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  1. Sorry, aisling. I'm going off memory here (it's been a long time since I beat the game), that's the best tip I can give. I could try to post a screenshot when I get to that level as I am replaying the game. I just don't know when I can get around to it as real life is keeping me busy. Surely, someone else has found it besides me and can help out here? Or maybe you could ask Christian directly at his yahoo group? Xchain
  2. Marduk's dungeon in area 1 is also a good place to farm keys. (you might not be there yet though) Great dawnfire! I'll keep an eye out for it Xchain
  3. The truffle is somewhere on the right side on the ground, it's not in one of the doorways. I think it's near the NW corner of that area. It's invisible so when you get the ! hit the spacebar to get it! Xchain
  4. LOL yeah, leveling is important in this game! But Old Rome is actually a great place to level up!Keep your party with Lina in it at the entrance where the enemies start coming. When Lina is out of magic from dragonslave, leave the area and travel to Venice. Pay the church 1 gold to refill life and magic and then go back. The enemies there give great experience and Lina can take them out in 1 hit! Xchain
  5. Your welcome If you are ever unsure of your level, ask Ultimecia in the save crystal. The last one to tell give you level advise should have been in Lindblum so if she told you it was fine then, you should be fine for Old Rome. Xchain PS Lina + dragonslave spell = instant win for all battles in Old Rome
  6. Yeah, it will be at a point further on it the game, I'm just not sure when exactly, Sorry. You've done the painting stolen quest and that is the prerequisite so you probably won't miss out on it. I really think it can be done after Mt Quaf but I'm not 100%. Xchain
  7. Sorry, dawn work is keeping me real busy at the moment!Go ahead and post what you want to add or PM it to me and I'll add it to my first post. Thanks a bunch! I died twice on the boss from the Lifestream (Finger of death is an evil move! lol)so I have not been able to complete the game when I said I would. I may just release my treasure chest guide now. It's only missing info from the very last level. It may be awhile before I get to play again. Edit: The guide is up! Link is on the first page. I will also add it to the yahoo group for those that just want to read it but not download it.
  8. If I remember correctly, at a certain point in the game, the painter guy Micheal goes missing or something. You may need to talk to his girlfriend on the boat to trigger it, I'm just not sure when. I know Anime was in the party (make sure you use him is so you can trigger another quest near the end of the game). So it's gotta be either before or after you do Mt Quaf. Xchain
  9. I know, it really is a great game once you get into it! I really think some just got frustrated and gave up. But the patches have made certain areas easier, so hopefully they will try again. This is a mature themed game, maybe that turns some off. Or maybe that's it's a large download, I don't know. Some are still playing Lost Legacy so maybe they will try Threshold afterward I will add some more info to the first post. Maybe if they know more about the story and characters it will entice more to play Xchain Edit: If there is something you want to add about the game Dawnfire let me know and I will merge it with my first post.
  10. I agree, this is one if not the best free RPG I have ever played. The sheer length of it and deep story line is just amazing. I am almost done with my Treasure Chest/Secrets guide for this game, (I'm in the last area now so I should finish by this weekend) so if you're unsure about playing, you won't have to worry about missing anything important! Xchain
  11. Perkymom, the answer to your question is in the new FAQ I did. You can download it on the first page. If you don't want to, it was answered in an earlier page of this thread. I won't be around as much to help like I have been recently, that's why I did the FAQ. (I'm still around I just won't be able to answer you right away) It's not an offical FAQ, but it does summarize the most asked questions that are in this thread (up to page 13). I will add to it as more questions arise. Xchain
  12. I was curious about skipping the beating the kokon do masters so I asked Christian about it here's what he said: "You can end Anime's training at any point, however, you will miss out on A LOT of character growth for Anime, as well as a Hero Rank. I don't recommend it." So it is possible, just not recommended. Xchain
  13. Wow, haven't heard that one before. What does Shen Ryu say? Might be a glitch, but at least it helped you. But now you have to be careful because to beat the boss of the cave, you need to do X amount of damage in a certain time or he will kill you with failure. Level up as much as you can! Xchain
  14. I don't recall that part in the game. Out of curiosity, who did you have to pay for a tip? Glad you got it working though Xchain
  15. Sorry, red shine there is no way to level up. If you have a save on Mt Quaf, go back and level up to 15. Xchain
