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  1. Is HeroKit RPG going to be a separate asset? an upgrade? or free to those have already purchased HeroKit? That would make the difference in terms of wait or not wait for me. But for the main question, so as HeroKit is now, is there one large scene / game example (in zelda style?) that has many things put together?
  2. Thanks for looking into that. Sounds good. I was watching the youtube tutorials and could see that there are a lot of sample scenes available, e.g. the Inventory. I'm wondering is there a complete RPG example that just has all the mechanics put together? I am a 101% non coder, can't code, won't code, don't want to code, not going to code, too old to code, allergic to code. My ancestors all died from coding... and so the integer swap video made me nervous.. as it required coding to some degree. It would be awesome if there was a scene / example that had a Start Menu, a player with a weapon, AND a magic effect, and some NPC's that can fight. With simple inventory with weapon and magic example hooked up, simple quest example hooked up, simple dialog hooked up, scene switcher, save game, end game. No fancy graphics, just the logic in place, the basics for reference. Does such an example exist? Sold!!! if it does. A non coder, will likely have a hard time putting all the systems together. I know I will. Because how to link them up requires coding logic. The reason I mention is that you go as basic as showing how to install Unity, so you really must have non-coders in mind for this asset. So just wondering if there are not just examples of inventory, quest, etc. but how they are all working together in a mini-rpg example.
  3. HeroKit looks promising, so considering a purchase, but not sure if it would work with Invector 3rd person controller. Wondering if there is an integration, or what the HeroKit dev's thoughts are on this. Having invested a bit of money in this controller, wanting to stick with it if possible. But also like the simplicity of game creation that HeroKit seems to offer.