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  1. Oh my gosh, I love all of these! You captured the AP cast so well, I definitely see what you mean about the art style and I feel like you replicated a lot of its best elements with yours! Also everybody's personality is so obvious from it and I love it. ❤️ i KNOW I should have been expecting the Rhen/Dameon, but the pose and the specifics still caught me by very pleasant surprise and I'm grinning ear to ear looking at it! I love Rhen's profile especially, she looks adorable.
  2. I'm ALWAYS happy to give you opportunities to gush, omg. I'm so glad to hear your process! I'm really happy you kept in those lines. This new chapter is so cute and funny and sweet, omfg. I feel so bad for Rhen (but love reading) as every little thing that could possibly happen, of course, does. She just can't get a break and she really needs one! Luckily she has Dameon to help. I always love reading how you write them helping each other, from the big stuff like talking through their feelings about loss and responsibility to the lighter hearted stuff like this. The fact that they're there for each other through such a broad spectrum of ups and downs really gives a complete image of their relationship and I LOVE it, I love them, I love how you write them! And of course I love how the rest of the party is such a disaster (I really like how you characterized Marge even through just brief mentions, I like her intro to the fic; I love Lars helping "if he's bored enough" - nice balance between early game Lars who would never do anything to help and showing he's changing; I LOVE Te'ijal and Galahad just running even when there's a bunch of glass on the floor). all in all this was such a cute chapter and I love it
  3. First off, I'd like to note that I tried to like so many of these that the site told me I wasn't allowed to like anymore today, oh my god. I love them all so much! There's so much about your art that's fantastic, but the soft, striking colors and the way you draw expressions are my absolute favorite parts, I think ❤️ I love the te'ijalahad art, you draw them both so well and the wedding outfits were sooo good, and the flower crown art was adorable and hilarious at once so thank you so much for that. And of course, your Rhen/Dameon!! I will never stop being struck by how cute you draw them both; I love Rhen's hair and freckles and the way you draw Dameon's face/expressions~ their wedding picture is soo, so sweet, you really convey that the characters love each other. And Rhen's wedding gown is gorgeous! I adore all the pictures of him playing with her hair, too, it's so sweet! And of course your art of everyone else is lovely, too, highlight of that has got to be Stella! You captured her so well ❤️
  4. I caught up again! And I have a VERY long reply to go with it, lol. Overall - I loved this fic, I love how well you handle all the different tones and incorporate the various characters. Watching your Rhen and Dameon progress has been fantastic and I'm excited for more! Now, chapter by chapter: Me Too: I love Rhen trying to rationalize totally being afraid of the scary cave stories. I would be the exact same way in her shoes LOL. “which was highly insensitive and presumptuous, Rhen thought.” I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Oh my gosh this chapter overall was just SO SWEET at the end and I absolutely adore it. Chocolate: Gonna start with I love Te’ijal being described as “harmless for once” – I absolutely adore how you characterize her, oh my gosh. “and now— her cheeks were warm too.” is SO cute and sweet and fits so well with the line hshfghs I love it <3. OH MY GOSH I was not expecting the kiss, I was shocked he was being so forward like that. It’s adorable. I love the idea of Rhen not having tried chocolate before, also? It’s something that I’m so used to having available that I never would have considered not being ubiquitous, so it’s a really nice piece of worldbuilding! Reckless: “And she needed to be stronger, because the world was getting bigger and scarier all the time.” Oh gosh, what an opener. You do so well making Rhen so strong and powerful while also emphasizing that the world is dangerous and terrifying right now and it’s a lot for her to have to face. I love how well you consistently balance chosen one stuff through the fic! I love Rhen wanting to fight and not being able to. Self care is important, Rhen, your friends can handle themselves for five minutes! Also, oh gosh, Dameon being mad at himself for not being fast enough is </3. They’re all just trying their best! Given the Choice: Oh man the feeling where you tell people to do something kind of hoping they don’t but they just go for it… It shouldn’t sting as much as it does, but it does, and I think you captured Rhen’s response to it well. Also I love her needing to sulk about the ring, tbh, she would and she’s earned it I think. I LOVE HER THINKING ABOUT BATTLE AND HELPING PEOPLE AND HOW MUCH SHE LOVES IT…. her like, uncertainty and ambivalence is written so well in this fic, I really love your take on Rhen and her conflicting emotions about her life! Also, the fact that Dameon is the one person who keeps coming up in these thoughts portrays his importance to her really well and naturally. “Rhen just flaunted her sword a bit and no one bothered them.” is SO fun, I love it. And I love them making their own special dinner!! It’s so cute and domestic. The dessert ending is so, pun intended, sweet. I like how she gets to take a breather from thinking about real serious stuff and instead get to relax and enjoy herself. Do You Mind?: Lars’s characterization re: