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  1. I was finally able to play the demo, and let me just say that it was AMAZING. It left me wanting more . #Now here are my opinions: 1. The maps are so spacious! I love them! Everything looks better than the original (probably because they are an entirely different type from each other). And as usual, I think the characters walk way too slow (I'm used to having speed crystal on, like, all the time). So please let there be speed crystals in this game. 2. The cutscenes are BEAUTIFUL! You made the start of the story easier to understand rather than only showing text. 2.1. I really like the first quest. It's a lot like the marionbell quest in Aveyond 1. 3. The carrot. Whenever I replayed AP, I always take the carrot before going to the farmer. It's so cool that I can still do that! 4. When Talia lies to her grandmother about getting named, can you add a little cutscene where it shows Talia's life as a herbalist? or possibly the end of the world? or maybe just a "THE END?" Or, maybe none of the above haha, your choice, of course. 5. When Talia talks to Barbar (is this right?), she asks "May I borrow one of your apprentice?" Shouldn't it be 'apprentices?' She also said, "I need someone escorts me to mainland." I think it should be 'I need someone to escort me to the mainland.' 6. Some dialogue are too fast. I didn't even click and they move to the next dialogue. Overall, I still think that it was really great. Other than opinion #5, I don't find anything weird or out of place. Thank you, Dan, for all your hard work. Looking forward to the completion of this
  2. Haha I know it's impossible for Rhen to be Talia's child, Devin is obviously NOT the unfaithful type. And I totally agree with you @Mu11berry with Alicia being Rhen's mother if you look at their personalities.
  3. I've always shipped Talia and Devin. There's just something about their relationship that intrigues me. In what way, I do not know. And for some reason, there's still a part of me that theorizes Rhen as Devin and Talia's child (red + blue = violet, anyone?)
  4. Thank you so much! I'm so excited for the demo! IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! (squeals as a fangirl)
  5. Well, according to my grades, English is my best subject 😂 but I honestly know that I have a lot of things that I could still improve. Still, thank you so much for the continuous support and feedback. They're very much appreciated
  6. Yep, I really want to finish Aveyond 3 because I love Nox and Uma! Even if I don't really know them much I managed to recruit them because I was able to play the game on phones! There's this app I used, I can't remember the name, but my classmates were so hyped about it
  7. My first time playing Aveyond was when I was 10 years old, I think? My grandmother (she's 54 years old) introduced it to me, and I loved rpg games ever since! Aveyond 1 is my all time favorite. I play the series every year, but I can't seem to finish Aveyond 3. It's all right, but I don't like it as much as the other games. I keep telling my classmates to play the game, and I have recruited at least 10 people! They absolutely love the series too!
  8. Here's chapter 6! I'm really sorry, but the more I write, the more I think that they are too OOC. All of the characters are. But since I've already started this, I'll try my best to finish it, even if the characters seem like entirely different people. Chapter 6 Walking outside the castle of the empress, there was only one thing Rhen could think about. That went well. She had already talked to the empress, who held no grudge against her for leaving her own wedding. The empress even gave her advice regarding marriages since she had already been wedded five times, to which no man stayed, even if she was the empress. She allowed Rhen to stay at this continent, but wanted one thing in return. "Grant me immunity against Thais. With you being the heir of that kingdom, it shouldn't be a problem to make Veldarah and Thais allies. It would certainly be beneficial to you, too." Rhen thought about it for a second before responding, "Well as long as I'm here, Thais will not be able to touch you." She chuckled despite the empress' presence. Everything after that were just simple conversations. They talked of Rhen's journey, while the empress brought up some problems the empire has solved a few years back. A particular topic was brought up while they were talking. "Darzon, I'm not sure if you know but, no one, I mean *no one* knows what you and your party had done." The empress told her. Rhen knew this. Of course she did, but she didn't really do the quest because of fame or fortune, she did it for herself. No, she didn't do it for the sake of the world, though that should've been the main point. She did it to find herself, to explore what she could be. But in the end, she really didn't find it, it just made everything more confusing. "Yes, I know, empress. But it doesn't matter. I came here to start anew, and that's what I am going to do." They went back to the light-hearted topics. She was really easy to get along with, Rhen thought while she laughed at something the empress had said. As Rhen walked under the sun's fading light, she made her way to familiar oak wood doors and tall slabs of stone. 