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  1. Awesome, I also have Opsive's 3rd person, so that'll be great to try with!!
  2. I'm starting simple, Quake-1 style levels (like I used to make in Worldcraft when I was 9 years old, playing Quake back in '96!) but I'm never sure if they should be built directly in Unity or if I should use a level editor customized to my own textures and shapes to be loaded dynamically. HeroKit wouldn't have any way of making this possible would it?
  3. Zebbi

    FPS tutorial?

    @Ant it's actually just a fall from jumping, I added a jump action, and going up can be adjusted, but I'm not sure how to fix falling from a jump! I can't put any buildings in yet. Do you want me to send you a file?
  4. Zebbi

    FPS tutorial?

    @Ant how can I set the fall gravity? Setting an action to change the gravity for the player at the start of the level works well enough for the jump, but the fall is always like on the moon. Have I missed a global way of setting up FPS movement values?
  5. What would be the best practice when building levels to use with hero kit? Should they be made in unity editor in different scenes and imported into an engine scene, or should/could a third-party editor be used to design levels (by the dev or players) using objects exclusive to the game and imported? Or should each level just be made in the same scene as the engine and duplicate everything per level? sorry for the amatueish question, having come over from Fusion and Construct, there are several opinions about code reuse (much easier in construct!) and a lot of hardcore devs that like to make their own level editors for efficiency of code and so players can make their own levels.
  6. Thank you so much @Ant I really appreciate the hard work you put into looking at this for me, I'll take a go at this later with your guide and hopefully have something working! Thanks again!!
  7. Is it possible to use herokit to streamline using billboard sprites for enemies in 3D games, but the type of billboard sprites that appear at different angles depending on the viewing angle? The original Doom games would have several (8 I think) sets of animations for different horizontal viewing angles, so you could watch a monster fight a co-op player, and it would show roughly the correct angle depending on how you'd view it. Can this be done easily in Herokit, or should this be done with a different tool that could integrate with Herokit? I Found SpriteMan3D: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/47367 - seems to do the job, but I'm so inexperienced with Unity, I'd like to be able to use it (or similar) with Herokit to make the "coding" as simple as possible. Could this be possible? I also asked the dev of Spritrman3d and he suggested it might be possible "simply replacing the PersonPlayerController component on one of the ready made models with something from HeroKit." but that was just a guess. @Ant how can I integrate this kind of 3d-space Sprite style using SM3D with herokit for Doom-style enemies?
  8. Zebbi

    FPS tutorial?

    Thank you so much, I'll go through this later today, really appreciate the effort you went to!!
  9. Zebbi

    FPS tutorial?

    Looking forward to seeing the YouTube video explaining the FPS movement!
  10. Zebbi

    FPS tutorial?

    I had a couple of ideas for useful additions to the tutorial/example! • Water/Swimming • Doors, both opening swing out and in, and sliding up/down or left/right • Jump pads! (Rise of the triad style) • Breakable windows • Teleporters • Moveable/breakable crates would be quite cool just a few suggestions!
  11. Zebbi

    FPS tutorial?

    Thank you so much! I've been going through this and I'll let you know how it goes, really appreciate your superb customer support! When I know what I'm doing, I'll definitely review it!!
  12. Zebbi

    FPS tutorial?

    Wow that would be awesome! I only play the classics like doom, duke and quake, and since it's a proper 3D engine, I think Quake/Dusk would be the best style; nothing toooo fancy at all, just a nice, FPS movement with basic gameplay. That would be absolutely fantastic if you wouldn't mind making one!
  13. Zebbi

    FPS tutorial?

    I was wondering if a quick start tutorial for an FPS is planned? I'm working through the videos and the manual, but it would be cool if you had a tutorial on making a simple FPS camera, enemy, basic gun and an elevator or some such? Loving HK so far!
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