Veldti attention is SO spot on and I IRL cackled reading it. He can handle himself indeed. And Galahad caught between a rock and a hard place, oh my god, I love it. Rhen trying to navigate jealousy is kind of cute, honestly. Not to say that jealousy is cute! But it’s obvious she’s just trying to find a healthy way to deal with her frustrations and, in the nicest way possible, I like seeing her flounder. “Look at that cactus!” Serious Matters: Oh my god I love your take on Rhen’s ridiculous game quest decisions being jokes. That’s so fun and suits her so well. I’d always taken them at face value, but the idea that she’s being intentionally absurd to lighten the tense mood of the quest… well, it’s sweet, and it’s charming, and it is quite frankly hilarious! I think the pirate sails is my favorite of the jokes, though, oh my gosh. And Galahad telling them they can’t dock at Sedona with them only makes it funnier. Back and Forth: Gosh, you always make me feel for Dameon! I really love the somber way you develop his relationship with his family. You’re doing so well at developing it bit by bit and I love watching him slowly come to understand Talia just a little more. The bit about the dragon possibly killing him… Well, ouch, quite frankly. 💔 I always laugh at him for being so weak in battle and you made me take a new look at that, too! RHEN AS THE DRUID OF STRENGTH IS SUCH A COOL IDEA, OH MY GOSH. Also immortals getting upset about their mortal friends/family/partners/etc eventually dying is SO upsetting and I’ve never thought to apply it here so, 1) nice choice, 2) woah, just, woah. THE BRAID YOUR HAIR BIT AT THE END AAAA. Softly: TE’IJAL NAMING THE BAT SERPENT SPAWN SO IT ATTACKS GALAHAD IS THE FUNNIEST THING I’LL READ ALL WEEK. Thank you. LARS WITH THE DOG IS SO CUTE OH MY GOSH….. Also Dameon wanting a cat and Rhen wanting a tiger is so good, RHEN WANTING A TIGER IS JUST SO GOOD, also her saying she’s going to name it Spots and Marge correcting her is fantastic. I love it. Also Spots pushing Rhen off the bed is such a cute concept (and Rhen trying to sleep in a bed with a tiger is so absurd and adorable). Ridiculous: RHEN WRESTLING A TIGER IS SO MUCH TO TAKE IN. Oh my god I love it. “But... when she got upset over silly things, he always soothed her and helped her.” Awwwh. I kinda love see them act like ridiculous kids who are still learning how to deal with each other.
  5. You're welcome!! Aaa, even if you're not there yet, it's obviously paying off! Tbh I can see a lot of improvement just from this thread alone!! Your art is already great but I'm super excited to see where else you go with it. I'll have to check that fic out sometime! Ohh, nice! It's really cool to get a new idea for a character and start incorporating it into their design.. or at least, I really like it. I honestly love situations like RPG Maker games where the graphics aren't very detailed or might be a little inconsistent (like, differences between sprites & faces) because they make fanart really fun by providing your own flare for detail! hey, we all have our preferences, lol! and it's a lovely backdrop YOU'RE WELCOME!! and THANK YOU, im so honored omg, i wanna start one in the next week or so now that the school year is over for me! it's well-deserved!! it's probably one of my favorite things you've drawn so far!
  6. Hey all! I finished a short and sweet RPG maker XP game called seaglass a couple months ago, and figured I'd share it here! The player controls Eliot, a young adult who has never met their closest friend, Loren, in person before. The two have conversed exclusively through messages in bottles tossed back and forth at sea. After seven years, Loren is coming to visit Eliot, and they want to commemorate the occasion with a special and suitable gift. They decide on a seaglass necklace, and it's up to the player to obtain it! Explore town, collect sea glass and sea shells, and help out townspeople in an item collection, sidequest driven game perfect for summer. Or wanting it to be summer. Screenshots: The game can be downloaded here! Credits are in the game, but I'll put them under the spoiler cut, too!
  7. Pleasure to meet you! I'd love to see what kind of content, fan and otherwise, you create!
  8. You’re absolutely welcome!! Thank you for writing such a lovely fic! And oh gosh there’s more, that’s exciting!! Hiding: Gonna be honest, this chapter was really tense and hard to read. You really got across Rhen’s sense of panic well. I like how her discomfort makes her lash out at her friends – I, for one, have been there, and I think you do a really good job throughout this fic of giving her realistic, relatable reactions to things. Also, love Dameon trying to be there for Rhen despite not “being able to punch for crap” – to me, that reads like he’s there more often/easily for emotional support, which I think, based on how you write him, is where he really shines! Deserted: Oh gosh I;m really distraught about Dameon’s negative memories outweighing his positive ones of his father,,, HIM GUSHING ABOUT RHEN INTERNALLY IS SO SWEET, oh gosh gosh all his backstory reflection is breaking my heart here. THE ENTIRE PARTY FOUND HIM…. oh gosh I was NOT expecting that, it’s a really cute and pleasant surprise, oh my god. He has friends. I’m laughing at Galahad bringing cheese also. THAT ENDING LINE!!! OH GOSH!! I hope you take it as the compliment I intend it as when I say reading these really makes me dread the ending, oh my gosh. You’ve built up such a great dynamic for them and it’s going to be heartwrenching to see that questioned at the end. Luckily we’ve got a ways for that and I trust you’ll make it work for them!
