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  1. You know I downloaded it! From what I read so far, it looks great, very detailed! I'm sure it will get used by anyone that decides to play. Another factor to consider is that people who joined the mayor anime group can download or just read it from there. So it may be get used from there as well, but you wouldn't know since yahoo files don't tell you the view/download count. Many people play Lost Legacy first from what I can tell. The FAQ I did gets downloaded quite a bit. At the end of it, I did put a link to Threshold so people will know that this is the next game. Maybe in the next version of the FAQ, I will add that there is a complete walkthrough to encourage more to play! Xchain
  2. Hi Iya Once you go around the fence, you need to explore the graveyard. There are 4 either torches or fireballs or something like that you need to find. Once you get them all, the crypt door will open. Sorry if that's alittle vague, it's been a long time since I played. Xchain
  3. To add a bit to aisling's answer, once you get the entire folder unzipped (it can take a long time, took my computer about 45 min)open it and find the icon with the little blue-haired man holding a sword called "RPG_RT" Double click that icon to start the game. Xchain
  4. Awesome! I've updated the main page with this much awaited info BTW, I've taken down the treasure chest and secrets guide since it's incorporated in the walkthrough, there's no need for it. (I still have it and if for some reason anybody still wants it, just PM me) Congrats dawnfire on finally getting to release this! Now everyone interested should have no problem playing and enjoying this game!
  5. ayne, I was hoping Dawnfire would be able to answer you since she has the walkthrough, but I guess she's probably busy. It's been so long since I have played but I think you need to speak with that one lady in the house in the residential district. I could be wrong here, but it's worth a shot! Or maybe you need to kill all those shinra guys and search the room for a key card for the elevator? If those don't work, just wait for dawnfire to answer Xchain
  6. I enjoyed your other game so much (can't wait for the next chapter!) that I searched to see if you had any other games. I found this one and just had to share! I do need to play it again and come up with some kind of meaning to the "story" or it will bother me to no end! As always, thanks for the free entertainment and stimulating my brain cells to function that much harder, Xchain
  7. That's just it, ayne there is no concrete story! I don't think you are suppose to get it, that's what makes it so weird. You pretty much have to draw your own conclusions about what it all means.(I'm still trying!)For me the story themes I can see might be Spoiler: Life/death or Time Past Present and future maybe even reality/dream Also to answer your question, I'm not sure about the numbers I guess it just adds to the randomness of the game. Xchain
  8. I just tested it and the page does come up. Although sometimes I have problems pulling up rmxp.org so I clear my internet history, cookies and such and it helps. Here is the direct download link if you still can't get it to come up: http://www.quintessence-tbv.com/The_Mirror_Lied.exe Xchain
  9. Game is by Reives, maker of Quintessence The Blighted Venom. Details and Download here: http://www.freebirdgames.com/mirrorlied.html Direct download link: http://www.quintessence-tbv.com/The_Mirror_Lied.exe Forum for the game can be found here: http://freebirdgames.com/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=c64a806501c51c775ec9c694df2d3e63&board=21.0 This is a short game (about 15-20 min)with a story totally up to you to decipher! Nearly made my head go BOOM! Like Reives says on the site, you'll either like it or not like it but any game that is able to mess with your head like that is worth a try in my book! (I liked it by the way, but I am still trying to piece a story together for my own sanity, )
  10. Added some more to the FAQ so it's current up to here (Old link removed use the most current one in the first post) Xchain Edit: For those of you that have Yummy Drink Factory, I made 2 of the coffees from Lost Legacy in the recipe trading forum I would have done the other one, but what would Mocha Café look like? Guess I just ran out of ideas, lol Edit #2: Aisling, you had wanted to know if there were summaries of the LARP's right? Well, I was able to find this one (Looks like the most recent LARP), but it seems to tie into the story after Threshold. http://life-larp.com/events/animania/trinity-info.htm I too would love the read the "full" story! Christian told me that he has been doing this LARP for like 10 years? So I guess if it's not already written somewhere, that would be alot of writing at this point.
