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  1. but theres no folder that holds the save file for aveyond Rhen's quest.. i only found the folders for Aveyond II and Aveyond III
  2. ohh its okay then :c btw do you know where the save file location is?
  3. yes i would love that! tyty youre so kind
  4. i'm still in the beginning tho..
  5. lmao in the end i use the level up goodie to beat heptitus lol. and yeah, the school of war and magic is not available at that late time
  6. Heyy can someone help me please i cant find emma in thais castle. i paid her school fee but then when i looked ard the castle shes nowhere to be found. (ps : i just paid her school after i can open a way to shaelir) the heptitus is very hard to beat i need her in my party
  7. Hello, does anyone want to lend me a save data for rhen's quest ? all my saved data is lost and its tiring to start all over again
  8. omg the emerald slimes keep giving me slimes, not emerald..
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