  9. I really love your art!! You’ve got a really nice style and do super well with a LOT of variety of characters and poses. Your expressions in your shippy art is sooo cute – I’m always partial to te’ijalahad, lol, so I love the ones you’ve posted (her jumping on him in that real early picture is adorable fhsdfgshs and you are SO GOOD at drawing her hair) but I also really like your Rhen/Dameon stuff! Your fondness for the ship and your characterization of them really shines through, their expressions are so sweet and cute and the art itself is always lovely. I’m really struck by that flower crown one from the beginning of the thread in particular! Okay so this was going to be general but you have a LOT of really good art here so instead you get brief squealing abt highlights I really like your Robin daydreaming about the dragon art, too! Also speaking of dragons the dragon guild Talia art is PHENOMENAL, you did an amazing job at drawing her and the dragon and flames both look so, so cool. Your Daena art is soooo pretty, you gave her such a serene expression. THE DAMEON WITH A CAT ART PIECES ARE SO, SO CUTE!!! I love how happy he looks in them omg. The Rhen/Dameon wedding picture is honestly stunning, I really love how you drew Rhen’s expression and their clothes and the background GOSH I LOVE, LOVE LOVE that traditional piece of Rhen you drew with a sword midway through the thread! It’s phenomenal. The pose is so, so good! I really love the purple-blue gradient detail you draw Rhen’s hair with! It took me a while to notice but it’s such a cool detail I actually IRL said “oh my god” and started beaming at that Rhen and Dameon hugging by the beach picture… the background is gorgeous and they both look beautiful! You’re really good at capturing characters happy to be together and drawing shippy poses OH MY GOD I LOVE THE VALENTINE’S DAY TE’IJALAHAD ONE SO MUCH Your Ean/Iya wedding picture is super cute omg That last Rhen picture is STUNNING, oh my goodness!
  10. Oh, boy! Real life has gotten very busy and I have gotten very behind, so it's been a while since I've commented - on the bright side I'm excited to have so much of this fic to read! (Aaa, thank you!!! I would love to set up an art thread, I will this summer, I think.) ALRIGHT here we go chapter by chapter! Cheese: I’d like to begin with I love the description of not-milk being “left to fend for itself”. OH MY GOSH, the concept behind this chapter is hilarious and I love it. I’m so glad someone is talking about the fact that there are altogether far too many paintings of cheese in Sedona. Aww, Rhen being touched by the marion bell painting is really sweet. DAMEON’S RIDICULOUS JOKE, OH MY GOODNESS. Rhen’s inability to keep her cool throughout the ENTIRETY of the conversation is charming and adorable and funny in it and of itself. I really liked Rhen and Te’ijal and Elini’s conversation about the silly duchess painting – especially the concept of hiding an army in a dress, pfft. You really got across their characters extremely well and conveyed how a lot of those old art pieces really do look kind of ridiculous. Lars saying “You are all what’s not funny” made me FLAT OUT CACKLE, oh my god. I absolutely entirely lost it at Galahad and the window oh m ygoodness. “Even if anything.” Was absolutely hilarious. Dameon taking the blame was nice of him BUT SAYING RHEN’S LAUGH IS LOVELY WAS ACTUALLY REALLY CUTE AND SWEET, I’M SMILING “He had lost something, too.” OH GOSH. I’M SO SAD. You did really well the tone shift here. I love how them looking at this painting and reminiscing kind of ties into how Rhen reacted to see the marion bell earlier in the night. Something to Remember: Awwwh, this one was nice and sweet. I really like how you presented that conversation through Rhen’s perspective. The ending with the flower was super cute! Return: Oh, gosh. This one has really lovely, beautiful imagery and sets such a melancholy tone. “It finally moved without her” was quite frankly a gut-wrenching line. I love how you write Rhen reflecting on her old life and lost childhood; it’s extremely well-done and compelling and really makes me feel for her. Also I love her connection to water and the sea in particular! Again, you’re really good at tone shifts! A little ironic because the last one I complimented was happy to sad and this is vice versa. I love how Rhen cheers up and finds energy and joy in the sea, it’s such a charming, happy thing to read. I really like how her responses to water in the past and now in the present both show she’s changed a lot while fundamentally the same person. For instance, the specification of water as violent but so is she/the water isn’t violent now, when as a kid she didn’t even think of that. The brief mud/sludge flashback with Dameon was real charming and cute! I really like how you incorporated the whole party. Galahad checking up on her and Te’ijal burying herself in the sand and Elini and Lars building a castle together, aaaaaa. Also Dameon collecting shells is nice, I like how that shows a certain sense of detail? All of your characterizations in these little moments are perfect for them. AND OH MY GOD I JUST GOT TO TE’IJAL GRABBING GALAHAD’S HAND AND I’M GIGGLING, this is even better than I thought it was for her and I already loved it! Okay, ‘nother tone shift note: I love how we go from Rhen’s internal monologue as seeming quiet and pensive to her seeming way more excited and bubbly when talking to Dameon (ie, exclamation points). It’s super cute and speaks bounds to their relationship. Cold Encounter, Warm Heart: GOSH DAMEON TAKING A HIT FOR RHEN IS A LOT. Oh gosh, gosh, I love him like