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    Last Scenario

    I'm trying to figure out what you're doing in Lunei... Matilda quits & the rest of the team goes on a mission to ??? Seems to me you're supposed to be doing something North of Fardorf, like checking out the pass.
  2. Mooma

    Last Scenario

    During "normal" play (not going after any big baddies) my standard spell card pack is steal, scan, regen, enlight & heal on all of my chars. If I'm up against a bad guy carrying something good to steal, round 1, everyone lays down enlight on the next slowest guy, with the slowest putting it on the fastest. Most of my chars are so high in dexterity, most attacks against them miss. If someone does get hit, char that's just faster can do a heal or if it was a full party hit, everyone lays down regen in the same order they did with enlight. Then it's everyone steal until we've got the item & then everyone except Matilda defends. All my chars finish every round full in HP & MP. There are a couple of exceptions, like the fast smiley guy in the 3rd seal or the medium bad guys that have sudden death attacks. When I'm up against them, Zawu & Hilbert change out the scan for fury. I started playing her for her speed in the 3rd seal & got used to using her. I used Throve & Lorenza my first time through the game, because I hadn't figured out how to change charcters & they were the chars that I had selected for that one mission. LOL I should have known better, cuz I did something similar when I played Aveyond 2. I thought that it was kind of unfair that I always had to use up my first turn in the tourney to heal Emma, she didn't gain any levels & I couldn't give her a better weapon or equipment. You're not kidding! Each on of them little beasties packs a whollop & I was only getting a single hit against the big guy every third turn or so, because it took that many rounds to get the party in good enough shape to have a free hand. Every time one of my guys died, I needed someone to revive, someone to heal & someone to re-shield them. Two guys died, I was in deep trouble. After I got it, I went right to the "final" battle again, so I don't know if it does anything. I'm thinking about starting from the very beginning... no stats or stuff.
  3. Mooma

    Last Scenario

    It's pacing more than endurance. After my first time through, I'd pick up the game, play for an hour or so & be done for the day. If I like a game, I'll play it over & over & over again. I wasn't trying to go after the guy, but once at the end of each game. I didn't overwrite any of my final saves, so went back & used the last one. With your helpful advice, I finally beat the beast! I didn't need to use any sacred orbs, but did use one healing orb. My primary healer (Zawu) got killed twice & once it was at a time when everyone's "enlight" needed to be recharged. I'm still sitting on all of my MP recharge supplies. After I figured out enlight, I no longer needed them. You're right, it is about tactics, though the juiced up stats sure don't hurt. With Zawu's intelligence, I could usually do a complete healing of all damage on everyone with "fury". That left Hilbert's hands free to do other things. Ethan was the only char w/out elemental protection, so I was having him do a full heal on himself after a big elemental hit & if I didn't need to recharge shields, enlight or regen, I could have three hands going after the bad guys. That was the ticket!!! I only had fury equipped on the two fastest, but was fortunate that Ethan had enough HP to survive & I had already instructed him to do a full heal on himself a couple of times. It was very helpful to have two swings before the bad guy got one. I had 2 with X-shield (Hilbert & Matilda), stance & enlight on everyone. When the shields went down & Hilbert wasn't in crisis, I'd have Hilbert shield himself (just in case everyone else got killed) & have Matilda do the full party shield. I only triggered the party regen a couple of times, as Zawu's fury did a good job keeping up & Hilbert's fury bump meant that everyone was fully healed before the bad guy had a shot at my party.
  4. Mooma

    Last Scenario

    I'll have to try the Gold Sceptres. I have 5 Arch-Angel Halos, so have them equipped on every active char already. By the time I'm through this round again, I should have enough of the right hex cards for everyone to have Gold Sceptres, but I think the Hero's Soul also gives full elemental protection & adds to most of Hilbert's stats. I've used all of those, plus did the cap stealing. Five of my chars are maxed out on the MP gauge & a couple of them have over 4000 HP. Two have max strength when they're equipped right, Matilda has max vitality, Hilbert's close & Zawu has max intelligence. I'm sitting on 20+ speed caps (21, but will get another 4 by the time I get through this round, the only caps that can't be stolen & no one drops). When Zawu's wearing Mashimizu's Robe, she's faster than everyone, including the smiley guy in the 3rd seal, second time there. With all of that, I still couldn't beat the beast! Gamma & Nuke? I'll have to try it. I tried Vortex & Armageddon in one of my attempts & it did pretty good damage. Only 10? ;o) I assumed they were like Castor's little buddies, so didn't bother to take them out more than once. I usually equip it on my two fastest chars, so I'm more likely to have someone in crisis when I need to recharge the party's shield. Yep & the more intelligent the char, the higher replacement of HP. I didn't even know there was any item to gain... just wanted to kill 'em ALL!!!
  5. I assume you got to Seri while your chars are pretty weak. Who's in your party? Gavin has a party spell that is pretty good at knocking down the scorpians. Have you tried getting into the teleporter cave? You'll have to dance around the first two scorpians to get into the cave, but if you got all of the way into Seri, you should be able to pull it off.
  6. Mooma

