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  1. Are you feeling stuck? Maybe you're just unsure about how your RPG story is developing? Or maybe you're just struggling to make your main characters stand out? Don't worry! Here's how I can help: I'll carefully listen to your ideas and analyze the design and development of your story, characters and world. I'll provide feedback on how to make your storyline or characters more compelling by expanding on your ideas without changing them! My goal is to provide high-quality feedback that is unique and brings the best out of your original work. Remember, there is no such thing as a bad idea, and I won't judge! I'm just here to provide the additional support that will turn your game into a masterpiece. I'll provide you with a 500-word written summary of your game design, highlighting the strengths, originality and areas of improvement. If you're not looking for a general analysis, I'm are happy to focus on enhancing specific parts of your game such as characters, worlds or dialogue! Lastly, I'll follow up with effective strategies to expand your existing storyline and gameplay. Visit for more info:https://www.fiverr.com/midnightberry/consult-you-about-your-game-design