potentially on the brink of death and all he can do is replay this big, identity, life changing conversation he had with her. “She was the only stable thing he knew” is so much on like, an emotional level. Ahhhh! Bonus eee: Te’ijal and Galahad w/ the soul was an excellent touch! I always love the background party stuff. Te’ijal playing w/ Elini’s hair is adorable! I love Lars’s snark at Dameon; I like how you write their dynamic. THEM ADMITTING THEY CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER IN CONTEXT OF THE CONCERN AND FREAKING OUT IS SO EMOTIONAL... I love big emotional stuff like that but I love how you still made this scene like, cautious and nervous and soft, it’s really sweet. Smiling Hurts: DAMEON MAYBE BEGINNING TO CHANGE HIS MIND IS MAKING ME YELL!!! GOSH. I like how even now it’s still gradual and he doesn’t know for sure. Dameon not knowing how to trust people and yet trusting Rhen is so emotional, I really love the way you write these two and the connection you give them. I love how she’s changed his perspective so much it expands to everyone else, and I love how he reflects on her and all the good she’s done and the happiness she’s brought him even if he doesn’t know how to respond to it and aaaaaaa I really love Rhen smelling like metal and leather and magic. What a good combination for her, oh man. “Why do you only wear one earring?” “Why do you only shave half your head?” I LOVE THIS THAT WAS SUCH A CUTE AND SWEET ENDING TLDR; this fic is always super charming and sweet and I'm always happy to read it! thank you so much for continuing to share it!
  11. @Mu11berry oh gosh, thank you!! @Scrivener of the Gods this art is adorable. I really love how you drew Yemite’s face! @Honey Butter Chloe this was fantastic! I got super excited when I saw the description and it did not disappoint! I love Stella’s brief firmness/determination to go through with her plan (and honestly to keep finding that dastardly kitten), especially contrasted to her more childish personality for the rest of the fic. It was really sweet! @Queen-of-Ice101 This fic was so cute!! I love how you framed it around Rhen missing home. I liked her immediate change in tone from real sad to super excited. It was great to see Rhen and Lars doing a fun teenager thing like setting up for a holiday and dancing together in the midst of a quest! @Danin this art looks super cool! I really like the specific shades of all the colors you picked and Mel’s expression! Also, the detail on Lydia’s dress! @EsmeAmelia okay, hi, this is gonna be a little long because I absolutely adored this, thank you so so much!!! you combined like All of my favorites into something super domestic and cute. First of all I LOVE how you characterized Mel and Stella, and I love where you put them in their relationship. I really liked the undercurrent of them not knowing whether Stella's skated before or not and how you incorporated her memories into it. I thought the way you wrote their interactions was super sweet and absolutely perfect - Stella as fun-loving and encouraging and Mel's frustration and nerves and the two of them working together. Also I'd like to specifically say the description of "Stella's high and charming laugh" was so cute. I also loved how you wrote Te'ijal and Galahad! I always really enjoy reading your fic for them. Particularly fond of Galahad's overconfidence and Te'ijal cackling at it. I thought Stella & Mel gossiping about them afterwards was cute too, and I enjoyed watching the four of them all interact together! Stella being a good friend and helping Galahad out (and I LOVED the detail about Mel thinking she was stronger than she looked). To close, I'm gushing at both of my OTPs holding hands in the same fic, even if it is just for ice skating, as Mel so helpfully pointed out. (On that note; Stella's ~knowing look~ made me beam). Thank you so much for the fantastic gift!!
  12. AAAA, exciting! Here's my gift, for @Ishti! <3 (Funny odds, huh?!) The problem with getting you was I had so many options I didn't know what to pick, so I kind of just tried to combine as much things as I reasonably could. And here's each individual picture!
  13. Ugh, that's unfortunate! I'm glad/I hope you two still have your quizzes, though I'm sorry for the site difficulties. I hope you can find an alternative, if it isn't too much of a pain.
  14. I tried to take the quiz and the website said it doesn't exist anymore! (Or rather, "this content is no longer available.") Can someone else tell me if they're having the same issue? I'd love to check it out
  15. Aaa, I'm glad to hear it! You're welcome! Confounded) Ooo, glad to be a test reader for the new system! I definitely think it came across well. Matter of Preference) Oh my goodness I LOVE the idea of Dameon getting his sense of humor from the Oracle, that's real cute and charming. I definitely think that came across! Retreat!) I definitely agree, I love when fics acknowledge all she's had to deal with & I think you've done a really good job of it in this fic. Covey Balm) You're welcome!! They're my favorite characters Ever so I really love when I find fic that does them well. YEAH the anger line definitely came across super well! shdhshdhs I would definitely not object to a movie in general, or including some of these scenes. If only... Absolutely! I came here expecting R/D (and you have absolutely delivered), but it's fun to see how the rest of the party is incorporated so seamlessly Of course!! Thank you for the wonderful fanfic! (Aaaaa thank you so much! It's a crop from a piece of te'ijalahad fanart I drew - one of these days I'll set up an art thread on here.)
