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  1. Ant's Journal

    @Ant, Yep. Like Vitals/Meters. And screen above. Presumably you can attach currency value to core items as well as affixes...? In currency there is usually a core buy value if buyable and a core sell value or percentage if sellable...
  2. Ant's Journal

    @Ant, Agree with ChiaPet. Much better. The way I'd tackle it is I'd have user defined Stats as you say in a different database. I'd have Stat sub types there user defined again. For example, attributes, points, vitals, modifiers, bonuses, resistances etc. I think you should probably keep Abilities in a separate database to Stats, all user defined, again with user defined sub types such as Abilities, Skills, Powers, Traits, Prayers, Spells etc. I say keep Abilities in a separate database to Stats as I think they are conceptually different, they may have progression/experience/ranks/levels and they can be immediate, passive, active, inquisitive etc. But that means you need to define how the item, affix or socket effects both Stat(s) and then separately? (as separate database) Abilities... Assuming you're going to cater for Races and Subraces and then Classes and Subclasses (which may have Race, Subraces, Stat or Ability requirements) in separate databases? Hope some of this makes any kind of sense!
  3. Ant's Journal

    @Ant, I'll try... So allowing the user to define their own stats, attributes, points, class ranks, skills, abilities, whatever in the appropriate database(s) and then allowing them to say what and how many stats of whatever type are effected and however by the item, the affix, the socket... ?
  4. Ant's Journal

    @Ant, It's coming along nicely. Some further observations... - you probably need to be less prescriptive with items and affixes re how they effect stats, attributes, skills, resistances etc so user can select all this. ie. don't force user to adhere to your structures and named stats - with affixes in general, I like the idea of just 6 in general. - it would be good though to allow for their placement around the item ie. Before or after it and where in naming. - ability to add logic to avoid seemingly conflicting affixes on an item. - loot table weighting and rarity and perhaps value and how affixes affect this perhaps simply as stats effected. - Hero Actions to create items with loot-weighted affixes in runtime.
  5. Ant's Journal

    Excellent. I appreciate it's hard to implement...
  6. Ant's Journal

    @Ant, Looking good. A couple of thoughts: - isn't Demonic, in example above, a prefix, and Death a suffix? - any chance of more than one prefix(es) and/or Suffixes ie. Demonic Dark Mortuum Sword of Death and of Night? - also, what about item rarity, renown etc? - item material as optional additional prefix ie. Iron, silver, steel, mithril, wood, glass? - can you create background logic to prevent contradictory or seemingly conflicting prefixes, Suffixes and/or affixes? - different types of sockets on an item? ie. Orbs, runes, etc? Limits to number of sockets on item? - how will this work with loot tables and loot weighting? - saving of both core items and customised items at run time? - databases of prefixes, affixes and suffixes? Socket items as item type?
  7. Item Database - thoughts

