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  1. In case anyone was watching this, I added a link to the first post.
  2. Anyone with decent internet feel like doing me (and everyone else who needs it) a favor? I found all the maps for version 2 listed on this page http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=546&forum=14 but since I'm on dialup I can't open every single page and save each map... I was hoping that maybe someone would take pity on me and slap all the maps into a zip file please? ------------------------------------- Alright, since no one else was up to the task I spent 3 hours doing this myself (and then another hour finding a site that would load on dialup so I could upload it and 30+ minutes to upload!). The Ice Caverns map may be missing a cave, as the thread it was found in says "NOTICE - I need to upload the corrected map which has a second small cave in the lower left corner ... if I don't do so within 2 days, someone please call it to my attention. Thanks" and doesn't seem to have been updated since... Credit for all maps goes to amaranth and tiniponi, except for the map of Shaenlir Sewer (created by amaranth, captured by shaz, marked by tiniponi). Hopefully this zip file will be useful to others (I can't be the only one still on dialup lol!)... If I'm breaking any rules by doing this I apologize and feel free to remove this post, I'm just trying to help out - since the thread the map list was on said "Link to download of all maps files in one ZIP file --- COMING VERY SOON" and doesn't appear to have been updated since 2008. Get the zipped maps here ---> https://www.box.com/s/xdf5um486yawl68z7ft8
  3. I just had to reply... the monitor screen doing what it's doing most likely has nothing to do with cables... when you tried to boot up the computer did you hear the hard drive working or just the fans? When a computer doesn't even boot to the bios screen (and doesn't beep) it's usually 1 of 3 things - the cpu, ram, or video card... when my ex threw my computer it worked fine for awhile - then it started taking a few tries to boot up without the screen power light just going yellow... I finally got fed up and asked my local computer guy and learned about it being one of those 3 things... opened it up, then removed the cpu and put it back in and never had a problem with it again. When you got your computer the book that came with it might have had instructions for removing or upgrading the ram and possibly cpu, if it did I would remove those two items and then put them back in securely... if your monitor cable connects to a card inside the computer case I would also remove that card and put it back in (if it attaches to the motherboard instead of a card and the other 2 items don't fix it then you're kinda screwed, sorry...)
  4. For some reason when I go into the town it lags so bad my character has a lot of trouble moving.... maybe you should use an anti-lag script?
  5. forget "mouse challenged", these games are definitely not designed for a laptop touchpad! lol
  6. are you running 32bit or 64bit windows xp?
  7. If you look in the bug forums you will find a post by me that might help you out.....
  8. those of you on vista.... try right-clicking and installing the game as administrator..... then right-click and run as admin..... that might work (no I haven't tried this game on vista but there are some typical fixes for vista)
  9. Although some people may like this bug..... when the 80 days is up you can click 'play again', then click 'no' when it asks if you really want to exit the current game. You can not only keep playing, but at that point your days don't end until you click on the map. Also at day 101 playing like that I was STILL able to pay for the castle.
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