  16. Hello! I hope it's not weird for me to come along and reply on this so late, but I first read this fic (as well as your others) years ago (if not when they were first posted, very shortly after), and always like to come back to fondly reread it. I did so a few nights ago, and really loved it, and figured it was high time I shared as much, haha. Also I'm a fan of... long comments, so you're getting one, ooops! My apologies. Human Recreation) Okay I really love Te’ijal’s snark about “that’s food, I assume?”. The way you describe her eating is really well-done and appropriately unpleasant. I also absolutely adore their little fight about food – my favorite part of their time as humans is the parallels it can draw between them, and you highlight those so wonderfully throughout this fic. Sleeping Arrangements) This chapter is really sweet. I’ve always loved the bed thing as the perfect balance between Galahad just assuming he knows what's best for other people, and also legitimately caring, and I feel like you struck that really well through the focus on his POV. Back to Training) THIS IS MY FAVORITE CHAPTER, I love how you characterize both of them in it, and I’ve always adored how Galahad is so convinced he’ll still fight so well and has to struggle with being bad at it again. I may have too much fun seeing him struggle, actually. The ending is the perfect combination of teasing and sweet, I love it. A Bite For A Bite) This is a fun one. I love human Te’ijal still ogling Galahad’s “beautiful neck”. I also love her dedication to making it hurt/feel like she had actually bitten him, lol. Colds are Gross) …I’ll confess, one of the [many] reasons I often decide to reread this fic is because I love reading this chapter when I’m dealing with my annual fall cold. Te’ijal’s right. I love her frustration, his agreement, her deciding to tell Mel and him being like “oh-please-don’t” is especially fantastic, and then him finally giving up and deciding he’s going to get sick anyways so he may as well let himself relax next to her. It’s a really fun chapter. Like A Human Wife) I know the majority of this chapter isn’t really focused on the pregnancy discussion, but that’s always what stood out to me about it. I really like the idea of Galahad as quickly willing to pursue that route and Te’ijal hesitant and uncomfortable with the idea; I think it matches their characters well, both in regards to how they handle being human and just act in general. Also the distinction in “plenty of time” for them is fantastic. Vampire Tears) This chapter is really intense. Even though I know what happens in it, I always get a little tight-chested on a reread. I love a lot of little parts of it – Te’ijal enjoying chopping vegetables is fun, I like her complaints about the meat being cooked at all – but my favorite part in the chapter is the fight they have in it. Their differences in perspective and inability to look at the other’s is something they have in common, and I really like how you wrote them clashing and Galahad pointing it out. Coffin Shopping) This one ended up making me really sad, gosh. Her just giving up on sleeping on the floor when the purchase attempt didn’t go well makes me feel for her, because it’s hard to make Te’ijal give up on anything. I like Galahad’s gentle prodding and I love Te’ijal’s “I don’t have to report back to you”. I think this was posted before TDP came out, but I particularly like that line in context of the power dynamic stuff that ends up happening between them in that game. Flirting) Oh boy, this one! I LOVE Galahad looking for himself in history books and I think about it a lot. It’s his exact brand of self-importance. And I of course adore Te’ijal’s teasing about it. Her making him call her demon spawn is also a delight to read; I can totally see her doing it. I always used to like to think about him letting it slip again when they were turned and her getting really excited about it, but this is a concept I'd never considered. Your fics always give me new angles to think about them through and that's one of my favorite parts of them! Ending) Full honesty? This chapter nearly made me cry on my most recent reread. The way you wrote Te’ijal’s fear of/frustration regarding mortality and longing for her immortality back is heartbreaking. I particularly loved her frustration over missing out on hitting a thousand. I love the little bit where he touches her face and she just gets frustrated; I like her practicality overriding sentimentality there and it not helping. (And am charmed by him trying). The hug is really sweet (...and may have been the part to almost make me tear up). The decision to write it all down is such a satisfying conclusion to this fic, and I love Te’ijal’s ultimate decided enthusiasm about it. TLDR THIS FIC HOLDS UP REALLY WELL and i hope i wasnt too weird in commenting on it eight years after it was posted ahdhshdhs but all of your stuff has really stuck with me (& if it isn't too weird i'd love to go back & leave comments on ypur other stuff, but i don't wanna overwhelm you or anything)
