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  1. Ant's Journal

    @Ant, Targets.... So single or multiple and any limit. Target types... Self, armour, held weapon, body, enemy, ally, party only (or combination thereof). Your other stuff works but per above I think you need to define whether ability effects self and/or others and then whether party, allies, enemies, or combination etc Chain.... Like your idea too! But I was thinking more of things like Chain Lightning (which can be thought of in same way) where say you cast lightning at orc A but the lightning and electric element damage range jump to orc B and orc C and chance of so far visually too. Active/Passive.... With Abilities I'm not just thinking of attack. Passive abilities are just there and don't need to be invoked. An example say of a Passive attack ability though might be 'Sword Mastery 3' such that when you wield a sword weapon type you do 30% more damage. A Passive defence Ability might be 'Hardcase 2' where you take 20% less damage from blunt weapons or something. A non combat passive 'Night Sight' wherein you see 20% better outside at night, or 'Trap Averse' wherein you're say 15% more likely to detect and not run on to traps. I've probably not thought of the best examples... Conditions in play.... Think I understand. Pause time between use... Yes, works. Dependencies... Noted. Makes sense. Class database will be handling or referencing a lot! Don't forget Race (with Subraces) database which, thinking about it, sounds quite similar to Class database... Progression... Your way works well... . If you create True Heal 1 and True Heal 2 would be nice if system had background int variable for that ability's 'level' for purpose of both formulae in or on that ability but also other abilities... In above example, True Heal 1 may have higher background 'level' than Lesser Heal 5.... If you see what I mean? If we follow your model for progression that neatly handles calcs and formula per stat or meter so long as your formulas can take in to account ability 'level', stats, meters, race, class and are nice n flexible...
  2. Ant's Journal

    @Ant, This is going to look amazing. Really looking forwards to details of formulae database... Has some general application too? Some comments and queries: - Active or Passive... Is this how ability used in above screening? - animations associated with Ability; - area of effect, shape of area of effect, chain effect?; - number of targets, target limit, per calmedan's comments above; - duration of effect, effect over time (on meters and stats)?; - similar but not the same as the above, cool down time before can use ability again... If an Active not a Passive ability... you click an action box UI button, the active ability triggers, the effects last as long as the duration data, but the button cools down before you can click again; - Chance of success? Formula? How would it work with Progression (see below)? In above screenie is this Base Chance of Effect then potentially effected by formula and Progression (see below); - Dependencies? Ability requires minimum meters or stats or general Level or, crucially, Ability levels/ranks; - big one for me, PROGRESSION. Can Ability have experience score and levels/ranks and if so how does it progress with formulas? How do different levels of the Ability then effect INDIVIDUAL effects on Meters and Stats? and duration of individual effects. Chance of success ramping up relatively on formula per Ability Rank/Level; and - don't individual effects on individual stats or meters each potentially need attached formula to allow for progression and other stuff?
  3. Ant's Journal

    @Ant, ChiaPet's email makes good sense. There's a free asset on the Asset store called Character Stats which includes code and does some smart stuff with c# objects and stat modifiers. Definitely worth a look...
  4. Ant's Journal

    @Ant, Shaping up... Particles. I suppose you may need to think about particle effects for caster/casting, then for transit and then for impact if hit and for impact if miss/miss targets. Also consider area of effect/chain effect for targets .... and abilities in which the target is simply the caster... Also, in terms of selecting particles, think recolouring and element(s). In terms of effect, your stuff seems to cover one off effects on meters and stats... But what about effects on meters or stats over time?, permanent or temporary effects? Ability.... Active or Passive or some other? Item(s) required? If Active, cool down time? Item(s) required? Or item types maybe? A list? Similarly, Stats required at certain score? Another list? Also, required other Ability(s) level/rank/score... Also, in terms of effects, what about abilities that have levels or ranks or score and upscale by those or by character's general level. Successful use Vs unsuccessful use of abilities... Chance of success is a big one too... How much general experience by character level is rendered? How then to handle progression of tiered/ranked abilities and general experience/level and experience on individual abilities. How do both general Level and then Ability level/rank/score change (progression) chance of success, range/reach, cool down time (if active Ability), duration of effect (if durational) and power (eg where Ability harms, power would be level of damage) - by general Level, Ability Rank/Level/Score. I understand Race and Class restrictions handled in those databases. And/so how much then to delegate to associated actions...?
  5. Ant's Journal

