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    darwin got a reaction from Mu11berry in In Pieces (RxD oneshots)   
    I'm ALWAYS happy to give you opportunities to gush, omg. I'm so glad to hear your process! I'm really happy you kept in those lines.
    This new chapter is so cute and funny and sweet, omfg. I feel so bad for Rhen (but love reading) as every little thing that could possibly happen, of course, does. She just can't get a break and she really needs one! Luckily she has Dameon to help. I always love reading how you write them helping each other, from the big stuff like talking through their feelings about loss and responsibility to the lighter hearted stuff like this. The fact that they're there for each other through such a broad spectrum of ups and downs really gives a complete image of their relationship and I LOVE it, I love them, I love how you write them! And of course I love how the rest of the party is such a disaster (I really like how you characterized Marge even through just brief mentions, I like her intro to the fic; I love Lars helping "if he's bored enough" - nice balance between early game Lars who would never do anything to help and showing he's changing; I LOVE Te'ijal and Galahad just running even when there's a bunch of glass on the floor).
    all in all this was such a cute chapter and I love it
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    darwin got a reaction from Mu11berry in Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things   
    Oh my gosh, I love all of these! You captured the AP cast so well, I definitely see what you mean about the art style and I feel like you replicated a lot of its best elements with yours! Also everybody's personality is so obvious from it and I love it. ❤️
    i KNOW I should have been expecting the Rhen/Dameon, but the pose and the specifics still caught me by very pleasant surprise and I'm grinning ear to ear looking at it! I love Rhen's profile especially, she looks adorable.
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    darwin reacted to Mu11berry in Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things   
    @darwin Hahaha! That happens to me all the time, I think we need more allotted likes per day. We have to spread the Aveyond love, right? And aaahh thank you, and thanks and thanks, I love Te'ijalahad, and Rhen/Dameon obviously, and also Stella and uh, all of them, thank you, I try
    Okay so I kinda have a lot of art today because as usual I never remember to post when I actually finish a piece, but this time I let it build up a bit more, heh. I'll keep explanations in the spoiler box with the pics because otherwise this post will be very long and I already posted a really long thing today
    First, day 24, "character you originally disliked and now love"
    Day 25, "notp of av3"
    Day 26, "fave AP character"
    And I have two arts which I made as gifts for @moonpeace (she probably won't see this tag but I wanted to include it in case anyone wanted a convenient link to her profile, hahaha)
    And of course RhenxDameon, drawn in a similar style to the AP piece cuz I was trying to practice haha
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    darwin reacted to Mu11berry in In Pieces (RxD oneshots)   
    @darwin Aaahhh thank you! I will now respond to literally everything as usual and it will as usual be heckin long; thank you for this opportunity to rant about what I love. 
    Me Too: Yayy good I am so glad you liked that line, I'm always worried that when I write Rhen being slightly irritated with anyone or anything that it comes across as ME being irritated and I love them all so I really don't mean that, glad it was enjoyable! And thank you aaahhhhh
    Chocolate: Te'ijal is a treasure and I'm so glad I can do her justice at all! THANK YOU for liking that line, it was one of the ones I fretted over haha. And I'm so glad the chocolate/kiss came off sweet, I feel like a liar confusing Rhen and readers like that but it was for the greater good
    Reckless: AGAIN thank you, another line I almost deleted 80 times at least. And thank you, that's what I was going for and it's so nice to know it's working a little!! And don't be heartbroken, there is fluff coming up I promise (and some angst later but FLUFF WILL PREVAIL)
    Given the Choice: Aaahhh you are making me too happy, I will burst. Rhen is my fave, thank you so much for appreciating my feeble attempts to portray her  And I'm SO GLAD Dameon's important feels naturally portrayed, sometimes I feel like I'm just writing "AND THEY LOVE EACH OTHER! SO MUCH, THEY ARE LIKE BEST FRIENDS AND THEY'RE GOING TO GET MARRIED!! DID I MENTION THEY LOVE EACH OTHER?!??!?!" so it's nice to know you don't feel beat over the head or anything haha. And I appreciate that pun. So much, thank you
    Do You Mind: Again, thank you for appreciating my characterizations, I love these guys so much. And also, really, truly, thank you for appreciating how I tried to show Rhen working through her feelings in a healthy way. One of my favorite things about Rhen and Dameon is that in canon they have these emotions, which I think are very normal things for humans to feel sometimes, but instead of either of them being like "oh, how cute" they both always try to work through their feelings in positive ways, and that effort is what's celebrated. I always worry with this one that I didn't get that across, so it means a lot to me that you noticed <3
    Serious Matters: Okay so I used to always see Rhen's ridiculous decisions that way too, until I decided to talk to the Mountain King like, 4 playthroughs ago I think? And Rhen made that joke and I had to reevaluate my entire life, haha. I'm glad you liked the idea!
    Back and Forth: Dameon always makes me have feelings too, nice to have someone to suffer with, thanks for joining me. Aahh Rhen's connection to strength is one of my favorite things, and then combined with Dameon's obvious disconnection with it (in the physical form anyway) just makes me <3 <3 And 1) Thank you but 2) I can't really take credit for the idea, it is Dameon's fault. He already has experience with death which I think makes him more prone to this trope, and then also because he's so young and doesn't really have any of the like, stoicism most immortals seem to develop... it just happened itself, you know? 
    Softly: THANK YOU FOR LAUGHING I had too much fun naming all the animals, I shouldn't be allowed to write shorts about pets but here we are. Thank you for appreciating all my stupid fluff haha
    Ridiculous: Again, this is one that I always worry I didn't make the importance of the "working through it" part clear enough in, so thank you so much for noticing! And thank you so much also for appreciating it, I really can't tell you how much that means to me
    Okay I know this post is already long BUT today it has been 2 years since I posted the first oneshot on fanfiction.net so I wanted to celebrate by updating! (I also updated there but I'm much further along, haha)
    This next piece is fluffy x18209289088208 so prepare yourself. I wrote it to cheer myself up while writing an angst piece and those ones always get more than their fair share of sap, haha. Also, I am too excited right now to focus on looking for typos so sorry if this piece has any, I promise to return to it soon when I have calmed down XD 
    So, I know Dameon can heal a lot of things and maybe the common cold should be on that list. But... what if it wasn't? And if it wasn't, what if Rhen caught a cold? And what if I wrote a sickeningly fluffy piece about it and threw in lots of horrible teases and wonderfully unrealistic misfortunes that *somehow* turned out fortunate for my shipping purposes? What if?
    Some non-important details that might confuse you if I don’t mention them: Rhen's Pa (Taylor) is a shoemaker, and the Sedona manor has a dining room and a kitchen, and said kitchen, for whatever reason, also has chairs and tables in it.
    She was trying her best to save the world, but it was becoming increasingly obvious that her best was decidedly lacking. For one, she really had intended to leave Sedona by now, but there had been one thing after another, and now—
    Now she was—
    "Rhen, are you all right in there?" Dameon's voice sounded muffled through the heavy oak door. Or maybe it sounded muffled because her head was all clogged up.
    "I'm fine!" she managed through her dry throat.
    "Are you— sure?"
    She choked down the cough that was trying to escape. "Yeah," she squeaked. "I'm fine."
    "Oh— okay. Well— um— breakfast is ready." 
    "Okay," she said. "Thank you." And then she grumbled to herself about having to get up at all— and why of all times did she have to catch a cold now? Shouldn't fate grant the chosen one some kind of immunity to stuff like this? Couldn't it just wait until after all this was over?
    But no, apparently not. Whatever. She was just going to have to suck it up. She pushed the blankets off herself and sat up groggily, and immediately decided it was too dang cold in this house and she was taking her blanket with her, and that was that.
    She looked around the room for her boots, but she couldn't find them. She was too tired and sick for this. What was the point of shoes, anyway? She felt guilty for thinking it; shoes were her Pa's living, after all. But— blast it! They weren't worth all this trouble. Her head was spinning. She was not going to bother with shoes, not today. She exited the room, barefoot, and slammed the door behind her.