  17. Okay hello, I just read this all at once, so I'm going to comment all at once! My apologies, because it's significantly long. I just really enjoyed reading this fic! Confounded) this is a really nice intro! My favorite part was the contrast between how Dameon views his parents, with all the positive associations with his father (like being charismatic) and negative ones with his mother. A Matter of Preference) I love the splinters making summoning on Elini, I adore worldbuilding/magic detail in fics. Lars “apparently feeling he had made great sacrifice in doing so” is SO good and in character. I really like Rhen’s sense of responsibility and I snickered at Dameon’s bad joke. Also I really loved the description “her eyes were so purple, violently purple”, like Dameon feels personally attacked by their intensity or something. A Hairy Problem) Oh dang, I feel bad about Rhen being stuck in a sling for multiple reasons. I loved how you described her frustration with it. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE LINE “You have been promoted, Dameon!” – I’m a huge fan of meaningful/deliberate name usage, and that phrasing is fantastic. Retreat!) “And anyone who thought otherwise would be subjected to an unpleasant conversation with her blade.” I LOVE THIS. I love her running to visit Peter, too – I love when fics delve deeper into her life in Clearwater and flesh it out by referencing or creating friendships. I feel really bad for her when she starts to realize everyone else’s lives have continued on in really normal way and it helps hit home how absolutely wild and ridiculous this quest she’s on is, when it feels totally normal for the player in-game. “Which made him smile, which made her smile” is so so sweet. Oh my gosh, Rhen taking Dameon sheep-chasing was so unexpected and so genuinely charming. In The Dark) Oh gosh, the opening about Dameon’s father is sad. I liked the way you humanized him and portrayed him as like, a regular dad instead of a lofty druid, because of course he wouldn’t be to Dameon. “Only Dameon had mourned” oh my gosh this line is just heartbreaking. This scene was so sweet and touching and heartfelt, it’s my favorite so far. Night Watch) “But he had a soft voice and she just felt soothed” is such a nice description, I’m really loving all the parts that focus equally on characterization and their relationship development. The constellations were such a nice touch! I love that you changed what they are for based on in-game lore, it’s lovely worldbuilding. At a Loss) This one was really tense and you got Dameon’s emotions across really well. My favorite part, and the most striking bit of it to me, was that last line about Rhen being someone he could lose. It marks such a turning point in their relationship so succinctly in a way that suits Dameon’s character well. A Little Help) The “I told you so” bit is so good ahdgshhss. I like how Dameon has to think hard about this and for Rhen, it’s hard to place a logical reason. It’s a good contrast. Getting A Place) Oh GOSH I love Rhen’s reasoning for the house and the idea of her trying to find herself. A part of me very much wanted to give Dameon a hug a bit, in this one. The waltz scene is lovely and I ADORE the magical description of the music. Covey Balm) Oh my god I was grinning even wider with every single line in the opening. I love Rhen and Galahad’s frenemy/friendship situation and this was fantastic. I ADORE Te’ijal’s maybe-concern-probably-just-hunger, shdhshs. I love the kind of like romantic “eternity” contrasted with the far more realistic “bewildering thirty seconds”. “Anger… was the one thing that Dameon kept with himself that wasn’t curative” is SUCH a good line, omg. I love that. I really like your Te’ijal and Galahad. I WANT AN ANIMATED MONTAGE OF RHEN’S ATTEMPTS AT DISTRACTING TE’IJAL. Lars and Elini taking bets on Galahad’s insults is fantastic. This was the most fun chapter for me for sure, I really love how you incorporate the full party while focusing on R/D.
  18. Thank you so much!!! I love their dynamic, I'm glad I did it justice! I'm glad you like it! Ayyyyy
  19. Thank you so much Ishti!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and to have prompted that response <3 Thank you so much!! The Av4 friendships are super fun; I would love to write something for some of the other ones some times. I'm so glad you liked the fic, and that line in particular! It was one of my favorites to write.
  20. So, disclaimer, I haven't finished all of Aveyond 4 yet, but from what I have this should be canon-compliant. While playing, I was not surprised by how much I loved Myst. But I was surprised by how much I loved her friendship(?) with Boyle, and Boyle in general. So I wrote fic for them! Originally posted on Archive Of Our Own, so if that's your style, you can read it there (warning; that version has some brief strong/foul language I removed from this one). - Myst peers at the brush in her hand. She frowns at it, bringing it up to her nose and sniffing it. It smells strong and synthetic, coated in a red, gooey looking liquid like paint. She tentatively darts her tongue out– “Myst!” Boyle scolds, “Don’t eat that.” She pouts and pushes the brush back in the little vial it came from. It’s attached to the cap of it, screws back onto the spiral of the glass. “What’s the point of a potion you can’t drink?” “It’s not a potion.” Myst turns the vial over in her hands. “You got it from Ingrid,” she says, trying to reason it out. “She didn’t make it. She bought it.” She looks up at him. “You stole it,” she says, and gives a grin Boyle can describe only as mischievous. But she tries to be stern when she says, “Boyle, that’s bad.” Boyle huffs, puffing out his chest slightly. He sounds indignant. “I didn’t steal it. Ingrid and I are engaged. Everything of hers is mine, and everything of mine is hers.” “You stole it,” Myst repeats blandly. “Oh, absolutely. Doing bad things is my thing, Myst.” Myst decides she doesn’t like red, and Boyle says if that’s the case, she can steal another