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  1. Put the air crystal in the top one. Take the fire crystal out of the one on the bottom (if you haven't already done so) Now stand in front of that pedestal(the now empty one) and face the gap. Tsunami will fly over it
  2. Unfortunately, there is no release date yet, aveqetura7. It's still in the early stages of development. I am just as anxious for part 2 as well, but Mayor_Anime (the creator) is good at keeping us updated. When he has more to update, he will tell us If you want you can play his other game, Threshold. It is also a complete game and continues Anime's story. There is also a few levels with Lost Legacy Characters in it It plays different and the story is alittle darker, but it's a great game!
  3. There is a break in the wall where the red arrow is in the picture below. (The chest will be there and be closed, it's already open in this screen shot because I loaded a save after I had already gotten it) http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj188/MaryX_photos/tobosskey.jpg[/img]
  4. If I recall, the switch is on one of those lanterns on the wall, in the dark area south of the prisoner's cells. Once you click it, just keep going left and you will see a chest that has the key in it.
  5. This file is after the JT and boss and before speaking with Ninlil. *Edit: Took down the file since it's no longer needed* I also have a save right before the JT boss if you would rather have that one Have fun!
  6. As far as I know yes, part 2 is confirmed, you can check the official website www.life-larp.com under where it says video games. There isn't much info for it as it is still under construction, but there is a small overview for the story. And I'm sure the more people that show their interest in it, the more motivated he will be get it out faster Who said Zidane wasn't in it? As far as I know the relationships between the characters will continue in the next part since it will pick up where the first leaves off.
  7. Hi Bald_Patch! Let's see if I understand what you are asking here. You want Zidane to join the group for Acier Baston, right? Well if you are playing the latest download (patch 6b) then you won't be able to. That was actually a bug that Zidane could join your party at that point (He is suppose to be in Alexandria after all ) As for the stolen painting sidequest, you must have started it in yr 10 before Zidane met with the Regent. If you started it and didn't finish it, as long as you talked to Marcus from tantulas in either yr 10 Lindblum or Yr 12 in Alexandria, you should be able to finish it in Lindblum from where you are now. You won't be able to go back to Alexandria at the point where you are. Keep playing through the game and you will be able to cross the gaul shores and reach that area, though.
  8. It's an optional hero quest, all you have to do is explore it and beat the boss at the end. If it appears that you are stuck, try going around behind the crumbled doorways and such.
  9. In my opinion, he isn't You just can't bowl him over with multiple Dragonslaves anymore. I'll admit when I first tried to beat him while playing with the new patch, I died a few times. It's not impossible though, he just takes some strategy, which I have posted and it works even at level 4
  10. If nobody has helped you yet, Aceqetura7, it's faster for me to just give you my save file here: *Edit: Took down the file since it is no longer needed* Enjoy the rest of the game
  11. You are saying you have the final save, right? The clear save data? It's what you will use to continue the game for part 2. I would go ahead and update with this patch if you plan on playing the game again, as the sprint shoes are an enjoyable feature! If not, there will be one last patch coming out. To my knowledge, I don't think it will add anymore to the game play either but will contain spelling corrections and make the game compatible with part 2 that is currently being developed.
  12. Hi Aveqetura7 Are you asking for the way to beat Mr Grimm? If so, I posted a strategy on how to beat him, read my post(#480)in this topic
  13. Hi dj112582 Numb=paralysis. You can cure it with adrenaline or remedies.
  14. @chrmdfreak No new quests like aisling said, but as far as major things, you can now skip the prolouge, wear the sprint shoes to up the walking speed of the party and Lina's DS costs more but her other spells are now more powerful. There are some other small tweaks, but you can read about them in the readme that comes with the patch
  15. New website is up for the game! http://life-larp.com/ Under the Video Games tab
  16. Ok I figured it out, my bad You are in year 12 with Anime and Tsunami not in Year 10 like I was thinking, I misread your first question, sorry! Your next destination is Hyne(to the north). You need to get in your raft and enter the little river that is next to it on the coast line there. When you reach the dead end the scene will change and you will be on your way Xchain
  17. Don't worry, I can understand you, devil_rj Hmm that is the only place you can get on the boat. Let my load up my game and make sure. ~Xchain
  18. After speaking with the Regent, take the elevator in the castle to the underground transport to South Lindblum. Get on the boat and it will take you to London. I don't think you can get back to Cario or old Alexandria at this point since the boat will now take you to London instead of old Alexandria. But don't worry, as you progress through the game you will be able to revisit those places again.
  19. You can climb up the wall or the tree (I forget which) that's either right below or beside the wolf to reach him. Edit: hehe Yes! Aisling's walkthrough is wonderful! It's helping me get my perfect save on my 4th play through here since I keep forgetting to do one or two small things that you can't go back for!
  20. *Looks back a few pages and doesn't see it mentioned* For anyone who has finished the game, there is a really nice wiki article with more game details, back story about the game's development and such. Take a look here
  21. @Talia For Old Rome, I *think* I know what you are talking about. After you enter the area, there is a pillar at the beginning to the left that you can't go past. Instead, go around behind the crumbled doorway to the left. For the thunder witch, her tower will not open unless you tell Isabella in Palermo you will save Lucio like aisling said. That's strange if it's not working for you. When you talk to her now, what is she saying to you?
  22. @Talia Your welcome! @hakari Sounds like you have a similar problem to what mayflower had. Look back a page on 24 here and read Mayor_Anime's post. He offers a few suggestions.
  23. The strategy for him has changed since patch 6 was released. Try this: When it's Lina's turn, have her use elmekia lance twice then a dragonslave to finish him off. If you use dragonslave first, he will start using that night spell(I think that's what it's called) which is just bad news! For the other party members, heal or just normal attack. Make sure Tsunami and Anime are wearing the tattered cloth if either of them have the sprint shoes on at that point. ~Xchain
  24. I wish I didn't sound like such a young girl, but I'm going to give it a try anyways 'cause I'm feeling brave and it sounds like fun! I've been told that the audacity program can deepen or lower the voice so that's what I'll do. Lunair interests me the most but it's not going to fit my voice unless I can modify it right. Then again I can always just try the voice for young Serai
  25. Wonderful job on the new chapter, Reives Leaves you wanting more, of course! I liked the autosave feature. Makes things easier when your looking for a save to go back to, it's right there and done automaticly for you. Looking forward to ch 11, keep them coming Xchain
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