  16. Alright then, I'll put it here in this post and then see if a mod can merge it with the first post when I am done. I'll also put it in the format required from the sticky rules. Lost Legacy-An Animania Story A game made by Christian Roule Get the game here: ( Last updated on 6/25/08 ) http://life-larp.com/events/LL/ll-downloads.htm Warning: This game contains mature themes You can leave questions, comments and/or bug reports here: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/mayor_anime_games/ FAQ (complied and organized from the Q/A here in this thread) by Xchain: Edit: removed link to older version, use the most current one in the first page of this topic Journeyman Trials Walkthrough by Dawnfire: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6P0LMVK8 Xchain aislingyngaio: Added to first post
  17. luz, there are posts on page 4 of this thread that have some good tips for beating him Xchain PS Wonder if there is a way to compile a FAQ for this game based on all the tips and answers in this thread. Since it is so big it's hard to remember what is answered and what isn't. I might be able to do it, but it won't do much good unless it's in the first post. I don't think Paddswaggle comes here much anymore so you think maybe a mod would mind adding it to her post if I do one? Or Maybe I could just make it in a new topic? Would it be allowed to have 2 Lost Legacy topics this one and one just for a FAQ? Xchain
  18. Hi elm You get the hero journal automatically after you leave Mt Quaf. Per Christian, you can do a total of 30 quests in this part. I listed 29 of the 30 quests you can do f you are keeping track. (If you know what that last quest is that I am missing let me know) It's on page 5 of this thread I think. What you are describing is not really a glitch. I got that also. There are some crystals where Chronos just doesn't have any hints to give and Ultimieca doesn't have any suggestions for your level. So until you get to a save crystal where it's important to know your level or a hint may be needed, just play as normal. OMG! Thank you so much for the coffee info! The creator of the game said you could get 1 of the 3 coffees in this part 1 of the game and I just could not find it and I'm on my second play through of the game. Thank you so much, you have saved my alot of hassle Xchain
  19. Did you help Maximillo's granddaughter get her husband back from the thunder witch? If so talk to him (he's in one of the houses in town) If not, talk to the guard near the broken church. If you still had Khali, you could talk to the pub owner and she will drag the solution out of him, Xchain
  20. No, it didn't happen with build B, but it did happen with version 1 of Aveyond 2. Once version 2 came out, it was fixed. I tried using both the keyboard and the mouse, but it's jerky both ways. I've got 1gb of RAM, that should be more than enough I would think. I don't have any other programs running other than what starts up when I turn the computer on. Maybe it doesn't like my antivirus, I'll turn that off and see if that makes a difference. Maybe it just seemed more jerky when I went left/right because I had a headache yesterday but starting it up again today, it's jerky scrolling everywhere. Xchain Edit: Well, I restarted the computer and turned off the antivirus and the problem seems to have resolved itself for now, Thanks!
  21. When starting an new game, I notice the screen does not scroll smoothly when you walk around, it's jerky. More so when you go left/right than up/down. Anything I can do to fix this? Xchain
  22. Are you playing with the sound on, Luz? Anime tells you clues at the beginning of the fight as to what to use. In the case of Ea, use the kokon do move that causes confusion Xchain
  23. This sounds like the "Garnet trance bug" some people had reported. Is Garnet in your party when this happens? Do you have the latest download? The game was re uploaded a month ago with bug fixes. There was no patch, you had to re download the whole game. Christian said he included a fix for the Garnet trance bug. If you're still having problems, contact Christian directly at his yahoo group. (there are links to it on previous pages in this topic) Xchain
  24. You can level up and get supplies. You can also go to the palm tree on the world map north of Cairo and do that stage. I don't know what the requirements are for getting the gates of Cairo to open other than perhaps time. Or maybe once you hit Mt Quaf, you are asked are you sure you want to go in? You can say no and then go back to Cairo and see if the gates are open. Xchain
  25. There is another red fireball. It's in a restaurant type area near the bottom. Great news from Christian! Patch #4 is out! It's not on the game's website yet, but you can get it at the yahoo group under the "files" section Hear is what he wrote about what it fixed: "The Patch #4 for Threshold is up. It contains a lot of various fixes and tweaks. 1) The bugs in the database are fixed 2) Both sets of mingames for Area 11 include a single 'free pass', allowing you to bypass one minigame (for Data Transport and Biomechanism). If you go through without help, though, you get a very nice bonus after that level is complete. 3) The Master Key now functions on all normal locked doors. For those who get it, Normal Keys are a thing of the past. 4) A lot of exits that have had NPCs walk over them, and onto walls, etc, have been fixed. 5) Some fixes to inccrrect potraits during cinema were made. When I get those spelling errors and test fromatting fixed, I'll upload another patch! Thanks to Dawn for helping me test this in under an evening!! Christian" Edit: There was a problem with this patch and it has been fixed on 7/26/08. You'll need to redownload it if you used it before the above date. Edit#2: Last update causes a glitch in area 7, you'll need to redownload the patch #4 yet again on 7/28/08.
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