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  1. @Ant Certainly! ^^/ Like I said before, an ideal character creator would be one that 1. Let's you easily use your own art, 2. Supports both blendshapes AND model swapping, and 3. makes the process of setting it up as painless as possible, making use of the editor (Be it unity or herokit's) as much as possible so you don't have to constantly rewrite your code. Part of what made plygame's difficult was that I kept having to go back into the code (or in plygame's case, the visual coding block system) and changing several little things for every single button. It wasn't hard but it was very tedious. Whereas if I could just have the thing I needed to change show up in the editor and the code pull from it, it would have been faster. (If I go back to that character creator, I'll probably try and figure out how to do that myself. Which I am confident plyGame's visual coder can do. Save me some headache and wrist pain) So for example, I want the Material on the Eyes to change color. I can make a button that does that, and when I copy and paste the button, I can then change the color on the individuals. THEN I can copy and paste that set, and select all the buttons, and change "Eyes" to "Shirt" or "Ears" ect. using all the same color materials, without changing all of them. Sort of like how in unity, you can select several things, change an attribute in the editor, and it changes for all the selected things. Hopes this helps! I'll try to explain more later when I have the time! @ChiaPet Thank you! I went with a more art, less code solution. So I had to create individual pieces of clothing for every body type! The correct version of the clothes are then connected to the body type it is supposed to match. If I were to tackle this with sliders, the clothes would probably have sliders too I will say, this isn't the most ideal method, as rigging and animating the character is incredibly difficult. However it worked for the style I used!
  2. Some thoughts on Character customization for 3D: I think we should steer clear of making something complicated like UMA and focus more on something that let’s people easily use their own art. One of the major complaints I’ve seen with UMA and the reason I steered clear of it is that it is REALLY complicated for anyone that would want to use their own 3D art. It’s possible, and apparently amazing if you can get it working, but it’s not user friendly. I wouldn’t mind seeing something closer to what PlyGame did. In Plygame, you can create lists with Objects, materials, textures, colors, ect that can be swapped out on your character model with the click of a button. It’s based on having a “base” model that hides and shows objects. I was able to make this little creator demo using PlyGame’s system: https://akillustrate.itch.io/loc-character-creator-demo While I think PlyGame is fantastic, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to try and learn how to make games, I did run into a few things that could have been better for character creation and might be worth considering if you want to jump into 3D character creation: 1. Setting up the buttons took forever as it involved copying and pasting the code and changing a few pieces here in there every time. Especially with the color buttons. Unfortunately, I do not have a suggestion how to fix this, but it would be something to consider before starting. 2. The meshes are still there after you are done. If there was a to hide them instead or attach them to bones or game objects, such that they are all not just in the same place, it would be much nicer to the system. 3. There wasn’t any clear blendshape or slider support. I probably could have make my own with some digging, but if you can make it so people can easily set up sliders (be it with blendshapes or otherwise) that would be really cool.
 I’m not saying you should copy plygame, but I do think the 3d character creator is something worth looking at for some ideas on how to tackle your own system. You could easily have Hero objects with lists of the things that are the "change to" bits, and apply it to the buttons to send it back and forth. And for single buttons, just have the number of the changed-thing in the unity editor, thus making it easy to adjust. And for sliders, have a list of what the slider affects (ex. Sliding muscles affect the blendshapes of the body and clothes of the character.) If you want I can talk more about my own process and hurdles with making the creator I linked above. Perhaps it would give you ideas?
  3. Ant's Journal

    @Ant, Thank you! ^^/ It's a job I'm thankful to have! Sticking to the topic, as someone who'd like the experiment with the concept of using "hours of the day" as a sort of currency, I'm glad to see you can have multiple currencies! I will admit, I'm a little confused as to what an "affix" is, or what it's supposed to do. Is it just a way of categorizing something? Or is it a little more complicated than that?
  4. Ant's Journal

    Haven't been able to get on much due to having a new job that takes up a lot of my free time, but I did want to pop in and say this is looking great! It seems very organised and easy to read, and I am excited to see what can be done with it!
  5. Roadmap

    Sounds awesome! Thank you for working so hard! ^^/ Can't wait to continue watching the progression of HeroKit!
  6. Game Idea Doodles

    @callmedan Yep! That's an Oni!
  7. Game Idea Doodles

    It's been a while! I made some more! Check it out! Sorry about my mouse on the minotaur. >o>; Didn't realize it was in the gif capture.
  8. How to recognise animations?

    Awesome! Thank you! ^^/
  9. How to recognise animations?

    If it wouldn't be too much trouble, that would be great! ;w;/ It would definitely make my life easier as don't plan to use any complex animations. I could definitely see this requested in the future as well.
  10. How to recognise animations?

    Thanks! I'll look into it! I've always used legacy animations before, so I admit I'm a bit lost. Will/Does Hero kit support legacy animations? I noticed the tutorial only covered the animation controller.
  11. Hello! I'm trying to set up a top-down 2D character controller and I'm a little confused as to how to get the controller to recognise the animations. Right now it's just stuck on idle. Does it have to do with naming conventions or something else? Currently, this is what my animation controller looks like:
  12. Game Idea Doodles

    Thanks! ^^/
  13. Picturis Scribarum

    Oh! Haha, neat! Glad my Logo was a source of inspiration!
  14. Game Idea Doodles

    @Honey Butter Chloe Thanks! That would be the Dryad! ^^/ They're tree spirits! Probably one of my favourite to design! @moonpeace I think I can see that yeah! Lot's of demon-y features and stuff. @callmedan Thank you! ^^/
  15. Game Idea Doodles

    Thanks guys! >w</ And yeah! Unity is really nice because it's very versatile in what it can do, and because there are a TON of tutorials for it. Not to mention AddOns that make it a lot easier to use. (Including HeroKit! Which is why I joined these forums! >w</ ) Here are a few more: You probably noticed they all have white hair! I'm thinking if this were a game with a character creator, then you could probably change the hair color on your character. I'd probably do that by tagging objects with "haircolor" and making it so anything with that tag the color will change to whatever color the player sets.