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  1. I've been following the development of Hero Kit for a while now and picked up a copy because it looks like it's progressing into an amazing product. I saw in the Roadmap thread that there was mention of researching a turn-based battle screen and I just wanted to mention this is definitely something I'd be interested in. There's not enough turn-based kit options out there for the non-programmer like me. On that note, I thought I'd bring up a few things I think would be of use in such a system. Formulas Formulas for damage dealing, casting spells, etc. Formulas to determine turn order based on things like speed/dexterity/luck. Formulas that calculate evasiveness and chance to hit. Battle Scenes Like the old school Final Fantasy series, the ability to battle in a scene that isn't the overworld, but rather a special arena that the party and enemies spawn into. Party System Options for recruiting special NPC's to join the player character in a fight with their own equipment and have their own leveling path. The option to switch the party order, determining which characters will be involved in a fight. Battle Menu Attack, Defend, Magic, Switch Party Member, Flee. Different party members have different options. Turn Conditions Options to determine what counts as a turn. Does switching a party member allow you to still attack or does it forfeit your turn? Can certain characters attack more than once per turn? Can certain spells delay an enemy's turn or give the party more (ala FFX)? Turn-based Systems Options for traditional turn-based system vs. a conditional turn-based system. Can you select all your actions for the round and then watch them unfold, or does each party member attack as soon as you confirm their action for the round? Cinematic Camera Different chance for certain camera angles when performing certain moves, or battling against special enemies. Overdrive/Limit Break Special attack that unlocks overtime depending on certain conditions, like amount of times a character has been hit. Whoa, this list ended up being longer than I expected. Anyway, if you do end up deciding to integrate turn-based options into Hero Kit, I know these are the first things that come to my mind. Thanks for such an awesome project, I look forward to seeing how it grows regardless!