    It can be difficult to walk down a hall while wrapped up in a large quilt that drags on the ground, especially when said hall is the designated gathering place for a multitude of pets and that multitude includes a tiger and a dog (had No taken her shoes??) and two flappy flying things and also a very cute but very finicky cat. But Rhen was nothing if not perseverant—
    Okay, all right, stubborn, she was nothing if not stubborn. But anyway she made it through the hall to the kitchen, where Lars, Elini, and Galahad had tried to start an assembly line for piling food on their plates, and where Pirate John and Mad Marge were ignoring all such attempts at imposing order and were stuffing their faces without discretion.
    Briefly she considered joining the latter group, but her nose was stuffy and her lungs were sore and anyway the floor was cold. She wanted to sit down, and that meant she'd need a plate. So to the back of the assembly line she went. 
    "Good morning, sword singer," Elini said, noticing her first. "I take it you are a bit tired today?"
    Rhen grunted and grabbed a plate.
    "M'lady," Galahad began scoldingly, "it is not decent to carry your bedding around like that!"
    "Mmph," Rhen argued articulately, then forked a couple pancakes onto her plate. Actually she forked most of the remaining pancakes onto her plate. Because she wanted to.
    "Oh, is that Rhen?" Lars said. "I thought Mad Marge must have a sister I hadn't met yet or something."
    "Whatever," Rhen yawned. And then she coughed, and dumped a lake of blueberry syrup onto her pancakes.
    She dodged around Pirate John and Mad Marge— honestly Mad Marge was terrifying and Rhen didn't want to be anywhere near her, ever— and she went to the dining room to sit down.
    Or she tried to.
    Instead she nearly ran into Dameon, who was exiting the dining room with his dirty dishes, and she only barely kept her plate of pancakes from spilling all over the both of them.
    "Er— hi, Dameon," she said with perfect grace and poise and all that (by which is meant, very little of either).
    "Good morning, Rhen," he said, and backtracked to pull out a chair for her—
    Except then they were both shoved inelegantly out of the way by a very agitated Galahad, who apparently intended to start his running around the dining room table early today on account of Te'ijal being right behind him— and Dameon's dishes shattered all over the floor, and Rhen's beautiful pancakes mixed in with all the shards of glass, and in spite of all her best intentions her blueberry syrup ended up all over the front of Dameon's robes. She stammered an apology and tried to wipe off the syrup with her hand that wasn't holding a plate, which proved completely ineffective and actually rather counterproductive and also her blanket had slipped off her shoulders and she was cold—
    "That's all right," he said, and bent down to pick up her blanket. He wrapped it around her again, and pulled her out of the way of Te'ijal and Galahad who were still running and shouting— and then he took her free hand and she was acutely aware of how sticky her palm was and she felt very foolish and clumsy, and he kissed her fingers and she felt even more stupid, and— now his lips probably tasted like blueberry syrup.
    This cold was making her crazy. 
    He was frowning down at her, and pressing her hand between both of his, and then he put the back of his hand to her forehead, and drew his eyebrows together.
    "Rhen," he chided, "you're running a fever."
    She blushed guiltily. "It's just a stupid cold."
    "You need rest," he said, looking very serious and resolute and also unduly— well, cute, and you know, maybe he was right because she really ought to have a better hold on herself.
    But she tried huffing indignantly anyway. Unfortunately it came out as more of a cough, and his face did not change. Not even a little.
    "It won't do anyone any good if you exhaust yourself," he said firmly. 
    So she tried glaring. 
    That was a stupid idea because he never could withstand her glares for very long, and now he looked flustered and his lips were parted and—
    If nothing else, she had to get ahold of herself so that she didn't get him sick, too.
    She sighed. "Fine! Fine! I'll rest. After I get more breakfast." She turned on her heel to do that, but he caught her shoulder and she whirled back around to face him— she had miscalculated and there was his face, right in front of her and very close and also very pink—
    "Don't— don't step on the glass—" he stammered, and then he was interrupted—
    "DARK CREATURE! WHEN WILL YOU CEASE TORMENTING ME??!" Galahad sped past them again, with Serpent Spawn close behind him, and the fragments of Dameon's plate crunched beneath his heavy boots—
    "You are so appetizing when you flirt, lambchop!!" Te'ijal answered, neatly leaping over the now-even-more-scattered glass and continuing her chase. 
    Rhen stared down at the glittering shards— there was no way she could leap over them like Te'ijal, especially not in her blanket. "Of all the days to not wear my stupid boots," she muttered angrily, and hit her forehead against the nearest thing— which was Dameon's chest. Which still had blueberry syrup all over it. And now there was syrup all over her forehead. Great. She pouted. "How am I supposed to get out of here?"
    Dameon looked thoughtful, and then he looked embarrassed, and he had to clear his throat a couple times before he could say, "Well— I could— I could carry you out."
    She almost laughed. Dameon, carrying her, with syrup all over his robes and her wrapped up in her stupid blanket with her toes poking out the ends— and his arms wrapped around her and his chin resting on her hair and—
    "Can you even lift me?"
    He blushed. "I— you— I've carried you before."
    "What? No, you haven't!" That was impossible, she would remember that.
    "After battles, when you pass out— I— I have to get you somewhere safe somehow! I— it isn't— um—   it’s just—" he stopped himself and seemed to catch his breath and looked down. "I'm sorry, I am being very foolish. I just— would you like me to carry you?"
    Well. She would like that very much, but for all the wrong reasons.
    "Yes, please."
    Too late, it was out of her mouth.
    He could lift her— she squeaked when her feet left the floor, and his robes were even more sticky than she had thought, and she knew she looked completely ridiculous cocooned in her quilt, with her empty plate balanced precariously in her lap and syrup smeared all over her and her face all pink— because of the cold, of course, and— but—
    He was so soft and warm. She snuggled into his sticky chest and felt very safe and contented and she didn't even care much when Mad Marge sneered at them as she passed, and Lars shook his head and Elini smirked and Pirate John winked—
    Actually that last one made her a little uncomfortable and she glared at him over Dameon's shoulder. And then Dameon turned the corner into the kitchen, which was now pretty much empty except for a considerable mess caused by the eating habits of a certain bar maid. Rhen moved to slide to the floor but instead Dameon set her neatly in a chair. And then— he was smiling at her and leaning down and she didn't know if she was terrified or elated—
    But he only kissed her forehead. Then he laughed, and she noticed that he definitely had syrup on his mouth now.
    "You are very sticky today," he told her. Then he looked at his robes. "I'm very sticky today!"
    She started to laugh, but then she was coughing again and—
    He rubbed her back, carefully, until her chest relaxed and the coughing stopped, and he mumbled, "I'm sorry Rhen, I— I wish I could do more."
    "Don't be silly," she said hoarsely, absently rubbing at the syrup on her forehead with the hand that was less sticky.
    "Here, let me—" he said, and before she could quite figure out what he meant he had turned around and was pumping water onto a dishtowel, and then he was turning back around and scrubbing her forehead with it, and then her hands, and she felt clean and also red. Definitely red.
    She tried to think of something normal to say but all she could think of was syrup, and instead she said, "Don't forget you," and she reached out to poke his mouth—
    And he was red, too, and finally, finally he scrubbed the syrup off his lips, and now she could stop thinking about it.
    Actually not really. Actually not at all.
    He had turned around again, taking her plate this time, and he was putting the last two pancakes on it— only two— and pouring the rest of the syrup on them, and then he slid the plate in front of her, and—
    "I guess I should go change. And—" his eyes swept over her, "and I'll get you another blanket. That one's all— sticky—"
    It was, but only on the outside, and it was probably going to get stickier when she ate these pancakes—
    But he was gone before she could say any of that.
    The pancakes had gotten cold by now. But they were still delicious. 
    She wanted more.
    She glared at the empty counters— well, they were empty besides the mess. What she should do was help clean. It wasn't like Mad Marge was going to come back in and do it. And Te'ijal and Galahad were still running around the dining room table and they weren't likely to stop soon (she could hear their shouting, and Galahad's boots crunching the broken glass). Pirate John might be back to help straighten things up later, before lunch, and if he came Elini would come. And maybe Lars would help, if he was bored enough.
