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  1. Oooh okay, I was just wondering because the satchel only has 40 strength? (I think) I have the best weapons for the characters pre-skull mountain (Other than Hi'beru's Chronos Charm) so I was just wondering if there was a way to strengthen whatever was in the gadget slot xD
  2. Ooooh, I didn't know that, nor do I have any idea for where to look for these tools XD Thank you!
  3. Relating to the topic, does Rowen only get the satchel? I could've sworn on a different playthrough you were able to get another gadget bag, but I could've been imagining things.
  4. Heylo, I'm a little new here, I've been playing Aveyond for 5-ish years but I just created an account because I'm stuck at one area. I'm trying to get into the Windy Tower and Snowy Island, and I know I need keys, and I don't seem to have a heart of fire. Did I miss it somewhere? Edit: Nevermind I found it
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