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  1. Build C Question

    I finished the Thieves/Galahad quest and went to go buy the bottle to catch the faerie to show the Snow King, and no bottle was in the junk store. I read that that story line had a change, what do I do now?
  2. Vista Compatibility

    I have vista and it works fine. I've played it all the way through. If you have issues, try right clicking in the desktop icon and click "run as Administrator"
  3. mirror mansion

    If she is still in the house you won't be able to break the mirror. Make sure you have done the Guardian of the Mist quest and talk to the oracle in Aveyond first. Once you do that go back to her house and she should be gone. I would use the walk through when you get lost, It was my best friend the first time I played!
  4. Ejindro quest

    Thank you!
  5. Ejindro quest

    It's been a while since I've played AV1..so please don't laugh..Where the heck is Rootwell?
  6. Text in Ahriman's Profphecy

    I downloaded the text patch right when I downloaded the game. I'm having issues with vista and the goodies (god, etc). Anyone have any ideas?
  7. Text in Ahriman's Profphecy

    I have Vista too. Are you having problems with downloading the goodies? I have used them before with my XP machine. I downloaded winzip and followed the same steps, and the code is all over the place. Any ideas?