'I'm back here once again. To the place it all started.' She thought, reminiscing. She didn't bother to knock at the front door since the school had a barrier up which Master Harald automatocally senses. She headed straight to the headmaster's office. As she stood outside the door, she heard hushed whispers and unusual sounds from inside the room. What was the headmaster doing in there? Rhen was a naturally curious person, so she tried peeking at the small keyhole below the doorknob. Before she could even see anything, the door opened, revealing a brown-haired middle-aged man, Master Harald. Rhen immediately straightened herself after stumbling a bit, a small blush across her cheeks. Behind the headmaster were different kinds of birds, mostly parrots, who kept making weird noises. Two birds were whispering, one was giggling, the others kept hushing. Weird, so that's what was making the noises. But since when did Master Harald like birds? "Ms. Darzon, or should I say, Ms. Pendragon, good evening. What brings you here today? Especially on your wedding day?" Master Harald, as usual, was straight to the point. "Good evening Master Harald, and please, its just Darzon sir. I came here to work as a teacher. If you will have me." Rhen was nervous. It was such a rare thing that she didn't know what to say. Master Harald was silent. Was she too forward? Was that even the right way to apply? Why is he so silent? Shouldn't he have said something by now? What if- "I really wish I could employ you Ms. Darzon, however, classes have already started and all the teachers' slots are full. But I can guarantee you a job by next semester. If you will still be here." Master Harald suggested. "Oh. Oh, I see." Rhen replied, feeling slightly dejected. "Thank you so much Master Harald. Yes please, I would certainly like to work here next semester. Thank you." She bowed. 'What am I going to do now? I don't know anyone here and I certainly can't go anywhere else.' Then she thought maybe she can look for another job for the meantime. On the brightside, it would delay her meeting with Lars, which she is currently still nervous about. 'Yes! Thats a great idea! All things certainly work together for good!' Rhen smiled widely, already thinking of jobs she could apply for. She walked towards the door. But it slammed open, narrowly missing Rhen who was a few inches away. "Master Harald! I can't take it anymore! Those kids will be the death of me! I refuse to work for any longer with those beast-like children!" A middle-aged woman angrily stomped her way to Master Harald's office. Her face was covered in something black, like soot, and her hair looked like it has been electrocuted. Rhen kept pursing her lips and biting the inside of her cheek just to not start rolling on the floor laughing. "I'm sorry Ms. Griselda, but I cannot put you in any other slot. As you already know, we are all full. But-" "THEN I QUIT!" Master Harald was cut off by the woman's loud resignation. She didn't wait for Master Harald to protest. She went straight to the front door of the academy and slammed it shut, loud enough that it echoed in the entire school. Rhen flinched at the sound, looked at the headmaster, awkwardly laughed, and bowed her head. "Well, Ms. Darzon," Master Harald suddenly said, breaking the silence. "Seems that we have an empty spot now. Do you want to take over her job?" He offered, his face still in its normal condition. He didn't seem to be affected at all with the current events. However, Rhen was. 'What?' She thought, panicking a bit. 'I already mentally prepared my life for half the year! Why is fate pushing me towards the meeting with Lars?' She thought exasperatedly. But if she didn't accept this job now, Lars would gain the upperhand towards their goal of reaching the High position first. That would mean bragging rights. He would torment her for life! She can't allow him to be High Sorcerer first! "Do you still want the job, Miss Darzon?" Master Harald asked. He was starting to get impatient. "Of course! I mean, yes, thank you so much! I will not fail you headmaster!" Rhen kept bowing in gratitude. "Good. Come to school at 9 AM tomorrow. I need to brief you on your job conditions before class starts at 9:30." He said, already turning away to resume the paperwork he seemed to be doing before Rhen came in. Is that it? She's a teacher now? No contracts, signs or anything? Rhen didn't ask Master Harald. He looked like he was going to drown in papers in he didn't finish his work now, so she decided to leave instead. "Yes, headmaster. But I need to ask of you one small favor." Rhen said. Master Harald did not look up from the papers but said, "I will not let anyone know that you are a Pendragon, much less the missing queen of Thais. If that is all, you can leave now." Master Harald never fails to read her mind. She bowed in gratitude, once again, and turned towards the door. She silently walked out, and headed towards the inn under the moonlit night.