    He probably wouldn't be. 
    She growled, and pushed her chair away from the little table. She didn't know why there were extra tables in the kitchen. For storage, maybe? For servants to eat their meals on? Who knew!
    She choked back a cough and stood up. The floor was still freezing. She trudged towards the counters, her blanket dragging behind her—
    Actually it was catching on something. She whirled around to un-catch it from whatever fiendish piece of furniture was impeding her progress—
    It was just Softly, the cat, chasing after the end of the blanket like she might chase a string, or like she sometimes chased Dameon's robes.
    "Softly!" Rhen protested. "My blanket is not a toy!" 
    Rhen gathered her blanket up around her, the same way she had to gather her skirts when she wore those poofy dresses which for whatever reason were so fashionable here in Sedona— but Softly just jumped after the blanket, purring. Purring!
    "I'm trying to work, Softly!"
    She huffed angrily, but— the cat kept chasing her! "Can't you go pick on No or something?"
    Rhen tried hiding behind a chair, but Softly followed. Rhen climbed up on the chair— and Softly was still following her! She put her foot up on the table—
    "Rhen, what are you doing?"
    Dameon tried to rush into the room, but instead he smacked his head against the doorframe and looked very disoriented and unbalanced and like he was strongly considering falling over—
    She jumped off the table, letting her quilt fall behind her (to Softly's great delight)— and she slipped under his arm. He was holding a clean blanket so this was no small feat, especially when her head was all cloggy.
    "I've got you," she said, and then— she coughed violently into his chest. Some hero she was. 
    But he just said, "Thank you," and he rubbed her back again and pulled the new blanket around her— it was very warm, and soft— and Softly promptly left off playing with the sticky blanket and slinked over to bat at the new one.
    "You'd better sit back down," he said, but he was still leaning on her dizzily and she scoffed.
    "You'd better sit down!" 
    Cough! Cough! 
    "Okay!" she relented. "I'd better sit down! But Dameon," she pouted, "Softly won't leave me alone!"
    He looked down at the cat, who was now making a great show of trying to climb Rhen's blanket like a curtain— not that she was allowed to climb curtains, but she did, either way. 
    Dameon laughed, and bent down to pick up Softy. And Rhen felt a little betrayed, which was ridiculous, but—
    "She just wants to play," he told her. 
    Rhen glared at the cat. The cat purred back, and rolled over in Dameon's arms to bat her tiny paws at Rhen.
    No. Rhen was not going to be fooled by this show, this manipulation dressed as charm.
    "Look at her!" Dameon cooed. He obviously was fooled by this show.
    Rhen hmphed. Just because she wasn't cute like the cat!
    She didn't want to look at Softly. She wanted to eat more, and to take a long nap in the sun and wake up feeling warm and not sick— 
    "She wants you to hold her, Rhen," Dameon said, and plopped the cat into her arms. 
    Rhen went rigid. She did not want to hold the cat—
    Softly's tail brushed against her face. 
    "Hey!" Rhen protested.
    Softly batted at a loose lock of Rhen's hair, and curled against her chest and purred and was very— well, soft. And warm. Which Rhen appreciated. And— she didn't really like glaring that much, anyway, so instead she smiled and looked up at Dameon. "I guess she is pretty sweet."
    Dameon smiled and looked at least as cute as the cat, and then he said, "Thank you for getting her, Rhen. It— was very thoughtful of you."
    Rhen blushed, and then he leaned down to kiss her cheek and she felt like her face was going to burn off— and him cleaning the syrup off his mouth had definitely not helped even a little, and she really, really needed to sit down now.
    Cough! Cough!
    Softly jumped out of her arms and she coughed harder and harder. "Dameon—"
    He was already picking her up again, "It's okay, Rhen. You just need rest."
    "It— hurts—" she coughed, huddling into the blanket, hiding her face in his chest. She knew she was being a baby. It was just a cold. But her throat was sore and her lungs were tired and—
    "I know, Rhen," he was saying gently. "I'm sorry." And he really did look sorry, which made her feel a bit better even though everything still ached.
    "Can you— can you make me some lemon water?"
    "Lemon water?" He was putting her back in the chair, and sitting beside her.
    "Lemon— cough— and water, and honey. Ma used to make it for me when I was sick."
    "Lemon water," he repeated quietly to himself. "I can try that."
    They had a huge crate of lemons— Mad Marge had insisted on it, yelling something about scurvy and landlubbers and other strange words of that sort. Rhen had objected to it at the time, seeing as someone was going to have to carry the crate, but she was glad to have it now. 
    Dameon found a jug, and he started squeezing some of the lemons into it. But he obviously had no idea what he was doing, and he kept dropping the lemons or getting the juice all over his hands instead of in the container. Rhen thought it was very cute and she couldn't help giggling at him, which made him smile and she liked that, too.
    "I'm going to be all sticky again," he said, trying to squeeze another lemon. He was starting to get it, sort of— 
    And then it slipped out of his hands and onto the table. He grinned at her sheepishly. "Oops."
    She laughed and picked up the lemon to hand it back to him.
    But then her stomach growled.
    And she got an idea that was either brilliant, or stupid.
    She licked the lemon.
    It tasted horrible, sour and— sour, just unforgivingly sour—
    But the juice felt so nice going down her throat. So she licked it again.
    Dameon stared at her. "Is that— good?"
    "It's wonderful," Rhen said, now peeling the lemon to get a wedge.
    He watched her eat it, and then, hesitantly, peeled out a wedge of the lemon he was squeezing. He slowly brought it up to his mouth, and bit down—
    And his face puckered, which was an entirely new expression for him, and Rhen laughed and leaned towards him without thinking about it—
    Cough! Cough!
    She was going to lose a lung this way—
    "Rhen—" He stood quickly, and he was rubbing her back, and checking her temperature— "You really should be in bed."
    Her chest was too sore to argue. She held out her arms and he picked her up, carefully, like she was made of flower petals, but she didn't mind today because she felt fragile. She felt like she might come apart starting at her lungs— and this was the third time that he was carrying her, and she thought maybe she'd have to start making him carry her everywhere.
    Maybe not. Maybe she'd better make these decisions when she didn't have a fever. She ought to at least wait until she wasn't cocooned in a blanket like a very large and helpless caterpillar.
    When he got to her room he had to fumble with the doorknob— she didn't know why she felt the need to slam her door this morning. But he got it open, and he carried her inside and laid her gently on her bed, and kneeled beside her to help arrange her blankets. And she was coughing again—
    "The lemon water—" she remembered, and tried to sit up—
    "I'll bring you a glass," he promised, brushing her bangs out of her face. 
    "But I'm— still hungry, too—"
    "I'll bring you food." He didn't even look annoyed, that was the strange part. "Please, Rhen. Rest. You can go back to saving the world tomorrow."
    "I don't know— if I can." So far it wasn't working out so well.
    "I do." His voice was soft but his gaze was firm— he really believed she could, even after all the disasters she'd been a part of. Like today, today definitely counted as a disaster. But—
    It was hard to doubt him, when he looked like that. And he was always beside her, helping her through all her messes, even when all he could do was rub her back and try to squeeze the juice out of a bunch of stupid lemons.
    She settled back into her pillows. He was going to take care of her, her best didn't have to be enough for today.
    She wanted to say thank you, for all of that, but she didn't know where to start and she didn't have the patience, so she held out her arms towards him and muttered, "Come here."
    He did, very hesitantly, and she hugged him and kissed his cheek.
    And if he could have just kept his mouth in a straight line after that, she might have been able to forget about it and sleep, but instead she thought of the little o his lips made for the rest of the day.
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    darwin got a reaction from Mu11berry in In Pieces (RxD oneshots)   
    I caught up again! And I have a VERY long reply to go with it, lol. Overall - I loved this fic, I love how well you handle all the different tones and incorporate the various characters. Watching your Rhen and Dameon progress has been fantastic and I'm excited for more!
    Now, chapter by chapter:
    Me Too: I love Rhen trying to rationalize totally being afraid of the scary cave stories. I would be the exact same way in her shoes LOL. “which was highly insensitive and presumptuous, Rhen thought.” I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Oh my gosh this chapter overall was just SO SWEET at the end and I absolutely adore it.

