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  1. Yeah, it's pretty much spam attack. 😁
  2. StorMo07

    Geography of Aia

    Updated the list after months xD.. Some of it are my headcanons 😆
  3. StorMo07

    Geography of Aia

    EDIT: Minor update. I am just gonna put it here from my note before I lose it. I base this on Aveyond 2 and 3. Kingdoms of Aia.... Mainland: Thais Harburg Stormbend Quinn/Istir Naylith Gheledon Orc Empire Underwold Aveyond Witchwood/Bogwood Shaenlir (possibly shifted away from the Mainland. I still consider Quinn and Shaenlir are not the same kingdom even though both lies North West of Thais) Candar (possibly shifted away from the Mainland.) Isles: Tar Vedron Dragkthor Venwood Faiara Verashema Eredar Storybook Eldrion: Peliad Harakauna (Animalville) Tyobi (In my theory, it was once called Seri but shifted away from the Mainland. Another wealthy family inherited the throne hence giving it a new name.) Seri (Headcanon: The bloodline still continues after a new bloodline takes over Seri and renamed it Tyobi. The location is quite distant to Tyobi.) Shoal Leui Acropolis (the unknown kingdom) Underfall Arishta Isles: Veldarah Sedona Veldt (somehow shifted away from the isles before the mountain ranges formed) Northern Kingdom (least populated kingdom) Mysten Far (possibly the closest ally to Aveyond) The Vale: (once part of Arishta Isles but somehow magically transported) Oldwoods Ylisfar (underground just like in AV1) AV4: (faraway from the Mainland) Wyrmwood Halaina Tor Ravwyn Delamare Var'thor Mist Realm Windshire Ulrock Weeville That's it 😃 Unmentioned Towns: Devenshire, Thais Elden, Harburg Glenvale, Quinn Ryva, Thais Ravenwood, Thais Happily Ever After, Storybook Casket Hill, Underworld Ghed'arhe, Underworld Clearwater, Sedona Brumwich, Sedona Veniara, Veldt
  4. StorMo07

    Geography of Aia

    I replayed Aveyond partially on Christmas week and it got me interested on the world of Aia and its kingdom. Right know, I am connecting the dots between how this land conjoins this land and etc. Though I have limited time because I'm busy, I am actually finding the world maps from AP to Aveyond 4. Spare?😁 And for the kingdoms, I probably research them in google and list them down.
  5. StorMo07

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT) [FROZEN]

    Played the demo..... That was good! .... perfect for Christmas Eve😁 Can't reveal much hehe....
  6. StorMo07

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT) [FROZEN]

    Looks amazing so far... like it. How's the progress so far?
  7. It's been a while, eh?

  8. StorMo07

    Post your reviews here!

    Review isn't my thing but I think I feel that my opinion on this game needs to be express. Characters [7/10] A new cast of rather intriguing personalities. We have Boyle who thought of becoming a hero is inferior, Myst- a snarky wanna be fun-loving character perhaps my favorite as well and so forth. I could explain everyone on the cast but that's not my cup of tea. Special mention for Hi'beru and Rowen also the party interaction is something near fun. Overall the cast is a hybrid of fun like Aveyond I, and overwhelming. Why overwhelming?- personal taste is too opinionated for me but some characters tries too hard to execute impression, I won't give names. Music [8.5/10] The music isn't a 9 worthy or 8 worthy, something in between is satisfaction. My favourite soundtrack is Halaina- I just love the medieval feels when I am hearing it while ambling around the town. Also, Halaina is near Byzantium or Venice when it comes to details. The music for this games is soothing. That's it, ran out of words this time. Gameplay [5/10] Not a fan of the footsteps, incredibly irritating, and the back-and-forth situation. The enemies seems repetitive, sorry if I'm being mean-spirited, and kinda gets boring after a while (Goblin here, goblin there) tho there is some positive effects of this like not having weird creatures out on a forest. The menu screen is alright, seems John Wizard-y for me. The battle? Good overall, everyone in the cast is begotten though their own ways. Art [4/10] Monotonous. Doesn't really wowed me unlike Aveond III plus it kinda looses the charm of an Aveyond game. Story [7.5] A villain tending to be a hero? This seems fun. Not much to say about this. I'm not really vocal like the pessimistic impatient critiques, I try to be optimistic as I can. Of course we have Myst to continue the plot, LOL Overall: 6/10~above average while maintaining its quality. "How to be social?" - Hi'beru
  9. StorMo07

    Count down to 0 (From 2015)

  10. StorMo07

    Ban the person above you

    Banned because I am back.
  11. Playing Aveyond 1 in expert mode is pure nightmare. I am right now stuck at the Lamp Castle because Saurva?? keeps defeating me by the use of "Scorch".:blink:

    Anyway, what a first day of the year where I rest while everyone is on party mode.:kawaii-super-lol:

  12. StorMo07

    thoughts on aveyond games

    After replaying some forgettable Aveyond games earlier this year... I feel like all stories are light weighted and have a decent amount character development throughout the gameplay but it doesn't mean I don't like the games at all, I'm just nitpicking.
  13. StorMo07

    If you were a character in an RPG...

    Probably a villain who will get a redemption for good intentions. Simple as that.
  14. StorMo07

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for greeting Patrick.
  15. StorMo07

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT) [FROZEN]

    Looks magnificent... GG