color from Ingrid’s bag. She does it, comes back with Ingrid’s favorite green, a tell-tale sign of thievery; she’ll realize it’s missing within two days’ time. Boyle doesn’t really mind the idea of Myst getting into trouble with Ingrid, so he doesn’t tell her as much. They sit in the common area of Delamere inn. It’s the beginning of the night, but the rest of the party is in bed, well on their way to sleeping. Myst has an elbow leaned on the round wooden table between her and Boyle. She turns the other to outstretch her hand. Boyle takes it in his and frowns. Myst’s hand is light, unreasonably so. Her skin is thin enough he should be able to feel the bones of her fingers, but he can’t. A little unsettled, he inspects it, the quality of her nails. They’re in good shape. He sets her hand down on the table and picks up the boggy green vial she'd obtained. Unscrewing the cap, he stares at her knuckles. "You don't have bones," he says. Myst cocks her head to the side. "Do I not? I don't have much of anything, really. My amulet is the only solid thing on me." Boyle furrows his eyebrows, resists the urge to push his thumb against one of Myst's nails. "Is this even going to work, then?" "You're painting me, right? I assume so. I mean, I can wear a solid necklace, right? I should be able to do this, too." She's smiling, apparently pleased with this, and Boyle figures it's worth a shot. "Hand it over again, then," Boyle says, smirking. Myst rolls her eyes and gives him her hand. This time, they get as far as the painting. Boyle moves the little brush against her nail, and Myst watches the glob of paint slowly glide along it. He makes her hold her hand very still, even when he finishes, and he slowly puts it down on the table and grabs the other. Boyle's hand is surprisingly steady and meticulous. He narrows his eyes and grumbles as he paints along the edges of her nail, trying to avoid staining her skin. He gets a little on her finger, and curses under his breath. He places the brush back inside the little bottle, and returns to her hand with his own, apparently trying to figure out what to do. Myst lets the little bit of skin evaporate, reforms it without the polish. Boyle blinks, apparently in shock. She giggles. He makes her wait, then picks up her hand and starts a second coat. Myst decides she's had enough silence. "So," she says, drawing it out, popping the 'o' when she finishes it. She grins at Boyle and waits for his reply. "What." Boyle is bored, and apparently nothing else. His expression is irritated, if anything, his mouth a thin little line above his beard. He concentrates intently again on her nails. "Are we friends, Boyle?" He stops moving the brush, and scoffs. "Don't be silly. I don't have friends." "You're holding my hand and putting a pretty color on it." "So?" "That feels like friendship. Right?" "Wrong, Myst. Now stop talking nonsense or else I'll intentionally ruin it." "But you're helping me," she says. "You got Fang back. You don't need to be on this quest anymore. I know you don't care about the fate of the world." Or, she thinks, if he does, he'd be less willing to admit to that than friendship. "...I mean, as long as it's not in your hands. You care in that sense." He sighs. "I respect you. But I'm traveling with you out of fear, not out of kindness or, Goddess allow, friendship." She rolls her eyes and blows out a heavy breath of air. 'Deflating' may be a literal description, and Boyle may need to ask her to stop doing the intangible inconsistent body thing. It's starting to weird him out. He finishes the second coat on her first hand and admires his handiwork. "Do you think," Myst says, "that's why you always lose?" Boyle nearly drops her hand. "Excuse me?" Myst knows she's treading on thin ice here, but she has one and a half of her hands completely painted at this point, so she's not sure what the worst case scenario could be. "I mean, when you didn't let me help you, you got into trouble. You got into trouble multiple times, actually. You stopped falling into it so much when you let me help you. Maybe if you're working with people, instead of having them work for you, you'll have better results." Boyle starts painting her hand again. If his expression says anything, it is that this is a lesson in patience for him. "Myst," he says, carefully, "so far I've started to like you pretty well. Don't test it with hero-babble." Myst glowers. "Why do you care, anyways?" Boyle asks, moving onto her middle finger. "What does it matter to you if we're friends or not?" "Friendship is nice," Myst says simply. "I have it with Robin, and with Banana Boy. I'd like to have it with you." Boyle starts to laugh, but stops suddenly. He jolts up from his position leaning over Myst's hand, drops it. "Who in all of Aia is Banana Boy?" Myst's eyes are wide. Her finished hand flings to cover up her gasping mouth. "Myst," Boyle says. "I can't tell you!" She squeaks. "I shouldn't have said that." Boyle is grinning now. "Myst," he repeats, "Friends don't keep secrets." Myst stares at him, sets her hand down. "If I say this, we're friends?" Boyle considers it. "If you say it, and you deliver on the gargoyle, we're friends." Myst seems to accept this. "Okay. He's a talking raccoon me and Robin hang out with at night. We go on missions for him. He's part of one of those things you didn't want to sign up for so you made Robin do them." He seems confused for a minute, blinking. "The raccoon is a librarian?" For a moment, her face contorts into something warped of confusion and disagreement. But in a