    Chocolate: Gonna start with I love Te’ijal being described as “harmless for once” – I absolutely adore how you characterize her, oh my gosh. “and now— her cheeks were warm too.” is SO cute and sweet and fits so well with the line hshfghs I love it <3. OH MY GOSH I was not expecting the kiss, I was shocked he was being so forward like that. It’s adorable. I love the idea of Rhen not having tried chocolate before, also? It’s something that I’m so used to having available that I never would have considered not being ubiquitous, so it’s a really nice piece of worldbuilding!

    Reckless: “And she needed to be stronger, because the world was getting bigger and scarier all the time.” Oh gosh, what an opener. You do so well making Rhen so strong and powerful while also emphasizing that the world is dangerous and terrifying right now and it’s a lot for her to have to face. I love how well you consistently balance chosen one stuff through the fic! I love Rhen wanting to fight and not being able to. Self care is important, Rhen, your friends can handle themselves for five minutes! Also, oh gosh, Dameon being mad at himself for not being fast enough is </3. They’re all just trying their best!

    Given the Choice: Oh man the feeling where you tell people to do something kind of hoping they don’t but they just go for it… It shouldn’t sting as much as it does, but it does, and I think you captured Rhen’s response to it well. Also I love her needing to sulk about the ring, tbh, she would and she’s earned it I think. I LOVE HER THINKING ABOUT BATTLE AND HELPING PEOPLE AND HOW MUCH SHE LOVES IT…. her like, uncertainty and ambivalence is written so well in this fic, I really love your take on Rhen and her conflicting emotions about her life! Also, the fact that Dameon is the one person who keeps coming up in these thoughts portrays his importance to her really well and naturally. “Rhen just flaunted her sword a bit and no one bothered them.” is SO fun, I love it. And I love them making their own special dinner!! It’s so cute and domestic. The dessert ending is so, pun intended, sweet. I like how she gets to take a breather from thinking about real serious stuff and instead get to relax and enjoy herself.

