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  1. Thank you. This game is so good that I have started playing it again.
  2. Zahra, The walkthrough files do not open (as Richmond has already said). Can you make them available for download again?
  3. I just finished this game once again and enjoyed a lot while playing it. I could complete all the sidequests except for the 10 diamonds quest. I think this game deserves a review, so I am writing it here. Overall, this game has all the features needed for a good RPG. This game has a great potential to be released commercially. Of course it has a few minor bugs, but I think they can be fixed easily. Features I liked: I liked the total game play time (took about 34 hours for me) and the number of sidequests. I liked the way the game was designed – with so many islands ad so many towns and characters. I liked how you needed to travel between multiple places for almost throughout the game. A game gets interesting when you have to visit the places that you previously visited and interact with the characters that you have already talked to. It was good to play with a few familiar characters like Rhen and Mel. I enjoyed the character development and interaction between characters. The graphics are very good – with each town and each forest having its own features. The plot is OK (not very good or very bad) for me. Features I did not like: The world map was too complex for me. Traveling between the islands was always very confusing and many times I ended up on a wrong island. The main issue was with the obstructions (like the dark colored sea). I wish it was less complex- with fewer or no obstructions between the islands. Some of the battles were way too hard even when you play the game in easy mode. Example: The monsters on Glocrab mountain were too hard to beat before you get the weapons and armors from Newholt. Ywans Den: Although it was challenging to navigate through this for the first time, it was annoying that your visibility is limited every time you enter it. You can see only a short distance and you need to refer the map in every part of it. It would be better if you can see each room completely once the boss fight is over (similar to the dungeon in Aveyond 4). Some the cutscenes are too long with prolonged conversations and I think they can be shortened. Overall, I played this game twice and I enjoyed it both the times. Thank you so much for such a great game.
  4. I have re-explored Wyrm Forest thoroughly. I could not find any Cyan Diamond. I found a Blue Diamond, but I already had two of them.
  5. Thank you. I don't know which diamonds I need, but these are the diamond I got so far. Green, purple, blue, yellow, pink, orange.
  6. Just a few more questions. Where can I find the last page of the book of legends? How do I bring a lost soul to Revenant in Ywans Den? I got 5 parts of Talisman. How many parts does it have? What could I do when I got all of them? Is there a list of diamonds and their locations? I got 6 of them so far. Thank you.
  7. Hello Zahra, I liked this game so much that I am playing it again. I have the following issues/questions. · Money bag quest in Silversage: I tried to select the option “Alvilda is right”, but I got an error message that an audio file is missing. · I wonder which option is better for the above quest. Keeping the money bag for yourself or giving it to the thief? Or is it better not to agree to steal in the first place? · Where will I find red stone for Alex (to decorate his ship) on Meldin Beach? Thank you.
  8. Thank you Raphael. I just found the lake. I previously missed this area completely. The Wyrm Forest is very dark and it is difficult to see areas that are away from the brown path. Any idea how to complete the sheep's last meal quest?
  9. Zahra, Thank you for such a nice game. I like it very much so far. I am stuck in game right now, though. I am in Underworld and I am unable to complete the quest "Rossa's Box". I already talked to Rossa and this quest is there in my journal. But when I reach the lake (with sparkles), Roman still says "There seems to be something in the water, but I can't reach it". Am I at the right lake? What am I doing wrong?
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