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  1. What about the climates? Veldarah is in tropical climate? But is it only for Veldarah n Ghalarah? What about for the Southern part, the Halloween Hills and the Lands End? Thais, well, Thais is unknown as it is now called the Blasted Land. The West Island has temperate climate, all or just part of it? The North and South islands are kind of obvious. Hmm, I wonder why they didn't base the Eastern Empire on Greco-Roman architecture as that civilization had slavery. I don't think the Eastern countries in real life had slavery... But then again, history is not my forte. Wait, Veldarah and Ghalarah are Eastern names? It's not Chinese, Japanese or Indonesian names, but I don't know about other countries.
  2. Probably using the same character several times, so they don't need to make more characters than needed I have noticed that male character in the blue chinese clothing in a different city after I checked again. As for Veldarah and Ghalarah, I guess it is an amalgam. So in Aveyond 1, is the Eastern Empire the only kingdom that allowed slavery, or in other kingdoms it happened too, but it was off screen? Afterall there is no need to make slavery background in those kingdoms in the game except for in the Eastern Empire because Rhen was a slave there.
  3. Hi, I would like to know just what kinds of culture the cities in Aveyond 1 are based on? For example, Veldt's architecture seems like it is based on Middle East, while Sedona from European, as is Thais (weirdly the innkeeper and male merchants are using something like blue chinese clothing). But what about Ghalarah, Veldarah, other cities? When I see the smallfolks' rooftop, it looks like chinese architecture, but there are also flat rooftops, which are not. The paper walls on some of the noble houses are like from chinese or japanese, but the palace doesn't have that chinese or japanese touches (the window actually looks more like from India or middle east, and those columns...yeah). For Ghalarah it is more difficult. I can't decide what the outer facade is based on. The peacock fan looked like it came from India... Perhaps the roofs are using bamboos? Problem is, there is no bamboo tree in Ghalarah. There are coconut trees, but no bamboos. Is there perhaps already a guide for it? I want to know if there is, it will be so much easier to imagine Aveyond world if it is clearer. Not just the architecture, but also the clothing, food, etc.
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