    @ChiaPet, You're right of course. Ant and I have knocked this all about too elsewhere on the forums. Then there is the need to avoid conflicting affixes etc ie. Cant have a holy sword of evil etc. Also, loot drops, weighted loot drops, would need to hopefully drop items according to weighted chance presumably taking in to account affixes (inc prefixes and suffixes) and rarity. It can be done and hoping Ant comes up with an 'elegant solution' (no pressure) If he does this kit has a huge usp and we have massive item variation....
  8. @Ant, Looking at your screenie of the item database, I hope you can see why item types and subtypes and being able to filter and sort by them in item database editors/ui as well as in game inventories is absolutely essential if you'v got more than say 40, let alone 1000s, of items... Some thinking on this below:- Type SubTypes Generic Currency Bronze Piece, Iron Piece, Silver Piece, Gold Piece etc. Weapon Knife, Sword, Axe, Bludgeon, Spear, Gun, Stone, Sling, Hammer, Whip etc. Ammunition Arrow, Bolt, Bullet, Shell, Pellet Armour Suit of Armour, Pauldron, Greave, Cuirass, Chestpiece, Jacket, Shield, Helm Clothing Trousers, Shirt, Cloak, Coat Adornment Ring, Earring etc Consumable Food, Drink, Drink, Scroll Container Pouch, Rucksack, Bag, Chest, Quiver, AmmoClip etc Socket Crystal, Orb, Rune etc Component Foodstuff, Ingredient, Fuel, MachinePart Recipe Furniture Bedroll, Table, Chair, Bed, Torch Key Tool You get the idea...
  9. @Ant, (I may edit this post as thoughts occur... it's stream of consciousness time !) (Hey! Aren't potions equippable, ready for later use?) Looking at the list for the Item Database some thoughts occur re other 'fields' and generally:- - Item Type - Item Subtype (need to be able to filter and sort items in inventory etc by type and subtype...) - if Weapon: Normal Damage by Close Melee, Melee, Polearn, Thrown, Shooter, Shot - Damage Calc methods? Dice Damage option? Formulae by Level, Skills? Reach,Attack Rate/RoF, Range Additional Elemental? Damages? (by Percentage? Other damage calcs, formulae?) - Associated Mesh, Gameobject/Prefab, HeroObject of Item - various uses animations perhaps with defaults by item type, subtype - Rarity (perhaps calculated) - Commercial Value (perhaps accomodating different currencies bronze pieces, silver pieces, gold pieces etc not being too prescriptive) - Loot weighting/chances - pretty essential for loot drop lists etc - Race/Subrace(s), Class(es(, Alignment(s), Stat(s), Skill(s), Level required at X rank, score, level - Also prohibited by above factors - Stackable and Stack - Durability, Condition, isRepairable - Weight (and weight sensitive) re inventory - Consumable and consumable time - Equippable, Equipment Slot(s) - Handedness ( ie if holdable, strictly one handed, preference one handed, one or two handed, preference two handed, strictly two handed ) - is Container, Container x y size, container size, contains.. [sub Item List] - is Containable, containable x y size - is Craftable? - Craft items required and quantities - Crafting type - Sockettable? Socket type(s) allowed? - Socket items in place - Armour (local, body) when equipped - local by equipment slots - Resistances to Elements - Effects/Animations/Particles when Actions/Uses - Depending on Use/Action, effecting, buffing, debuffing Vitals, Stats, Skills, Armour, Damages - Wondering whether easier to define cumulative effects, buffs, debuffs separately and drop them in ... as with Prefixes, Affixes, Suffixes and Socketted items which also must create effects, buffs, debuffs on user/item? - Item material type ie metal and subtype ie iron... a special affix changing colour of item in Mesh/icon... - Quest data -
  10. @Ant, Been eagerly awaiting the RPG developments. Proper support for socketing, socket and socketable items and stackable compatible item prefixes, affixes and suffixes will immediately differentiate HeroKit from other kits on the store. Probably we've touched on these topics before but affixes and socketing will effect item FX, attributes and (re)colour and affixes would need to be stacked only when compatible... Examples of that not working might include:- Unholy Axe of Holiness Fire Sword of Blizzards Etc.
  11. @Ant, That sounds about right to me.
  12. @Ant, I agree with ChiaPet... most people just use TPC just to properly rack their character with the controller and third person camera... Looking forward to your thoughts on the RPG developments and databases...
  13. Roadmap

    @Ant, How's it going? As you can probably guess, I am really looking forward to the RPG developments of this Asset. Reviewing the original post, with Items please please allow for socketing and affixes in the database and saves and also multi-classes with Classes and Sub-Races with Races. Also... colours.... Colour as a variable or Unity Object and Colour as in being able to 'recolour ' (change colours on HeroObject within thresholds) HeroObjects...
  14. Best format to post our own Hero Actions in?

    That's what I've done with them and, I hope, only included the bits associated with the relevant custom HeroAction(s).
  15. @Ant, Could probably screenie it for you if needed (let me know if you still need a screenie after the explanation that follows...). However, it's fairly easy to explain in RPG terms. Imagine if you had 'Statistics' HeroProperties (I say HeroProperties because within each you'd need things for min, current, max, critical, added on, etc etc) but those 'Statistics' could be divided in to subtypes like Attributes, Points, Modifiers, Resistances, Bonuses, Perceptions etc etc. Imagine if you had upwards of 150 of those 'Statistic' HeroProperties (in simple terms it could be Variables or Globals also) - but no way to filter or sort them by their types or subtypes when creating more. Result = mess. Perhaps even if you could have a *.* string filter (ie. list only Variables, Globals or HeroProperties whose name contains ***) that would help enormously? Hope that makes sense?