  9. I finally finished chapter 5! But I feel like Lars is really OOC so sorry in advance (bows). Chapter 5 'I'm boreeeeeed.....' Lars was walking in the royal gardens while waiting for the ceremony to start. 'Not that I'll actually attend it. But why hasn't it started yet? I should hear the wedding bells by now.' He thought, looking by the bell tower. Then he sighed. 'I know it's not right, but I wish they wouldn't get married at all. I would hardly see her if she did, and... I wish she'd just come back with me.' He thought with disdain. His heart would beat faster when he thought of her, but he needed to shove those kind of thoughts down. He won't allow himself to fall for her. He still can't forgive himself for what he did to her. 'But... I still wish I heard her answer before she went with Dameon.' He sighed, again. Nowadays, he noticed all he could do was sigh. He remembered what happened right before they got to the sun temple. Flashback They were almost at the temple, they were tired, mentally and physically. But Lars, he was more than tired, he was exhausted. He hadn't been able to spend some time with his best friend. She always stood next to Dameon. 'She probably thinks he might suddenly turn evil again. But he had always been evil. I wasn't even surprised he worked for Ahriman.' Lars thought, slightly snickering. Their journey was done. They have defeated Ahriman, and Dameon will no longer stay anywhere near Rhen. But that also means he couldn't stay close to Rhen either. So he had to ask her now, before they reach the oracle. He took a deep breath and walked at Rhen's side, who was walking at Dameon's side. He placed his hand on her shoulder, and whispered in her ear. "Can I talk to you, Rhen? Just for a while." And to his surprise, she nodded and didn't look back for Dameon's approval. But he did. And saw the sun priest's heated glare. He didn't have time to quarrel with the man, so he just took Rhen to the back of the group. Thinking the distance was adequate, he asked her. "Rhen, what are your plans after this?" She was silent as she thought about it for a moment. And then she sighed. "I'm not really sure. I don't think I have many choices, and I'm sure that everyone would want me to be queen. But I don't want to be queen! I want time for myself, time to be me." Lars stopped walking and waited for her to notice. Almost immediately, she stopped and stared at him, confused. "Rhen, I don't want you to be queen." He stated, making Rhen stand impossibly still. "Would-,"he started, heart throbbing in nervousness, "Would you come with me? Back to Veldarah? I- we got a letter from Master Harald, he said we're welcome to come back to the school, and he's offering us spots as instructors. And-" 'I still want to stay together with you,' he didn't say. "So what will you do? Do you want to come with me?" He asked. There was a moment of silence. They were almost at the top, almost at the temple, and Lars wanted- no, he needed to hear her answer now. "I- " Rhen started, but before she could continue, "Rhen! Lars! What's taking you so long?!" Mad Marge interrupted. "I- We need to go Lars." And Rhen left him there. She went up to Mad Marge, glanced back at him, and went inside the temple. He stayed there, flabbergasted for a moment. Why did that mad barmaid have to come at such an important moment?! "Lars! Lets go, boy!" The mad woman hollered. He sighed. "Coming!" End of Flashback Simultaneous to his sigh in his memory, he sighed in real life, remembering his disappointment. For weeks he remembered that moment, he ached for the answer he was not given. He walked to the castle instead, waiting for the sound of the bells. But instead of wedding bells, frantic footsteps and hushed whispers were all that you could hear in the whole castle. Servants and maids were running all over the place searching for the bride and groom. The guests were whispering to themselves about what could have happened. One group in particular had different opinions on the present events. According to Elini, "They could have eloped, not wanting the responsibilities of a royal family." But Tei'jal said, 'The sun priest may have wanted to have Rhen for himself, away from everybody else.' Mad Marge, however, told them, 'Maybe they just ain't together. The girl didn't wanna be queen anyways.' The men did not add anything to the women's thoughts. They kept searching the castle the entire time, looking for the supposedly couple of the hour. Meanwhile, Lars just got back from the gardens and went to the group. After the women informed him about the recent events... "What?! Rhen and Dameon are missing?! How could you just say that with a straight face?! How can we know that its wasn't Dameon who kidnapped Rhen? Its totally possible!" Lars did not believe it. 'Rhen can't be missing. She wouldn't miss her own wedding! Something must have gone wrong.' The other guests were already ushered out, back to their own lives. The only ones who stayed were Lars' group, Devin, Talia, and the druids. "Where could they have gone? It isn't like them to leave their responsibilities behind. It's my son we're talking about, he will not run away without reason." Talia said. They were all sitting around the court room table. "I may not have known her for long, but Rhen is a responsible young woman. How can we know how to find them if the only clue we have is the remains of Rhen's wedding dress?" Devin said as he stood up from his chair. "Calm down, Devin." Talia, who sat beside him, stood up and placed her hands on his shoulders. "Just think for a moment. Before everything else, who will now rule Thais without Rhen?" She asked. Devin sighed as he already knew what was going to happen. "I'll rule Thais while Rhen is still missing. But if she comes back and wants the throne, I'll give it to her." Elini immediately got tired of their conversation since they couldn't give a proper solution to the problem at hand. She stood up from her chair and said, "Now that that's settled, how are we going to find Rhen?" She slammed her palms on the table for emphasis. Lars kept quiet throughout the whole meeting. He listened to their suggestions yet... somehow he knew that they won't be able to find them, much less find her. He was her best friend. But why... why does she still not trust him with things like this? Did she really consider him as her best friend? "Well then," Talia suddenly said in a loud voice, shaking Lars off his thoughts, "now that that's settled, go to your respective places and try to find any information on their whereabouts." She said in a final tone. As the druids and everyone else hurried to leave so they could start finding the missing couple, Lars stayed glued to his seat. He contemplated whether he should go back to Veldarah now so he could continue to teach while looking for clues, or if he should borrow the dragon from Captain John, and borrow Captain John from Elini so he could cover as much ground as he possibly could in a few days. He was in a tight schedule since he couldn't ask for a leave from the school for long periods of time. He didn't have to think twice. He knew he would always choose the latter option which ensured a higher percentage of finding Rhen. So he stood up and ran outside so he could catch up to the pirate and the Veldtian woman.
