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  1. I noticed all the female main characters are terrible. 1. Ingrid the worst by far - Not for the obvious evil character stuff but she is just quite boring with the "Hahahaha" and that face. 2. Myst had potential but got pretty terrible when she met robin. After that, she became very clingy and controlling over him. 3. Rowen - By far the best female main character but she is very selfish for what she did to her family. By the way the dreamer is the best main character and Elizabeth is the best female character and Forthwrigth/ForthWrong/Forthokay is the best character
  2. Just go to the pirates market and buy. The thieves are selling it there
  3. First one I noticed is the Galahad - Teijal one. If you do not pick her up, she normally doesnt show up in the manor except galahad is the leader. Almost like she is tied to his soul. Second one : Normally Rhen gets her sword swinger outfit when she graduates if she doesnt, she wears the red outfit all game. Or does she? Well after wearing the ball dress, she changes to a sword swinger outfit she never had? (Where did you get that Rhen) Third one - The first daeva is susceptible to confusion, when means you can take him out without attacking and at any level. Fourth one - Agas stops attacking after timestop or something (Almost like he ran out of mana, probably should have bought some covely balm)
  4. What I did was use chicken curse scroll, boot strapping mana and lighting scrolls (early on) until i got a skudder then first thing to veldt to buy those great armors. My additional twist to my save is I am not returning any druid until i have all of them (so no teiljal but at least galahad is still safe). currently saved only three so far since you need the third in order to get the skudder.
  5. I found his forms very underwhelming, especially his last form. I think i put talia ahead of him just because i dont remember anything good or bad about her attack
  6. So after playing Aveyond 4, it got me thinking about how much some main characters contributed more in battle than others. Some carried the team while others were literally the weak link. Well this is my ranking of Main characters in each serie. 1. Rhen (Quite obvious) 2. Boyle (Really surprised about this before going into the game) 3.Talia (Meh) 4. Mel (Underwhelming till last chapter) 5. Ian (Speaks for itself). Feel free to drop your own list.
  7. I guess just to circle back, are you still planning on uploading those 2 games on steam?
  8. hahaha, no. None does anyone try to. Most people speak english but some dont so you just have to blend in if you are in an area that speaks another language. Like I said because a lot of people speak a different language, it doesnt seem that special, like having different cloths or going to different schools
  9. Speaking of languages , my country has 300+, heck even my language has dialects but we all look the same so I never really noticed it. We dont really do events, we do a lot family gatherings and when I say family I mean even neighbors or any you hang out with.
  10. That's really amazing news, wow, finally aveyond 1 comes to the big screen. If I had money I would probably get it animated. Just made my day.
  11. Any ideas about achievements, and when you say a few months, can you give an estimation, Like is it this year?
  12. I have been looking at the comment on steam for the orbs series and it seems the new generation really like it. Personally i would buy it again on steam because steam is very dependable and has a very good setup. Also, while it is cheaper on bigfish, i will pay the 20$ here because I fully appreciate what Mrs. Amanda gave us. All the best. Sent from my LGLS775 using Aveyond Kingdom
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