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  1. Voice acters/actresses are needed for LL2! A computer microphone and recording software are all that is needed (if you don't have the software you can download Audacity for free). More details can be found here I really enjoyed the voice acting from LL and thought it was a really nice touch! So glad it will be in the sequal and now we all get a chance to contribute
  2. Sorry you're still having the problem, Mayflower. Have you redownloaded the entire game, shut down your computer and started up again? (not just the patch, but the whole thing) This is really a long shot but when I had a similar problem with Aveyond that did the trick (the character would just start moving really slow for some reason) Of you could try posting your problem on the main game forums here, maybe Christian (the game's creator) or another member can help you further
  3. Woohoo! We are finally getting our sequal
  4. That's strange, I just clicked it and the download page for the walkthrough came up. Maybe it's back up now
  5. @soham sent you my save file, let us know on if you need additional help @monkje If you did not help Maxmillo's granddaughter in Palmero and lost Khali, you should be able to get to the sewers by the hidden church entrance where the guard is blocking the way. I've never tried it myself because I have always helped Maximillo so if that's not working it may be a bug. There is a way around it, though. Load up a save before you lost Khali and play till you keep her. (It's random whether you keep or lose her)Once you do, talk to the pub owner and buy a drink and she will get him to tell you the way in.
  6. @Mayflower Are you still having the problem? Try turning off any programs you have running the background and just play the game to see if that helps any. @soham What version of the game are you playing and what does the error message say? What are you trying to do when the error happens? Might be able to help you based on that information.
  7. Patch #6a is available and fixes some bugs from patch 6. Edit: Patch #6b is the most recent patch and you can get it or the complete game with that patch here: http://www.rpgmaker.net/games/930/downloads/
  8. Patch #6 is out for those interested It gives you the option to start the intro at different years, the optional sprint shoes to make the party walk faster, rebalances enemies fights, and adds some cosmetic changes and bug fixes. Edit: The patch is back up, I updated the link in my post, Thanks MA
  9. You can jump over the holes in the bridges, but jump only the ones that are one space wide or you will end up back on the shore. Aisling's walkthrough has some directions for that area if you're still stuck
  10. The gates won't open till you reach Mt Quaf (select don't enter and go back to Cairo, the gates will then be open) I forget what the man at the counter wants, but if you leave Cairo and head south, you'll see a small cave. What he wants is in that cave. He'll sell you supplies afterward. Now if your stuck on where to go next, leave Cairo and head north. You'll see a small palm tree on the map. Enter there to continue with the game
  11. Take the elevator in Lindbulm castle to the last floor and get in the little mine cart that leads to South Lindblum. Then just board the boat to Old Alexandria.
  12. Want to show your support for Lost Legacy? I made some simple tags that you can add to your signature box Feel free to use them in your sig on this site or any others! You can get them Here Be sure to follow the instructions so they link back to game!
  13. Your welcome, gomez! Always happy to help a fellow Threshold fan Xchain
  14. gomezgacy, I answered your question for you yesterday on the offical Threshold forum. Edit: Oh, that's strange the forums seem to be down at the moment. I'll go ahead and repost the answer then. For the patches you need to unzip the folder. After that, copy/paste the files into the Threshold game folder. If it asks to rewrite the files, say yes. If that doesn't work, redownload the game as Christian has updated both the links to include all the patches. Be sure to copy/paste your save file from the old one to the new one so you won't have to restart the game from the beginning. Xchain
  15. I had reported that second Old Rome bug as well back on the yahoo boards, but I think Christian thought I was talking about the first one. Elm, I would go ahead and report it on the new forums Xchain
  16. Great job Aisling! I'm going to use it for sure since I keep messing up on my perfect save! Since you have released the walkthrough, the FAQ really isn't needed so this will be the final update. In case anybody just wants quick answers, here is version 5: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DVKA42IK (12/18/08 final version 5) Xchain
  17. I thought something was wrong because other megaupload links were working, just not yours. But yeah, it does seem to be working now Xchain
  18. Hey dawnfire, your main link for the Journeyman trial walkthrough is not working for some reason. It says the file is unavailable. Just thought I would let you know.
  19. Thanks, Pandaba. I'll check them out
  20. I'm not sure where to ask this, but I was wondering if anybody could recommend some good active game sites to post completed games on? I'm trying to help someone get his rpgmaker games out for some more exposure/feedback, but I just don't know where else to go. I only really come here and go to rmxp.org when I am looking for games to play. Thanks! Xchain
  21. Awesome, dawn! I just need one :)I will email what I have so far, you can look it over whenever and add your summary and character bios when you get some free time. Don't worry about chatting on AIM, lol I know RL is keeping you very busy at the moment, but remember a good night's sleep is important too Oooooo he's caving, he's caving! Off to go pester for a sequal, lol Xchain
  22. If anybody happens to be playing the Quibbish mini game or has a save close to it, can you get a screenshot of it and post it here? Nothing fancy just a shot of the character playing one of the levels. I'm getting some screenshots of the game together, but I have no saves anywhere near any of the Quibbish Cafes to take one myself. Thanks! Xchain
  23. You need to turn those 3 crystals the same color at the same time. I think the color you need is grey so they match the middle one there. Xchain
  24. Yea! Christain updated the site so the latest version of Threshold is now available to download. No more patches needed to play Dawnfire, I spoke with him yesterday and he is still going to keep the yahoo group open, but only as a place to keep files and stuff. Xchain
  25. Thanks for the info, dawnfire I'll update the first post. Do you know if he is going to close the yahoo group then?
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