    @Ant, I think so long as you can attach Variables to elements (for example, individual weapons within weapons database) then you can skip attachment of HeroProperties. Re the rest, and filtering, will hold fire and looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  6. Ant's Journal

    @Ant Looking good! Don't forget that some other item types may be stackable like potions, apples etc. In above examples looks like sword stackable and arrow not? Also, how are you handling damage? In actions? Is attaching elements enough to dictate how much damage they will cause? ** Crazy thought**... Could you attach HeroVariables and or HeroProperties to Items, Weapons etc? ie. [+][-] attach HeroProperty [+][-] attach HeroVariable With weapons, what about min stats requirements and class and / or race restrictions? Also, reach of weapons, range of thrown weapons or shooter weapons? Simple point perhaps, but hopefully user can define their own types as well as elements (in this case weapon types and weapons) within databases? Also, have you looked at filter option in all databases (by type etc)? Looking forward to the Abilities database etc. Starts getting interesting with progression, levelling etc.
  7. Ant's Journal

    @Ant, [further brain dump] With Abilities database, you could have levelling of various types per ability, class and race restrictions, min stats required or min level on other abilities (to allow for unlockable abilities) also cool down times (if active or instant), again range and reach, valid targets, associated animations, particles. Abilities I've also seen classified in to the two classics of active (select and cool down, can use up some vitals or temp or permanently reduce or increase stats, could relocate player or npcs) and passive (permanently effect stats, etc) (effects similar to affixes etc) but I've also seen instant (just happens straight away no cool down, often non combat, eg unlock) and transformative (change entity or somehow change or enchant item) and inquiry (get info)... But think they can all fit within Active or Passive. Active abilities can also cause damage and elemental damage... In terms of Ability types, suppose you have things like Ability (generic), Skill, Spell, Prayer, Powers, etc.
  8. Ant's Journal

    @Ant, It's really coming together! I think all the databases will work well together. I think you'll definitely need visual ways to filter for many databases where high volumes likely... [brain dump follows] With weapons database, I think you've got things like time to draw, rate of fire (for some), acceptable ammunition (for some), range and reach and also alt for thrown (eg spear, dagger) that can be both melee and thrown. Looking at primary (as opposed to elemental) damage, do we want a min and max or standard value and variance? How is elemental damage catered for? Maybe through Affixes? Thinking about abilities (see below), with weapons, restrictions by race, class or stat requirement?
  9. Ant's Journal

    @Ant, Along similar lines do/will equippable items (inc weapons and armour, clothing, etc) have associated equipment slots? So perhaps an equipment slots database. The way I've seen this done best is then to have items if equipped cover certain equipment slots, or similar...
  10. Ant's Journal

    @Ant, Looking good. Re the inventory, how are you handling stackable items? Also, ammo items for weapons like arrows, bolts and bullets etc and associating them with projectile weapons? Weapons and associated animations... Is that for associated actions?
  11. Ant's Journal

    @Ant, Or even 1000s of items... +++ to DoT, HoT and tick-interval time...
  12. Ant's Journal

    @ChiaPet, Yes, you're right. Conditions and spells and stat or meter modifiers will either have to be one off, instant, permanent or durational...
  13. Ant's Journal

    @Ant, Looking really good... And like the idea of a menu of preferences so change what you see or don't see. One application of that could be filtering database items by element/row dependent on say with items type or subtype? Presuming you can associate actions?
  14. Ant's Journal

    @Ant, Elements sound really good, as do Conditions/Ailments. Presuming you are not being prescriptive on either? (ie. A game doesn't necessarily have to have ice or fire or either in opposition etc.). Can elements (and affixes) prompt particular effects/particles and, with conditions, colours? Just wondering... In the item database, shouldn't the items also be associated with a particular mesh or prefab? Another thought occurs ... Presumably if a player creates a new unique item in runtime/game can that be saved out with game saves?
  15. Ant's Journal

    A@Ant, It all looks nice n neat. Great to hear about types/subtypes. Not sure of items will include equippable items, clothing, armour, weapons? Assuming it will. If so, weapons damage? Also, item weight and perhaps 2d size in inventory. Loot weight/chance to loot? Thinking about it renown and rarity could be dealt with as affixes? Items requiring or prohibiting race or class or level or stat? With craftable items, items and quantities required?