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  1. I tried sending a PM to Ant. I got this "Ant cannot receive messages. ". I tried the thing on https://aveyond.com/help/order-support-form/, but after clicking 'Submit' it just kept doing nothing for an hour. I tried the contact link. That seems to have worked.^_^ Yay! Thanks! Hopefully that will get things to work out now. P.S. Does anyone know what happened to Eridani Games? I bought games from there I'd like to redownload. I still have the access keys in my email receipts.
  2. Dear Admins, I bought the guide from your site long ago. While I was in the hospital rats destroyed by external harddrives. I lost EVERYTHING! Fortunately my email was on an internal drive. I still got my receipts. ... Sadly a lot of sites are no longer up. ... What happened to Eridani Games? Oliveair Games? Kane's Games? Warfare Studios? ... ... HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET THOSE GAMES NOW?! I'm glad your site is still up. Anyway, PM me and I will send you email receipts as proof I bought the guide.
  3. *Stands and bows* Hello!^_^ I'm new here. Please treat me kindly now. *Sits back down*
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