  11. Chauncey, I had a similar problem with both games and rolling back to a previous version of WMP worked. I had version 11 and I rolled back to version 10. Look here for instructions: For 11 to 10: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/player/11/readme.aspx#RollingbacktoapreviousversionofthePlayer For 10 to 9: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/player/10/readme.aspx#Rollback If you would rather not mess with it, this has worked for some people. It was in a sticky topic for Aveyond 1: Solution 2 (from jvallott): Install the latest WMA codec for your operating system: 1. Go to the Windows Media Download Center. 2. In the Select Download drop-down list, select Windows Media Encoder. 3. In the Select Version drop-down list, select Windows Media Encoder 9 Series. Note: If the 11 series does not work for you, try series 9. 4. Download and install the codec for your operating system. 5. Restart your computer. 6. Play Aveyond! If you need more help, let me know! Hope you can get it running, the music is beautiful Xchain
  12. Sorry, nic! I meant ch 9, it was still new for me :)Can't wait for the next one either! The music really is beautiful, I think "Drift" is my favorite :)Anyways you can look here for the music: http://www.quintessence-tbv.com/soundtrack.html Xchain
  13. Hurray, an new chapter! With all the new things added, of course I started a new game:) I have a question about the new prologue. While I liked that added game play, why was Eshe's personality changed? I liked her better with the more "serious" dialog. The final scene of the prologue seemed off as well. More the dialog of Agatha, Eshe and Dasha. I just thought it was better in the previous release. But hey, that's just my opinion. Other than that I love the new mini games and easier fighting mode! Great job as always, Reives! I'm on chapter 4 now working my way back up Xchain
  14. I couldn't remember for sure, so I looked it up at the yahoo board and patch #3 does fix the grindery problem, but it was reuploaded so it must have not be in the latest download. Aisling, if you haven't already installed patch, it will fix that problem Read here for more info: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/mayor_anime_games/message/546
  15. Christian hasn't updated the website for the game yet so you can still get patch #3 there. He usually updates it with the latest version of the game (all current patches included) and also the latest patch for those that already have the game. I'm sure he will do so when he's ready Asling, if you downloaded the game before patch #3 and #4 then you do need to install both of them. Each patch fixes something different, so you can't just take the latest patch because it doesn't have all the fixes from the other ones. You have to go by the dates of them to see which ones you would need. All of them are at the yahoo group. Sorry if you already know that, but in case others are confused about the patches, that should explain it or at least how I understand it Xchain
  16. I agree with the analogy to Disney fans playing Kingdom Hearts, that's what came to mind especially when playing Threshold. Like Hmm, what character I know will be part of the story in this world and how will it all tie together? Xchain
  17. If I remember correctly, Lindblum and Alexandria are the names of towns in the game, that's why you got the FF9 page on wiki I'm not sure about Stiles and Rapier, I don't recognize them from any game I have played. Xchain
  18. @kenny YW @elm FF9 (Final Fantasy 9) is a RPG for the playstation. I've played it, not my fav but the characters are good. In fact I've played pretty much all the good RPGs console wise so I recognize some of the graphics and characters that were used. I like that he placed characters from different games and anime in it but made them supporting characters to the his own main ones. Threshold does this too And since it has some characters from my fav RPG, I would have to say it's my fav game of the 2. I am nearing the end of my perfect save for this game and am slightly sad. I hope we can convince mayor anime to make us the sequel! Xchain
  19. Looks like the end is in sight for the walkthrough I think I remember but I'm not positive. highlight below: I think you do have to go back to section one for the blue crystal. I loaded an old save and it was not there anymore so I must have used it in the next section. Xchain
  20. Yes, I know where you are! I'll be able to tell you what crystals go where from the walkthrough. After this, you are close to the end (where you can finally save ) and can prepare yourself for the boss. highlight below: Go to the room on the left with the fire crystal. Take it out and put it another room. Place the ice crystal in the holder by the machines. This makes an ice bridge that leads to a switch. Hit the switch and a new holder appears. Place a thunder crystal in the new holder and interact with the machine to make a bridge to the holy crystal. Use the holy crystal in the holder by the ghosts to make them disappear. Hope that helps Xchain
  21. Glad you are enjoying the game Kenny! Sorry you can't get megaupload to work for you. Sounds like maybe your firewall or internet browser is blocking it. Since it is dawnfire's walkthrough you want, I personally can't really upload that somewhere else, you would have to ask her directly. It's way to long to post here on the forums and dawnfire has asked that it not be. But I can offer my assistance. Where abouts are you stuck at? Xchain
  22. Hmmm, I had no problem saving. Try downloading it again, maybe you just got a bad one. Or delete the bad save in the game folder. Restart your computer and try again. That's really all I can think of to try. Xchain
  23. nic_c12, did you try the suggestion I gave to beverlee in the previous post? I have gotten the game to run and am doing the second chapter. Did find a small bug. You can't change the ninja girl's equipment beyond the first 2 choices. I bought a new headdress for her from the girl in town, but I can't access it through the crystal. Why is it that with her, you can only change stuff with the crystal and others you can just use the menu? Edit: Nevermind the bug, I found a way to make it work. Once you buy the colorful kimono, you also get the option to switch to the new headress. Xchain
  24. Great! I don't think people will be intimidated, I mean I would think people prefer a guide that is as detailed as possible, right? Plus this being a long game, that can be expected. Xchain
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