    Do You Mind?: Lars’s characterization re: Veldti attention is SO spot on and I IRL cackled reading it. He can handle himself indeed. And Galahad caught between a rock and a hard place, oh my god, I love it. Rhen trying to navigate jealousy is kind of cute, honestly. Not to say that jealousy is cute! But it’s obvious she’s just trying to find a healthy way to deal with her frustrations and, in the nicest way possible, I like seeing her flounder. “Look at that cactus!”

    Serious Matters: Oh my god I love your take on Rhen’s ridiculous game quest decisions being jokes. That’s so fun and suits her so well. I’d always taken them at face value, but the idea that she’s being intentionally absurd to lighten the tense mood of the quest… well, it’s sweet, and it’s charming, and it is quite frankly hilarious! I think the pirate sails is my favorite of the jokes, though, oh my gosh. And Galahad telling them they can’t dock at Sedona with them only makes it funnier.

    Back and Forth: Gosh, you always make me feel for Dameon! I really love the somber way you develop his relationship with his family. You’re doing so well at developing it bit by bit and I love watching him slowly come to understand Talia just a little more. The bit about the dragon possibly killing him… Well, ouch, quite frankly. 💔 I always laugh at him for being so weak in battle and you made me take a new look at that, too! RHEN AS THE DRUID OF STRENGTH IS SUCH A COOL IDEA, OH MY GOSH. Also immortals getting upset about their mortal friends/family/partners/etc eventually dying is SO upsetting and I’ve never thought to apply it here so, 1) nice choice, 2) woah, just, woah. THE BRAID YOUR HAIR BIT AT THE END AAAA.

    Softly: TE’IJAL NAMING THE BAT SERPENT SPAWN SO IT ATTACKS GALAHAD IS THE FUNNIEST THING I’LL READ ALL WEEK. Thank you. LARS WITH THE DOG IS SO CUTE OH MY GOSH….. Also Dameon wanting a cat and Rhen wanting a tiger is so good, RHEN WANTING A TIGER IS JUST SO GOOD, also her saying she’s going to name it Spots and Marge correcting her is fantastic. I love it. Also Spots pushing Rhen off the bed is such a cute concept (and Rhen trying to sleep in a bed with a tiger is so absurd and adorable).

    Ridiculous: RHEN WRESTLING A TIGER IS SO MUCH TO TAKE IN. Oh my god I love it. “But... when she got upset over silly things, he always soothed her and helped her.” Awwwh. I kinda love see them act like ridiculous kids who are still learning how to deal with each other.

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    darwin reacted to Mu11berry in Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things   
    @Scrivener of the Gods I'm glad you like my art, but the character negativity isn't very nice. You don't have to like all the things I like, but if you're going to choose to come to this thread, please also choose to say nice things or say nothing. Thanks!
    Day 22 of the Aveyond fandom 31 day challenge is otp of AV3, and yes, I drew Te'ijal and Galahad, because I'm unashamedly predictable
    They just really balance each other, ya know? He's serious, she's crazy, they're lovely. Plus, flower crowns! 
    ALSO. I got a new art program and this is the second piece I made in it. The first was obviously RhenxDameon, hehe~
    I was having feelings about everything Rhen has been through again and she needed a hug. Also this is totally sappy but I have a quote saved to one of my silly pinterest boards and I kept thinking of it while I made this and it is this:
    "Some things are far too heavy to ever be carried alone.
    So I am here for you."
    - Michelle K.
    Is the attribution correct? Who knows, I got it off the internet. But it is a pretty thought, I think, and I think it nicely expresses important parts of the relationship Rhen and Dameon have so~ 