  10. Oh, I forgot to mention that I've posted the story in Archive of our own (AO3). I might post it in fanfiction.net and wattpad but... Meh, probably not. Anyway,thanks for the reads and thank you @Scrivener of the Gods for supporting this little fic of mine 😁
  11. Chapter 4 It hurts. Rhen wanted to cry. She wanted to scream. She wanted to throw out everything she could put her hands on. But she didn't. So this is heartbreak, huh? She felt empty, and cold. Then she felt a fire in her bones. Anger. She felt anger and disappointment. 'What should I do now? I won't have a wedding without a groom. And I certainly don't want to be queen now. I only accepted it because of that stupid bald-headed priest!' "Who left right before your wedding." Rhen's mind whispered to her. 'Who cares about that man. And who cares about what the Oracle told me to do. I'm going to make my own destiny, my own future. And with that thought, she tried getting out of the ridiculously large wedding dress. It was quite harder than she expected. 'I'm wasting time just taking this thing off! Should I just slash it?' She thought. It would be such a waste, but she didn't really plan on having that huge a gown so... good riddance she guessed? She hacked and slashed at it, effectively getting it off of her. She changed into her sword singer outfit, which felt a lot better than the the gown, and grabbed her things. She knew she couldn't go out the door, no, there would be too many people. She felt a slight breeze and faced the window. Yes, that would do. She looked out of the window. 'I'm three floors above the ground, but that won't do anything to me.' And so, she jumped. As she rolled onto the grass, she felt alive once again. She grinned to herself, thinking of everything she can do. 'But not yet, not until I'm out of this country.' She stood up and ran as fast as she can, not minding the looks she received from the people waiting to see their queen's marriage. They didn't recognize her. She felt bad for leaving the people, her people, but nothing felt better than being free. 'Just like when I was a slave. Now that I think of it, maybe I can fulfill my end of the bet.' She grinned, feeling her hair whip across her face. She ran and she ran, until she reached the docks. She slowed down to a complete stop as she saw possibly a hundred ships at the bay. 'This many people came to see my wedding?' Guilt once again made itself known to her, as she thought of the many people who came to see her and Dameon's wedding. 'Who cares. Anyway, I'm not the one who left because I didn't feel anything.' She tried asking some of the men who were still on their boats, but none of them wanted to sail away without finishing the wedding. Exhausted, she went inside the dock's only store. As she pretended to look at the wares, she thought, 'They surely know that I've escaped by now, and Dameon too. I feel bad for leaving, but Devin is there, he'll handle it, along with Talia I'm sure.' She snickered to herself thinking of what will happen to the two. But she can't stay any longer, she needed to leave the country. She opened her bag and tried looking for something she may be able to use. 'Yes! Who knew I still had travel runes! Fortunately, its for Veldarah.' She shrugged. 'Oh well, lucky me, since I was planning on fulfilling that promise I made awhile back.' She grinned to herself before walking out of the store and walking towards the forest. 'School of War and Magick, here I come.' And she disappeared.