moment she understands, and her shoulders relax, and she says, "sure. He's a librarian.” "Ridiculous. I knew libraries were ridiculous. Give me your hand, again, let me finish this nonsense." She follows the instruction. As Boyle moves from her middle finger to her ring, and then to her pinky, the room settles into quiet. He frowns as he reaches the end. “I think we’re done here.” Myst quickly pulls her hand away to examine it. “It looks pretty! Thank you, Boyle.” “Don’t mention it. Or what I’m about to tell you.” “Oooh, a secret.” “Yes. So stay very quiet about it.” Boyle narrows his eyes and turns his voice quiet. “The more that I think about it, it’s not a bad idea. It could be quite the devious scheme.” “Excuse me?” He begins to gesture, voice gaining intensity, carefully maintaining its volume. “Using teamwork. You know, incorporating the heroes’ strategy into my own plans. It’s perfectly evil. Nothing good about it, really. Just the classic trick of stealing ideas from the enemies. You know, Myst, I always thought if I had friends, I would have to share the world with them. But friends support each other’s’ goals and dreams, right?” “Right.” Her voice turns cautious. She has a feeling she knows where he’s going with this, and isn’t sure she wants part. “So if you’re my friend, you want me to succeed!” “In taking over the world?” Myst raises an eyebrow. “Absolutely! Oh, Myst, you’re a genius. With friends, I will have the combined power to make all of Aia bow at my feet.” “Sure, Boyle. You could do that.” “And you can help me!” Myst glances at Boyle, then at her nails. The coat of polish is highlighted by the room’s dim lighting. She smiles, just a bit. “Maybe, sure.” She stands up, and goes to push her chair in, but Boyle quickly leaps up from his own seat and gets it for her. “Be careful with your nails,” he explains. “They’ll take at least a quarter hour to dry.” “Oh! Thank you.” She stares at her hands, nearly glaring at her nails. Then she flicks at one with the thumb and forefinger of her other hand. There’s no smearing or damage done to the polish. “I nearly forgot to solidify it.” “Oh,” Boyle says, staring at her nail. “That works, too.” He slowly pushes in his own chair. “We should both get some rest. Busy day saving your brother and the world and all that. I want it to be in good condition for my takeover.” He seems outright giddy with his new realization. It’s a little infectious. Myst grins at him, mouth full of fangs. “Right,” she says. “Thanks again, Boyle. I like my nails.” She flashes them at herself again, admires the way the room’s dim light dances on the paint. It's a curious human thing, she thinks. She likes it. “Of course,” he says, and laughs to himself. “What are friends for, after all?”
  21. NICE I think it was actually your idea, funnily enough! It's no problem! Just thought it was a good idea to answer the question
  22. @moonpeace Ha, thank you! Yeah! I can really see her admiring Ava and that turning into a crush type situation. Me too! I thought it was cute how he always wanted to impress him. Also, I was actually the one to make the chart! I just used a straight line tool on Paint and a lot of copy-pasting, though I'm sure you could make something on Excel, too.
  23. I’ve been meaning to post in this thread for a couple weeks! I’ve put it off because I have so many ships for this series and I wouldn’t want to overload a post but maybe I can try to narrow it down. I feel like I have to jump in now though because Te’ijalahad came up, and that has been, for better or for worse, my favorite ship for just shy of a decade now. Like Ishti, I could probably write a novel on them (and I would love to read theirs). More than anything the dissonance just makes me particular about them, lol – I’m not into them romantically, for instance. Actually I’m not into about 90% of my ships romantically, which is why I have so many pairings for this series. Highlights for friendships are Talia & Devin, Rhen & Lars, Te’ijal & Elini, Rhen & Galahad, Rhen & John (which I didn’t care one way or another on until I read Ishti’s Rhenegade and now adore like no other), Nicolas & Ava, Ava & Gavin, Ava & Jack, Mel & Edward, Edward & Stella, Boyle & Myst, Myst & Robin, and Rowen & Hi’beru. And to think that’s being picky, oh boy! One day I’ll make a chart. Luckily romantic ships come less easily for me, lol. My favorites are Mel/Stella/Lydia and any variation (partial to Mella, which is my romantic OTP for the series), Te’ijal/Beatrice, Ean/Iya, and Nicolas/Gavin. For unrequited specifically I’m also into Yemite -> Mel, Emma -> Ava, and Robin -> Boyle. For familial stuff I love all of the canon sibling pairs – I really want to get a solid headcanon for Te’ijal & Gyendal. I also have some parental figure favorites, including Lars & Talia, Robin & Ellie, and, my personal favorite, Te’ijal and Galahad as Mel’s parent-esque figures. And that’s the “short” version! To be honest Ishti could convince me to ship anything so you can probably count me for anything they’ve listed. @moonpeace I could definitely get behind your Gavin/Heptitus, that sounds like it'd be fun to read. And I love the Lars&Ava idea, oh my goodness!
  24. @moonpeace Thank you! And thank you for continuing it!
  25. @moonpeace Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm excited to be here. ha, yeah, that would be me! Guess I can own up and say I was the one who started the tumblr exchange in like, 2014 or something? I'm honored my art's immediately recognizable!
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