester for it and that patch fixed all the remaining bugs, spelling, mapping errors and cleaned up everything nicely. A shame it was never released, but the main goal of that patch was to set up for part 2, which sadly just didn't happen.
  6. I wonder if you have an older version of the game. I vaguely remember a bug where the boat to Lindblum is still at the Old Alexandria dock in year 12. I could be wrong, but that's what it sounds like happened. You took the boat from Old Alexandria to Lindblum that shouldn't be there and now you can't get back to your raft. *Edit: This is a current bug. For anyone else that may have encountered it, here's a save file for just after getting the raft.
  7. Catastrophe, it's Dawnfire's walkthrough but all the links are bad, including the game one so I uploaded them elsewhere. It's on the first post at the start of this thread. Happy Gaming!
  8. Catastrophe, I believe you have to use the raft but you can always check the walkthough, link's on the first page. If that doesn't work, I might still have a save file, but I'll have to dig for it. Good luck!
  9. chrmdfreak, you can complete the game and watch the ending and credits which set you up for part 2. The monastery was just a side quest I highly doubt at this point there will be any further game developments. Christian had his mystery novel published is working on the third book in that series.
  10. Sent you a pm with a save file link, Aveqetura
  11. Awww don't worry! I'm guessing Mayor Anime will include an end of game file for this game if/when he releases part 2 so anyone that lost save files can continue. If not, I myself have saves at various different parts of the game that I'll share if anyone needs one
  12. Hi chrmdfreak The monsters don't respawn after you reach a certain level to prevent from power leveling when the other parts came out. The statue blocking....hmmm I think that was in the Nemeton Monastery right before the end, yeah you can't go any further in there, that was also meant for part 2. As far as new developments, Mayor Anime hasn't posted any updates about it as of yet. There was a patch 7 in development for this game that sets up the frame work for part 2, but it also hasn't been released yet. If you haven't done so, you may like to try Threshold, his other game. It's connected to Lost Legacy but instead continues Anime's story. It plays different from this one, but it's just as enjoyable
  13. @MC You must mean the Old Alexandria :)As for the walkthrough, her new version is in .pdf format. You need adobe reader to view it. The program is free and their is a link to it on her page.
  14. For anybody that enjoyed this game and wants to know the full story about the world of Animainia (The LARP this game and Threshold were made from) visit MayorAnime's site here: http://life-larp.com/ and click on "Live Action." Go to the "Extras" tab to view a complete timeline and read a summary of all 16 LARPS (you can also download the optional soundtrack to go with each one). Then click the "Story" tab for the final 17th summary which also has a soundtrack and an opening and ending video. It's quite a bit of reading, but I highly recommend it as it really is an interesting, entertaining story overall. If you've played this and Threshold, any questions you may have had will be answered but it won't wain any interest in playing pt 2 of this game when it is completed.
  15. The walkthrough is online as well (up to area 12)here: http://wiki.life-larp.com/index.php/Threshold_Area_01_%28Walkthrough%29 I'll ask dawnfire to post a mirror link for her walkthrough
  16. Mayor Anime: "No one ever checks those forums, much less posts to them, Aisling. Not even to speculate or thank for the game. <-- sad panda" (Sorry, I never can get the quote function to work right ) I wonder why too since it doesn't take but a few moments to post or email a quick "thank you". :S But you can always look at it this way, with everyone that plays to completion and then wants to play Part 2 or Threshold afterward, can be viewed as appreciation
  17. @mathjis Don't feel stupid, it's always the one place you don't think to check, XD @aisling Aww thanks! It's ok, I'm just all for proper credit where it is due
  18. Although I did contribute, it's Dawnfire's walkthough, aisling @mathjis It's by that first rosebush to the right near the top
  19. It's also in the Threshold game folder as well. There are 2, one is called font patch and the other rm2k_fp. You can try those as well
  20. Edit: I checked the save file, no the painting world quest was not done yet. Go to Lindblum, theater district. You will see a man in a cape in Micheal's studio. Talk to him to start the painting world quest. After you finish it, Aerith will be in front of the Inn in Paris. Get her flower and do the crypt. I didn't want to give away a potential story spoiler, that's why I said "certain character" Just incase, Spoiler (highlight below): Yes, it is Anime. You will get another clue about his err, "other personality" Aisling's walkthrough can help you complete these quests if you are stuck. Or just ask specifically what you're having trouble with
  21. Technically she doesn't. It's all foreshadowing with a certain character in your party. Complete both those quests and you'll see
  22. Ok here it is. This save file is immediately after getting the raft, Yr 12. I am going to leave this one up for anyone else that makes that same mistake till the next patch comes out with a fix. It is not a "perfect" save as I didn't finish Quibbich but it will allow to finish the game. http://www.mediafire.com/?nr1w4rbyjm1 Have fun and remember, multiple saves in RPGs=win
  23. Not sure, I'm helping test it now. If you don't have a previous save, I can give you mine It's not "perfect" save as I didn't play all of the Quibbich, but you can continue if you don't want to wait.
  24. Someone had mentioned that happened to him as well, it's a bug. You have to use the raft to continue. Either you can load up a previous save, wait till patch 7 or email Mayor_Anime.
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