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  1. Which link did you use beverlee? I was able to unzip and start the game. I used the ones at the bottom of the first post both the chapter 2 one and the mandatory audio. Once you unzip it, you need to put the audio folder in the game folder before you start the game. Also, you need the RTP (I think it stands for run-time package) for RPG maker XP. I already had it, but if you just google it, you'll find it. @roseskye Was wondering why the title screen doesn't have any words to it? I mean shouldn't it say "Mid Autumn Garden"? It only said new game, continue and exit in front of a rose picture. Just curious Xchain Edit: While I've had no problems downloading "Arc 1 chapters 1 and 2" The download link for "Arc 2" is not valid. Also, there seems to be many download links in the first post here. Perhaps you can remove the old ones? I was slightly confused as to which link for Arc 1 was the most current.
  2. Hurray, I finished it! Area 6 of the walkthrough is now complete! So what's left now 2,4,8,10,12 and 13? Xchain
  3. @mayor anime, elm, and aisling Your welcome! I enjoy helping whenever I can @aisling To add to elm's answer (highlight below) The trigger is solving the missing dog sidequest in London first. Then the shady man appears. Do what elm said and if you answer a certain way, you will make it to the smuggler's hideout. Xchain
  4. @excalibur Thank you for pointing out that those answers may be confusing to those new to the game. I will place a sentence at the beginning explaining that alittle better. At the end, I did write that it was a trilogy but if you are reading it in order than you won't see that till the end. @Dawn Thanks @aisling The stones put Garnet in "Trance" mode if used during battle. Xchain
  5. @ayne Yes, that bug was fixed with the latest download. If you downloaded the game after 6/25 then it will be fixed. If you got it before then, you'll need to redownload the whole game as there was no patch. Xchain Edit: Updated the FAQ again with some more Q/A and revised answers to some other questions. *removed link to older FAQ, look at the first post for the most recent one*
  6. It sounds like you are physically stuck on the bridge. Did you try to dock the boat on the bridge and now you can't get back to it? Or you are just stuck on the bridge and can't get back to the mainland? Either way, I don't think there is anyway around that and it does sound like a bug. You may want to reload a previous save or ask Christian on the yahoo board as suggested. Xchain
  7. @dgfurman Congrats on beating the game! Also, if you joined the yahoo group and have some time, leave Christian a message on how much you enjoyed playing and would love to see a sequel. The more he knows people are playing, the better chance we have for him and his wife to make it! Now if you are interested, you can try his latest game, Threshold! It's not a direct sequel to Lost Legacy, but it does continue Anime's story! For more info about it, see this topic here: http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=2117&forum=21 Xchain
  8. Yes, please email me a sample of what you did and the save for area 6 and I'll get started Xchain
  9. Tell you what, if you have a save file for it I'll do area 6 :)You'll have to fill me in on how you want me to do it, though. Will this be a spoiler free walkthrough? Would I need to include boss strategies? Would I need to include Nadia's story? Xchain By the way, I sent you a PM about area 13.
  10. Talk to kiroth, if she needs some help, I will do area 2. I will have to start a new game, but it won't take long to get there. I just did a walkthrough for what I thought was going to be small (Forlorn Manor) but it was alot of typing! I figure though, if I can get through that I can at least do one area for one of my favorite games Edit: @ayne You will get them from Excel in the last level the central tower if you became a platinum member and helped Fuu in area 7. Xchain
  11. No, any member not in the fighting party doesn't get the exp. Xchain
  12. Great news, dawnfire! I hope all your hard work will be appreciated and entice more people play and enjoy this awesome game! I will be curious to see what animus powers I missed and will be playing again when you are done Xchain
  13. @elm I can't believe it but I actually had a save right before I gave Penelope the locket! Elm, you were right, she has to keep it for you to get the hero rank, thanks :)That's the one I have been missing all this time! @dawn I'm replaying as we speak. I want to have that perfect save so if we ever get the other parts, I'll be ready to go :)I know your alot more busy now with school but wow you're already doing area 11? You're fast
  14. Your welcome:) I wasn't paying attention, but what gives you the hero rank for Penelope's Locket? If she takes it back from you or she lets you keep it? I was always missing 1 hero rank even though I found all 30. Wonder if that one was it? I answered in a way that she let me keep it. dawnfire, I think dgfurman is at the end of the game. I had done mine when you had Khali and it was in the completed part of the journal. But if it happened to you when doing it at the end of the game as well, then it must be a small bug. By the way, good to hear from you
  15. The two quests for the water witch are called "kidnapped daughter" and "Penelope's Locket" Those should both be in the completed part of the journal. For the locket, if you answered Penelope a certain way, you get to keep it. If not, she keeps it. But it should be counted as complete either way. Did you talk all 3 girls afterward? Those quests both say complete in my journal. It might just be a bug. You can post it on Christian's yahoo group if you want know for sure.
  16. Oh no, you won't need to access an earlier save for the fire witch. I meant you can't do the Fire Witch Tower at all in this game. The game is part 1 of a 3 part series. Parts 2 and 3 have yet to be made, but we are hopeful Christian will make them someday! There is a cap on the levels. When your party's average level is 25 the enemies stop appearing and you can explore to your hearts content without random battles Xchain
  17. Here's the answer to your first question dawnfire wrote: "it sounds like you're already in the crypt. If you're still in the 'prison' go down to the gate and hit enter and you'll knock it down, then go to the pit in the bottom corner and hit enter again. You're almost to the boss guy, I thought he was really really hard, try to keep Anime at max LF when he's fighting with the group b/c you'll need it for the second fight." As far as the witches go, you can't do the Fire Witch tower by Cairo in this part of the game. I'm not sure if it's too late for the Thunder and Water ones. Go to the towns that are next to them and see if you can't trigger the quests.
  18. Yes, aisling you do have to use Animus twice. After she does the Excalibur (animus then hit) and after she does Ragnorok (animus then hit, but don't kill her with that hit)I don't know which of those powers comes first, but you get the idea Xchain
  19. I think I remember getting Excalibur and Ragnarök from her. After she does those powers, use animus then hit her. For bosses, the general rule I use is to hit them hard about 4-5 times then start using animus/hit/animus/hit till I get the power. Or use animus when they use their 3rd special spell or move, that's usually the one you'll get, but not always.
  20. Added more to the FAQ, so it's current up to this page here Edit: removed link to older version, use the most current one in the first page of this topic Xchain
  21. Patch #4 has been updated on 8/14/08. Christian is also looking for some help with spell checking for the game, look here for details and patch info: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/mayor_anime_games/message/758 Xchain Edit: I just finished the game and all I can say is WOW! This game is a MUST PLAY for sure! The Treasure Chest/Secrets guide is now complete with area 13 and more secret item info. I updated the link on the first page. By the way, is anybody using it? Is is easy to follow? This is the first time I've done something like this, so I'm curious. I hope it proves helpful
  22. That's normal, flammable. When you leave a room there is a certain % chance that when you go back the indicator will go up a color. Those Quippoloths seem to be neverending, lol Xchain
  23. I'll try and do my best to answer your questions then Xchain
  24. aisling, you're writing a walkthrough for this game? That's great, I'm sure it will be most appreciated Xchain
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