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    darwin reacted to Mu11berry in Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things   
    Arts again! Day 21 of @Queen-of-Ice101's 31 day Aveyond challenge is favorite official game art piece. I've ranted a million times about how much I adore the game art for Aveyond Rhen's Quest, but I also really, really love the art for Ean's quest (which the artist shared on deviantart btw), it's so full of emotion and the details are amazing. So. I drew Aveyond 1 characters in a setting inspired by the Aveyond 2 game art, and obviously I picked Rhen Pendragon and Dameon Maurva.
    Dameon is such an Iya, and Rhen is definitely the Ean in this relationship. I have way over-analyzed this and could go on forever about the parallels but I'll spare you. For now....
    Also that is the Sun Temple in the background, thank you for noticing. And there's mist everywhere because Aveyond is in The Mists, if you've ever looked at the world map in AV1. And I've wanted to draw Dameon holding light for like 8 million years now for reasons so yayy me.
    AND. I also have an aesthetic for Dameon, images from pinterest as usual, quote from Rhen to Dameon. Actually I have two aesthetics. Well really only one, but two also. 
    I like the softer colors in the flower one, and also Dameon pretty much is a flower so there's that, but I also liked the brighter colors in the other one and the pics stand out a bit more. Basically it comes down to, I can't make decisions, and I couldn't decide whether or not I liked the flower overlay, and neither could anyone I asked, and of the few who had an opinion it was split pretty evenly. But then Queen suggested I just share both and now we are here 
    I think all of these images are pretty self-explanatory but if you're curious I chose them to reflect Dameon's journey through loss and injustice to finally find freedom and peace. That line, “I think you have a good heart,” really kind of summarizes Dameon and what he means to me.
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    darwin reacted to Mu11berry in Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things   
    @Scrivener: Thank you, though the central bit is the most majestic part seeing as they are royal 
    More art!! An aesthetic for Rhen Pendragon, with images from pinterest as always: 
    I explained my reason for literally every picture over on deviantart if you want to read that there but I don't really feel like typing it all out again or even copying it over, so here I'll just say that I adore Rhen and her story was beautiful. Also the ocean picture came that way, I didn't have to mess with the colors at all and I think that's great.
    The quote is from "Snow and Dirty Rain" by Richard Siken.
    And here's some RhenxDameon, make sure your screen brightness is turned up please!
    1. I wanted to trying coloring something with low lighting
    2. Obviously it was DameonxRhen
    3. And obviously it was Dameon brushing and braiding Rhen's hair
    4. That's how it works around here.
    5. There's also a fire somewhere in the distance so that was fun
    6. He gave her his blanket which is why she has two cuz they take care of each other
    You will also notice I did not get carried away with the wildflowers this time, maybe because they are all closed because night, but still XD
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    darwin reacted to Mu11berry in Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things   
    @Scrivener of the Gods Thanks! That's cuz Stella is glorious
    Day 20 of the dang challenge with the really long title is favorite chapter in the Orbs of Magic saga. I like TDP cuz Uma and Nox so
    Besides these two magical twins, I also like TDP because the other orbs of magic games are kind of a bit frustrating in that everything you do in them is pretty pointless in the end. Like, you destroy the orbs, but surprise, there are more orbs. And then even bigger surprise, the bad guys don't even need the orbs to win. And then surprise of surprises, Mel is now the bad guy and everything from the previous games is now completely meaningless-- EXCEPT the friendships Mel made, and her friends save her (and Galahad T.T) and I think that's pretty so I like the last game. Yep. Rant over, haha
    And of course I have a rhenxdameon piece too~~
     AmayaSakuragi11 over on deviantart inspired me to draw these two wildflowers in their regular people clothes with this adorable fanart, so here they are! Rhen is kissing Dameon's face which makes him laugh because he's a little a lot ticklish 
    I used the coloring that's supposed to be softer for this piece, still figuring it out haha. Also as usual I got carried away with the flowers XD
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    darwin reacted to Mu11berry in Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things   
    @Danin Thank you!! I actually totally headcanon this is Ahriman's usual demeanor, some fic I read once (I think it was Separate Lives by Dis but maybe I am crazy?) had Ahriman being not so much a powerful fighter but more of a skilled manipulator, and it fits the myths about him in AP and a lot of what we see of him in AV1 so it stuck with me. And yes, Edward needs a faaaaarm. I like to pretend whoever he marries lets him keep chickens in one of the castle courtyards or something, but I can only really imagine it with Stella or some versions of Mel, the others would probably scream or eat the chickens, ahaha. And thank youuuuu, it's good you like that one, because, I have another version to share today XD I had to color it digitally obviously so >.>
    Ta-dah! The digital version! On DA I called the traditional version "Joyful," so this one became "Joyful Again," and I really liked how that worked out because both Rhen and Dameon have been through so much and sometimes when you go through a lot it feels like you'll never be happy again, but they got through it and found peace and joy together-- again. That's why they're my wildflower ship.
    "Like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would." -E. V.
    Ahem ahem okay, I am done sharing sappy quotes now. But yes I love rhenxdameon 
    Aaand here is my entry for day 19 of @Queen-of-Ice101's Aveyond fandom 31 day challenge or whatever it's called (I will never be able to remember the order of those words)
    Day 19 is favorite av3 character, and I just adore Stella. She's so sweet and kind but also has that steely passionate side and she will fight you if you hurt her friends, especially her bfffffff Mel, wow I love their friendship so much T.T
    I didn't draw her wings here because wings are HARD, but I wanted to mention that the quest where she gets her wings back is one of my favorite quests in the whole series, I cry every time. Also, I tried a new coloring style in an attempt to make everything softer and it sorta kinda worked and sorta kinda... didn't. But that's how you learn, right? So I'm happy with it for now:) 
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    darwin reacted to Mu11berry in Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things   
    @Scrivener of the Gods Thanks! RxD is the best thing to ever happen to me and it's going to be in pretty much every post, so like, maybe keep that in mind
    @Ishti Thank you! Haha I feel like that's probably everyone's reaction to Te'ijal in canon (except obviously Galahad), she's so adorable and over the top you have to love her, but also she could kill you, so it's like ?!!?? as you say XD Bless her and her shining knight. 
    @the world yep more art again ahaha. I've been feeling ick so I colored. My scanner is poo right now so I had to take pictures with my phone and the quality is bleeeeeehhh but here I am anyway, enjoy!
    First, day 18 of @Queen-of-Ice101's 31 day challenge, most hated character
    Honestly I'm not much of a character hater, especially when it comes to Aveyond. I hate fandom interpretations sometimes because of different implications or when characters (or those around them) are unfairly vilified, but the canon characters themselves I usually like at least a bit. I thought of drawing Hercules, but even he's at least great to laugh about. So like. Here's an Ahriman? Or alternately I guess this could be Mordred, can't remember if Mordred had red eyes or not but you can pretend if you'd like. 
    I have a hard time putting a lot of effort into the prompts for things I don't like, if you couldn't tell XD XD
    Next, we have a lil chicken farmer
    My precious child Edward Pendragon with his precious chickens. Somebody give the man a farm, please, look how happy he is T.T 
    the light would NOT cooperate with me for this one but meeh