    Last Scenario

    I'm on my 5th or 6th time through. There's a guy that gives everyone 100 HP after you beat him & I'm shooting for killing the 100+ hex extra bad guy. I've yet to get him/it down to less than half of his HP.
  7. Yes. Maybe I'm having a difficult time following your logic, since you raised the issue of the expense of taking care of preemies & the difficulty of finding homes for the unwanted infants that may live as a result of an act such as this one. Either you see someone who's fresh from it's mother's womb as a person or you don't. Like the old adage about pregnancy, someone is or they're not & there isn't anything in between. I'm sure there are already provisions in the state's laws regarding child neglect & the like. The act tried to better define a class of citizens, nothing more. I didn't base what I said about Obama's positon by his failure to support this act, but by some things that he has said. He said the bill was only proposed to place a greater burden on women who've already made the tough choice. He either lied or was misled when he said the bill would have had any impact on reproductive rights, because there is nothing in it that would even begin to make abortion illegal, unless you think that living preemies are not people & "choice" isn't limited to women's wombs. Unconstitutional? Illinois or US? Either way, you're gonna have to explain how it can be unconstitutional to better define a class of citizens. I'm going by something he said, not for his failure to support this act. @ Mopiece: McCain is for abortion being handled by the states. @ Basset: just because something passes, doesn't mean its constitutionally sound, it just means it has yet to be tested. even if it has a clause pertaining to its inability to undermine Roe V. Wade, based on the definitions provided in the Illinois Act, they seemed overly vague and that's its possible that based on those definitions, it could somewhat undermine the actions of Roe V. Wade. Since there weren't any enforceable provisions in it, how could it undermine Roe? Besides, Roe is silent about children who've already been born.
  8. You didn't answer my question. Where would you draw the line? The Netherlands allows (or is it requires?) killing disabled infants. Any other citizens that you feel it may be appropriate to erm, help on their way? The disabled and/or elderly? Poor people? Smokers? People who refuse to wear motorcycle helmets?
  9. Yes, it would include premature babies. Once they're born, they're no longer a fetus. They're American citizens. This is an issue of basic civil rights. They aren't a piece of property to be desposed of, because they're too inconvienient for someone. The bill doesn't demand extrodinary measures, just care. Where would you draw the line?
  10. Bill from the Illinois General Assembly site...
  11. The law was "The Born Alive Infant Protection Act". I didn't say he has or would kill any babies himself, but he feels that requiring health care providers to give care to babies that have survived an abortion would be too much of a burden on the child's mother. This is beyond any issue of "choice", as we're talking about babies that fit within every single legal definition of a human life, including carefully crafted language that allows late term abortions. In his own words...
  12. I never thought that I'd live long enough to see people in this nation seriously consider voting for a man who has voted to support infanticide. While his record is thin, as he voted "present" for most of the difficult issues that faced him in his political career, he managed to vote against a law requiring care for babies born in the worst of all possible circumstances. After the child is no longer inside of its mother's womb, it is no longer an issue of the reproductive health, the life of the mother or even a matter of choice anymore (my body, my choice, right?), but Senator Obama doesn't see it that way. In cases where a baby has somehow managed to survive an abortion, Obama is concerned that helping the living & breathing American citizen to live would be too much of an emotional burden on its mother.
  13. Thanx for the spam reminder. I'm used to using sites that don't have an edit feature. As to the destroy the earth article, I thought a bit of levity was called for to counter some of the doom & gloom that those who buy into the man-made global warming nonsense tend to put out. The father of climatolgy, Reid Bryson doesn't buy into it & I'm old enough to remember a lot of doom & gloom about an ice age that forgot to happen. I've also seen copies of some articles written in the New York times dating around the beginning of the 20th century trying to generate worry about global warming back then. Climate runs in cycles & is more effected by the Sun's output, the Earth's orbit round the Sun, the Earth's spin (there's a wobble in it) than puny man. CO2 is a lagging indicator, meaning it shows what's happened instead of creating temperature changes. I've read that the Sun is approaching or already into a low sunspot cycle, which means we'll soon be hearing a lot about a coming ice age again. I may have to move, cuz the last time we had an ice age in my part of the world, the place that I live now was under a few miles of ice.
  14. I see this topic & I'm sorry, I just can't help myself... How to destroy the Earth merged posts~Oracle Most of the world's oxygen is produced in the Oceans. If we ever start to run low, we could always fertilize it. Most of that nasty stuff that we think of as pollution could be used to do it. Dump in all of the world's excrement & really make that baby bloom. It's not that I'm against preventing the deforestation of places like the Amazon basin (has to do with preserving diversity of life on the planet & there are many unique species that grow there & only there), but arguing the planet's atmospheric ratio is more of an emotional, rather than a scientifically sound argument. There are more trees on the North American continent now than there were when the first white man set his feet upon the contintent's shores. Paper & timber companies have been planting more than they harvest for about a century.
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