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    mapleshade got a reaction from callmedan in Alternate Aveyond 2 facesets (Fanmade)   
    i love all especially emma but i think that your nicholas version doesnt have enough of his character in it like he doesnt look all snob, i like to imagine that this is his version when he became king , for ava she really looks young XD.
    i wish that aveyonds all had graphics folder ( aveyond 4 only does ) so that you can freely change characters and faces
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    mapleshade reacted to Rodania in Hi   
    Wow, I love how you're so into the forums! I think most creators aren't usually very into communicating with fans. Aveyond is the love of my life, quite literally haha. And of course it would be totally awesome if you made more Aveyond games! And I'm excited for the new Aveyond 4 version!
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    mapleshade got a reaction from Amaranth in Hi   
    lol i dont really have any experience with making games and im not really that good with rpg makers but if anyone wants to make a game i would love to assist in story writing and characters development 
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    mapleshade got a reaction from Amaranth in Hi   
    hello, is there any possible way that community can join and create aveyond 5? or continue of aveyond 4 ( would prefer that cause love these characters ).
    oh and btw did they release second build for aveyond 4 because i still have some glitches ( -.- jinx dress )
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    mapleshade got a reaction from zahra in Black Butterflies[A unique journey to the truth!]   
    title: nice mystery touch 
    visuals and sound: icons and spells look amazing, characters look great to and their faces are really nice, world map is also really cool but i wish you placed more towns on the same island since you have to go through whole world for some quests ( tooth fairy and the green mother ), maps in general look really amazing and cute with nice sounds but lol there is to much flowers on certain areas like underworld or caves, that shouldnt be possible without sun XD, and some towns like thais have a bit to wavy paths and again you have to go all around to come to certain areas, btw i never seen anyone who makes better royal castles than you like seriously make a princesses adventure rpg it would look amazing
    story: really enticing especially at the beginning and in the middle but i think people became annoyed with roman a bit to sudden but its ok, love is nicely presented and everything is great till the moon. Moon i feel like is an area you thought was really cool and it is but it doesnt fit the game and was a bit unnecessary. the final battle or should i say story was also really good ( expected myra to be evil but not directly cassandra and eli being x shadow was also really surprising ) i just think you should have made possible to save much more times between the story so if you want to get to some part or to final battle you have to skip a lot of things
    items: i didnt have that much trouble farming for gold but i think the prices for weapons are seriously to much because i can buy 99 of dozen supplies instead of buying one sword so that just needs minor balance, status effects are nice and arent useless like in some rpgs ( aveyond 4 example has many weird status effects but still love the game )
    all in all the game was really enjoyable and my favorite part was when there was that first unexpected boss fight ( electra and roman break up ) because it was so dramatic and team started to fall apart just so amazing. I think you should polish a game just a bit and it would be perfect. i give it 8,5 out of 10
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