    And here's a fanart of my favorite wedding of all time
    When Rhen Pendragon married Dameon Maurva (now Pendragon~)
    Dameon told some silly joke and Rhen is laughing and they are joyful 
    I've also been working on coloring this digitally but I couldn't resist also trying colored pencils cuz I just really love these two, look how happy and safe they are together ♥♥♥
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    darwin reacted to Mu11berry in Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things   
    @darwin Thank you, that's good to know haha. And I agree, it's fun to kind of get to design the characters for Aveyond fanart (even if sometimes I don't take full advantage of this opportunity ahaha). Also YAY ART THREAD! The end of school brings many great things.
    @fandom Here's some more art! First, the wedding of the noble paladin Galahad Teomes and the creature of the night Te'ijal Ravenfoot
    I tried a new lighting style and I honestly don't know how I feel about it, BUT! GALAHAD IS SMILING AND I LOVE IT so there. I debated making this a floof piece because I know it might cause an outrage, but then I remembered I always cause outrages anyway so whatever XD
    Plus, I cried a little to see them so peaceful. 
    Also I know Galahad's boutonniere would totally not stick to his armor but I already defied the laws of logic with his smile, plus I figure if anyone could pull off sticking it to metal, it'd be Te'ijal. 
    And next is a RhenxDameon piece my roommate drew for me and let me color and share cuz she's the best!
    IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, my ROOMMATE drew this for me, so the lineart isn't mine, only the coloring. Disclaimer. Somebody else's lines. I do not own. (Except that it was a gift for me, so it's sort of mine in that way I guess?)
    But anyway yes, I love my roommate, and I love Rhen Pendragon, and Dameon Maurva, and RhenxDameon, and okay fine I'll be done now, but I'm really happy right now 
    also the dress is so cute don't you think? I totally need to draw Rhen in dresses more
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    darwin reacted to Ishti in Rhenegade - an Alternate Canon Fanfic   
    I've got another spinoff for you! This one is unique in that you really don't need to have read Rhenegade for it to work! There's like half a sentence that might be somewhat confusing, but otherwise, this fic could be considered an alternate post-canon story for regular Rhen's Quest!
    Anyway, it's Te'ijal and Galahad. You could consider it Te'ijalahad (I wasn't sure whether I should tag the ship or not, so I just did it anyway). It's a little sad.
    No spoilers - here's the link! https://archiveofourown.org/works/15353190
    EDIT: I forgot that I was gonna put all the spinoffs into a single reply. Uhh... oops? This is probably fine, right?
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    darwin reacted to Ishti in Rhenegade - an Alternate Canon Fanfic   
    Yo!! This is a post to inform everyone that the final edit for Rhenegade is FINISHED! This baby now looks as good as she ever will! Very few changes have been made to the actual story, but the few which have (in addition to the monstrous quantity of excess commas and other stylistic minutiae) make Rhenegade far cleaner and more streamlined. I'll probably not make any more changes from here on out, unless someone notices a typo! 😁
    In addition to that, I have a sprite roundup for you! The following image includes every single sprite ever used in Rhenegade, plus the sprites used in the post-Rhenegade fic in the comment above and below. Some of the sprites are identical to those in canon, but most of them have been edited in minor or major ways. As before, credit to RPGMaker, sithjester, @darwin, and myself for what you see below! I don't expect future spinoffs to involve unique sprites, but... well, darn it, I just love making 'em so much. For now, assume that these are ALL of the Rhenegade sprites, full stop! (Spoilers within.)
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    darwin reacted to Mu11berry in In Pieces (RxD oneshots)   
    @darwin Here I am responding to everything again haha
    Hiding: I'll be honest too and tell you quite a few of these next pieces are more on the tense side, though all in different ways. Looking back I kind of tricked everyone? I started out all soft and fluffy and from here on out it get's a bit more emotional. But there are still some fluff pieces scattered throughout, and they're some of the fluffiest, so hopefully that balances it out a bit haha. Thank you! I've been there too and I just wanted to let Rhen react like a normal person, I guess? She's always so tough and she needed a break, even a tiny one. And thank you, I love your reading of that part, you always manage to pull my meaning out of these and it makes me so happy. (Though I have to admit that the original inspiration for that specific line in the early writing was just that when people ask what I'm writing, I say "crap," and I decided to make it irrefutably true for once and just wrote the word ahaha)
    Deserted: See, this is what I mean. Suddenly everything is angst and I gave you no warning, and I'm sorry for that, but aaaahhh thank you or sharing in my distress and gushing and yees he has friends, I'm so glad you appreciate that part T.T Also the cheese part. And the ending, thank you so much!! 
    Hooooohhhh boy, I am actually writing that part right now (though we still have quite a few pieces before it gets posted here), and it's killing me from the inside out, I hope I can do it justice and not betray your trust. BUT EVEN IF I FAIL, I can promise a very soft end piece (spoilers but I'm pretty sure everyone knew this already)
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    darwin got a reaction from lovely-girl in Apparently I Exist??   
    Pleasure to meet you! I'd love to see what kind of content, fan and otherwise, you create!
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    darwin got a reaction from Queen-of-Ice101 in 2017-2018 Winter Exchange Submissions!   
    @Mu11berry oh gosh, thank you!!
    @Scrivener of the Gods this art is adorable. I really love how you drew Yemite’s face!
    @Honey Butter Chloe this was fantastic! I got super excited when I saw the description and it did not disappoint! I love Stella’s brief firmness/determination to go through with her plan (and honestly to keep finding that dastardly kitten), especially contrasted to her more childish personality for the rest of the fic. It was really sweet!
    @Queen-of-Ice101 This fic was so cute!! I love how you framed it around Rhen missing home. I liked her immediate change in tone from real sad to super excited. It was great to see Rhen and Lars doing a fun teenager thing like setting up for a holiday and dancing together in the midst of a quest!
    @Danin this art looks super cool! I really like the specific shades of all the colors you picked and Mel’s expression! Also, the detail on Lydia’s dress!
    @EsmeAmelia okay, hi, this is gonna be a little long because I absolutely adored this, thank you so so much!!! you combined like All of my favorites into something super domestic and cute. First of all I LOVE how you characterized Mel and Stella, and I love where you put them in their relationship. I really liked the undercurrent of them not knowing whether Stella's skated before or not and how you incorporated her memories into it. I thought the way you wrote their interactions was super sweet and absolutely perfect - Stella as fun-loving and encouraging and Mel's frustration and nerves and the two of them working together. Also I'd like to specifically say the description of "Stella's high and charming laugh" was so cute.
    I also loved how you wrote Te'ijal and Galahad! I always really enjoy reading your fic for them. Particularly fond of Galahad's overconfidence and Te'ijal cackling at it. I thought Stella & Mel gossiping about them afterwards was cute too, and I enjoyed watching the four of them all interact together! Stella being a good friend and helping Galahad out (and I LOVED the detail about Mel thinking she was stronger than she looked).
    To close, I'm gushing at both of my OTPs holding hands in the same fic, even if it is just for ice skating, as Mel so helpfully pointed out. (On that note; Stella's ~knowing look~ made me beam). Thank you so much for the fantastic gift!!
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    darwin got a reaction from Mu11berry in seaglass - rmxp   
    Hey all! I finished a short and sweet RPG maker XP game called seaglass a couple months ago, and figured I'd share it here!

