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  1. Hey all! Just a quick question about fangame. Is it ok to do them? (obv free, not paid games). Cause after replaying all of them, i kinda wanna try making one about ahriman, when he was still alive, but obv, since it's Amanda's series, i wanted to ask first if it's possible.
  2. Ghorba

    Hi there!

    I use both vx ace and mv but only with xp graphics (sorry, don't really remember how it's written, english isn't my first language) Anyway,... YES it's dungeon meshi, I love it, it's amazing!
  3. Ghorba

    Hi there!

    Hi all! I'm Ghorba, long fan of the series! (ahriman's prophecy was like my first pc game) This year I started making games with RPG Maker, so I decided to finally join this forum (soon you'll be able to see my obviously awesome skills!.....I hope) That's all! Bye!
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