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  1. Your edits look cool! Can you do one for Myst next? Or how about Ingrid?
  2. Nope, you're not alone. At first, I thought that Boyle and Myst would become a thing but that's unlikely to happen. I mean, Ingrid put a curse on him so.... Myst/Robin is cute though.
  3. I need some help getting back to Boppity Woods, but I forgot how to get back there... I have to get the Mayor's daughter an exotic pet --Which is located on Boppity Woods. So I've been trying to figure this out, but I just can't really get there. Here's some information; I'm on the Mist Realm, and these are the only places I can teleport to: Wyrmwood, Windshire, Dragon Wasteland, Tor, and End of The World. Did I miss something? How can I go back to the other continent?
  4. Oh yep, I went to the shop and locked the guy in a dungeon. My quest now is to go to the Kobolds. Thanks!
  5. What enemies? All I know for now is that he wants me to get rid of the shop. Here are my main quests: Dangerous Goods - shut down the shop in Tor that sells kobold trinkets End of the world - ask somebody knowledgeable in Tor about the end of the world Obliterate 13 Scarecrows - The Raven Lord will reward you if you are able to obliterate his arch nemesis Boyle's Revenge ---------------------- I was randomly searching Tor and I came to the Mayor's house. I talked to him, he just asked if I got rid of something? I forgot. But that's that. I don't know what enemy you're talking about though
  6. I have no idea what the others are talking about but my problem is related to this. I can't see a square piece of ground. I investigated the caves on Kobold Camp, all I found are chests, yet no square piece of ground outside. Before I got this quest, I encountered the mayor, Then went on with finding the shop that needs to be shut down. Please help
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