    The player controls Eliot, a young adult who has never met their closest friend, Loren, in person before. The two have conversed exclusively through messages in bottles tossed back and forth at sea. After seven years, Loren is coming to visit Eliot, and they want to commemorate the occasion with a special and suitable gift.
    They decide on a seaglass necklace, and it's up to the player to obtain it! Explore town, collect sea glass and sea shells, and help out townspeople in an item collection, sidequest driven game perfect for summer. Or wanting it to be summer.

    The game can be downloaded here!
    Credits are in the game, but I'll put them under the spoiler cut, too!
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    darwin got a reaction from Mu11berry in Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things   
    You're welcome!! Aaa, even if you're not there yet, it's obviously paying off! Tbh I can see a lot of improvement just from this thread alone!! Your art is already great but I'm super excited to see where else you go with it.
    I'll have to check that fic out sometime!
    Ohh, nice! It's really cool to get a new idea for a character and start incorporating it into their design.. or at least, I really like it. I honestly love situations like RPG Maker games where the graphics aren't very detailed or might be a little inconsistent (like, differences between sprites & faces) because they make fanart really fun by providing your own flare for detail!
    hey, we all have our preferences, lol! and it's a lovely backdrop
    YOU'RE WELCOME!! and THANK YOU, im so honored omg, i wanna start one in the next week or so now that the school year is over for me!
    it's well-deserved!! it's probably one of my favorite things you've drawn so far!
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    darwin got a reaction from Danin in Apparently I Exist??   
    Pleasure to meet you! I'd love to see what kind of content, fan and otherwise, you create!
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    darwin got a reaction from Mu11berry in In Pieces (RxD oneshots)   
    You’re absolutely welcome!! Thank you for writing such a lovely fic!

    And oh gosh there’s more, that’s exciting!!

    Hiding: Gonna be honest, this chapter was really tense and hard to read. You really got across Rhen’s sense of panic well. I like how her discomfort makes her lash out at her friends – I, for one, have been there, and I think you do a really good job throughout this fic of giving her realistic, relatable reactions to things. Also, love Dameon trying to be there for Rhen despite not “being able to punch for crap” – to me, that reads like he’s there more often/easily for emotional support, which I think, based on how you write him, is where he really shines!

    Deserted: Oh gosh I;m really distraught about Dameon’s negative memories outweighing his positive ones of his father,,, HIM GUSHING ABOUT RHEN INTERNALLY IS SO SWEET, oh gosh gosh all his backstory reflection is breaking my heart here. THE ENTIRE PARTY FOUND HIM…. oh gosh I was NOT expecting that, it’s a really cute and pleasant surprise, oh my god. He has friends. I’m laughing at Galahad bringing cheese also. THAT ENDING LINE!!! OH GOSH!!

    I hope you take it as the compliment I intend it as when I say reading these really makes me dread the ending, oh my gosh. You’ve built up such a great dynamic for them and it’s going to be heartwrenching to see that questioned at the end. Luckily we’ve got a ways for that and I trust you’ll make it work for them!

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    darwin got a reaction from Mu11berry in Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things   
    I really love your art!! You’ve got a really nice style and do super well with a LOT of variety of characters and poses. Your expressions in your shippy art is sooo cute – I’m always partial to te’ijalahad, lol, so I love the ones you’ve posted (her jumping on him in that real early picture is adorable fhsdfgshs and you are SO GOOD at drawing her hair) but I also really like your Rhen/Dameon stuff! Your fondness for the ship and your characterization of them really shines through, their expressions are so sweet and cute and the art itself is always lovely. I’m really struck by that flower crown one from the beginning of the thread in particular!

    Okay so this was going to be general but you have a LOT of really good art here so instead you get brief squealing abt highlights

    I really like your Robin daydreaming about the dragon art, too! Also speaking of dragons the dragon guild Talia art is PHENOMENAL, you did an amazing job at drawing her and the dragon and flames both look so, so cool. Your Daena art is soooo pretty, you gave her such a serene expression. THE DAMEON WITH A CAT ART PIECES ARE SO, SO CUTE!!! I love how happy he looks in them omg. The Rhen/Dameon wedding picture is honestly stunning, I really love how you drew Rhen’s expression and their clothes and the background

    GOSH I LOVE, LOVE LOVE that traditional piece of Rhen you drew with a sword midway through the thread! It’s phenomenal. The pose is so, so good!

    I really love the purple-blue gradient detail you draw Rhen’s hair with! It took me a while to notice but it’s such a cool detail

    I actually IRL said “oh my god” and started beaming at that Rhen and Dameon hugging by the beach picture… the background is gorgeous and they both look beautiful! You’re really good at capturing characters happy to be together and drawing shippy poses

    Your Ean/Iya wedding picture is super cute omg

    That last Rhen picture is STUNNING, oh my goodness!
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    darwin got a reaction from Argoyle in seaglass - rmxp   
    Hey all! I finished a short and sweet RPG maker XP game called seaglass a couple months ago, and figured I'd share it here!

    The player controls Eliot, a young adult who has never met their closest friend, Loren, in person before. The two have conversed exclusively through messages in bottles tossed back and forth at sea. After seven years, Loren is coming to visit Eliot, and they want to commemorate the occasion with a special and suitable gift.
    They decide on a seaglass necklace, and it's up to the player to obtain it! Explore town, collect sea glass and sea shells, and help out townspeople in an item collection, sidequest driven game perfect for summer. Or wanting it to be summer.

    The game can be downloaded here!
    Credits are in the game, but I'll put them under the spoiler cut, too!
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    darwin got a reaction from Ishti in seaglass - rmxp   
    Hey all! I finished a short and sweet RPG maker XP game called seaglass a couple months ago, and figured I'd share it here!

    The player controls Eliot, a young adult who has never met their closest friend, Loren, in person before. The two have conversed exclusively through messages in bottles tossed back and forth at sea. After seven years, Loren is coming to visit Eliot, and they want to commemorate the occasion with a special and suitable gift.
    They decide on a seaglass necklace, and it's up to the player to obtain it! Explore town, collect sea glass and sea shells, and help out townspeople in an item collection, sidequest driven game perfect for summer. Or wanting it to be summer.

    The game can be downloaded here!
    Credits are in the game, but I'll put them under the spoiler cut, too!
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    darwin reacted to Danin in Apparently I Exist??   
    Hey everyone! It's been a while! I missed you guys!

    I haven't done a formal introduction post and I just gained some time going forward, so here I am!

    Hello, I'm Danin! I've been playing Aveyond since Aveyond 1 came out, and have been carrying it in my heart ever since. Aveyond 4 is my favorite so far, though Aveyond 3 tends to be the main target of my fanfiction (that game also spurred my continued love of vampires into existence ). I ship many peoples, including EdxStella (and EdxBelf, I won't lie), RhenxDameon, sometimes MelxGyendal depending on the presentation, and recently ElinixTe'ijal. Boyle should remain happily alone with his doggo and gargoyles.

    Aveyond has been a major part of my life, showing me the way to RPG Maker and from there to pursuing game design/development as a career. I've learned so many skills on this path that it's kinda crazy, and I have Aveyond to thank for it.

    I'm so glad to know about this place and to be able to participate in it. Seriously, you guys are the nicest community on the internet I've run into, I think ever. Take cookies for all your fanfic, fanart, and general existences!

    Anyway, since I'm here and have time now, I'd like to actually start posting more frequently. So consider this my (re)entry, I guess? In any case, I'm excited to be back.

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