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    Kaiso reacted to KTC in Getting to Harburg   
    Working links to maps and guides are also located further down in the FAQ thread:
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    Kaiso reacted to lovely-girl in Dropping by to say hi!   
    Heeeeeeey @Stardale ! I remember you. 
    I love seeing new people here too, I wish we can all go back to how active we were back in 2006+ 😕 
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    Kaiso reacted to Stardale in Dropping by to say hi!   
    Hello! 👋
    It has been years since I last dropped by this place, and I'm glad to see new members here. I just wanted to say hi to everyone, especially the core team here. 
    I was thinking of the Aveyond 2 characters and made me think of ye good old times. It's a bit sentimental thought for me, since I've been a member for over a decade. 😂
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    Kaiso reacted to Luz_Melian in Dropping by to say hi!   
    Hello and welcome back
    I have been around since 2005 on the old forums, but it's very different on these new forums now. I kind of miss the old times too.
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    Kaiso reacted to Meroko in Introduce Yourself :)   
    Oh hey, I remember you Lemmy! So glad to still see you guys here despite the forum being inactive 🙂
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    Kaiso got a reaction from Meroko in Introduce Yourself :)   
    lol Hello haha... i think the forum is not as active as it was before but i tried drop by from time to time
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    Kaiso reacted to Meroko in Introduce Yourself :)   
    It's been 2 years (?) since I've last posted in the forums, so yeah, idk if the forums are still active but just dropping a hello 

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    Kaiso reacted to bryan_pasa in Hello I feel bad :/   
    Sameee! I was 9 back then, now I'm 21! ❤️ 
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    Kaiso reacted to crystalsilverwood in Hello I feel bad :/   
    Welcome! I think this series and community is a big part of all our lives! I discovered this game series over 10 years ago and loved it ever since! All the people on here are great!
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    Kaiso reacted to callmedan in Alternate Aveyond 2 facesets (Fanmade)   
    Er~ I made these facesets because I have nothing to do XD And yes, they were made in RMMV.
    1. Ean Okho
    2. Iya Tiki
    3. Rye Zoyle
    4. Jack
    5. Nicolas Pendragon
    6. Ava One Eye
    7. Gavin Morven
    8. Emma Willow
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    Kaiso reacted to LHMH2019 (Lemmy) in Ask Anything!   
    Fetal duck eggs with herbs, salt, pepper and lime juice is *chef's kiss* xD
    Favorite drink?
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    Kaiso reacted to Amaranth in Upgraded MySQL   
    If anyone notices there are issues with posting, editing, reading, let me know. Everything should be fine... 🙂
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    Kaiso reacted to LHMH2019 (Lemmy) in Thinking back   
    Probably the mirror interactions in Aveyond 3: GoN. It was refreshing to see a different side of the party members that wasn't all "WE GOTTA SAVE THE WORLD FROM AN EVIL VAMPIRE DUDE". XD
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    Kaiso reacted to LHMH2019 (Lemmy) in What AV Characters Do You Most Look Like?   
    Maybe Ean with black hair? Lol. I just feel like he looks so generic like me. xD
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    Kaiso reacted to LHMH2019 (Lemmy) in Hello I feel bad :/   
    Hope you'll find fun on the forums! We can use more people when a new topic comes up.
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    Kaiso reacted to Scrivener of the Gods in Ask Anything!   
    Can you stand the PPAP dance?
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    Kaiso reacted to lovely-girl in Have you ever tried the "No Death" Challenge ?   
    You can do it! Wishing you the best of luck. I haven't finish AP either. I will when I'm done with college in a few months because I know I need to be free for this 
    Welcome to the forum! 
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    Kaiso reacted to Musical_Rainbowly in Have you ever tried the "No Death" Challenge ?   
    @Kaiso Sadly, I can't say anything about Ahriman's Prophecy. I played all Aveyond Games, but not this one...  tomorrow I am gonna get my laptop back and I will try to play it :) Now, about Rhen's Quest, about the chickens... I think you are talking about the ones from the forest between Ghalarah and Veldarah. Why are they so hard ? You just, don't have to encounter them untill you get to academy, take the outfit and a good equipment. You even get a Warning when you go in the forest after Rhen gets her token, to not FIGHT ANY CHICKENS. But about Ahriman, I have to agree. It can be really hard, if you don't have a good strategy. I remember that there are some good strategies, like the Plague spell ( It can deal massive damage to him) or Teij'al's Final Embrace. I beat only once Aveyond 4, I still don't know too good everything about it, but I will replay it some day. Sooo, Yep, I know it can be really hard, but, idk, I will still try, maybe untill I will realise that it is impossible, or maybe I will be victorious 😅
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    Kaiso reacted to Musical_Rainbowly in Have you ever tried the "No Death" Challenge ?   
    @Seraphus Lol, what a coincidence :))) I am glad to see that I am not the only one here who is in this challenge. I will try to find your vids and well, good luck ! I am surprised about Aveyond 3-1 , and don't give up on Aveyond 2, maybe there is a way to actually do it !
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    Kaiso reacted to LHMH2019 (Lemmy) in Ask Anything!   
    Hmmm can it be from Aveyond? If yes then Mel, she always seems so cool and funny. If it needs to be from an anime then ehhhhh, I don't have one since I rarely watch it, sorry.:<
    Can you do any cool tricks?
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    Kaiso reacted to Seraphus in Have you ever tried the "No Death" Challenge ?   
    Funny you'd ask. I've recently begun doing videos on youtube on Aveyond (aveyond 2, specifically) doing a no death challenge. 
    I lost my specific run in 2 when you need to leave Thais. No matter what you do (Brightwood forest, the mountain system and the bog) the enemies deal insane amounts of damage. 
    I've completed aveyond 3-1 without any deaths before, however. 
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    Kaiso reacted to Musical_Rainbowly in Have you ever tried the "No Death" Challenge ?   
    I am curious if someone finished any Aveyond game without deaths, or  if you ever tried. Do you think if it is actually possible ? I mean, in any battle, the monsters can " surprise " you, with a critical attack or a good attack plan. Or the effect of a spell won't work always, and your plan could be ruined and get defeated...
    Anyway, let me know pls
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    Kaiso got a reaction from Musical_Rainbowly in Have you ever tried the "No Death" Challenge ?   
    Haha this is very difficult. As far as i remember, i died countless of time in Ahriman's Phrophecy due to lazyness to train and end up defeating Ahriman by using only death amulets and agea around lvl 44 (lol). Rhen's Quest..... nope. The chicken was too strong and i dont have a decent strategies against Ahriman. Never defeat him until a few years later when i decided to replay. The beast got me in Ean's quest so that is out the list. I think my chances are the best with the Mel's trilogy excluding the gates of night since in Shadow of the Mist i died a lot because the skeleton at the Skull/Death Mountain (i dont remember the name) was much stronger than expected).There you have it. I always tried to do the zero death thing when i first got started but just give up completely when i got  game over once haha. i was like meh... do whatever you like, just dont kill my save files. 
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    Kaiso reacted to Specter in Aveyond is on Android   
    I've got a treat for you guys! Demo for Aveyond 1 is on Google Play :D
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    Kaiso reacted to Musical_Rainbowly in I decided to write a book !   
    @Kaiso Thank you !
    Sadly, I kinda forgot about it... But in my country the summer holiday will start after a week and I will have a lot of free time ! So, I will try to work at it again
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