  12. Chapter 3 It was finally the wedding day. Corsets were worn, stockings were lifted, various shiny things were picked and poked. The soon-to-be wife was getting ready in her room. Endless numbers of maids were up and about, going inside the room to fix the girl's outfit, then going outside to look for something. She insisted on dressing herself but the maids pretended to hear nothing. Rhen could only sit on the chair, face in an unconcealed frown. After a few hours of dressing and poking, they were finally done and the maids went out of the room without excusing themselves. 'Those maids sure have great manners.' Rhen thought while rolling her eyes. There was some time left before she had to go downstairs. So she dared herself to look in the mirror. A beautiful woman with slightly curled lilac hair stared right back at her. Hair freely flowing, half pinned up with pearls and diamonds. Hanging from her ears and neck were dazzling gems commoners' rarely even see. Face full of color, from the shiny silver on her eyelids which brought out amethyst eyes, lined with black kohl making the eyes look bigger. Lashes black and thick with whatever was put on it. Lips full and red like an apple fresh for picking. Who was the girl in the mirror? This was a side of Rhen she hadn't seen before. She would never believe this was her if she didn't go through those painful hours of full transformation. 'Is this still even me? This face heavy with makeup doesn't look like me at all. A dress, more like a gown, with hundreds of layers I never dreamed of wearing. Why would anyone want to wear something as suffocating as this for a wedding?' Rhen continued to stare at her other self through the mirror. 'I look like a sausage in this tight corset. I'm sure Lars would think the same.' The young bride laughed to herself while thinking what Lars would say. 'He'll probably be like "What are you wearing? With your hair you look like an eggplant!" Then he'd laugh, rolling all over the floor, like his words even made sense. I wonder what Lars is doing right now? Did he get the job at the school? *Sigh* I miss my best friend.' Knock knock. The person on the other side of the door knocked Rhen out of her thoughts. Thinking it was just another maid, she told them to come in. She was pretending to get something from her jewelry box so she couldn't see who was at the door. "Just a moment. I'm almost done. I'll be going down soon." She said. "Rhen." Her head whipped up as she heard the voice of a certain man. She was surprised to see the man of the hour in her room, right now. "Dameon! What are you doing here? You know that we shouldn't see each other before the ceremony." Rhen softly chided the priest. But then, she saw the worry, the sadness in his eyes. He placed his hands on her face and cupped her cheeks, as if assuring something. Rhen blushed and looked down in embarrassment. She really wasn't used to open affections. Suddenly, he brought them down and sighed. "What's wrong, Dameon?" This time, she caressed his cheek. Dameon sighed again, holding her hand gently, but immediately took her hand away from his face. She was slightly hurt by the action, but thought nothing of it. "Rhen, I'm sorry." Dameon lowered his head, Rhen not being able to see his eyes. "Sorry for what? For tricking us when you were controlled by Ahriman? I said I already forgave you for that." Rhen smiled at her fiance. There was no reason to keep resenting a once brainwashed man. "Sorry for telling you I still love you." The priest raised his head, eyes slightly wet while looking at Rhen. The young woman went still in shock. "What?" Her voice in a whisper. "I'm sorry that I didn't tell you until now but, after you saved me from Ahriman, I truly felt something for you. I don't know if it was love but now, I feel nothing. I'm still grateful, entirely so, to you. But, I'm no longer in love with you." The sun priest explained. "When the oracle told you to choose, and you chose me, I was already having my doubts. The effect of Ahriman was not fully released then so I thought I still had feelings for you. But, just a week ago, I suddenly felt empty. Then, I knew." Dameon stared directly into Rhen's tear-filled eyes. "I'm not the one for you. I'm truly sorry." And without hearing Rhen's response, Dameon went out of the door, never to be seen again.
  13. Here's Chapter 2!!!! Finally finished it. Enjoy! Chapter 2 It has been three months since they all separated, and it the wedding was only a day away. Each of them had already received an invitation. Captain John was assigned the job to pick everyone up, since he was the one who had the dragon. He had no choice in the matter, seeing that it was the queen of Thais herself who requested this, as a wedding gift she said. And so, he picked them up one by one. He first picked up his wife. They got married against his will, he said, and he continues to escape her clutches to sail, or ride a dragon, across the seas. Elini does not allow this, and continually chases the pirate and captures him, every, single, time. He was on the run the time Rhen went to him. He didn't know how she found him, but she also requested that he pick his wife up first. And so, he got reprimanded by the Veldtian woman once again. They were now on their way to pick up Mad Marge. She was given the house in Sedona, much to her delight. The mad woman had already turned it into a famous pub. They had a hard time trying to convince her to come, but she ended up agreeing once she heard there were Thaisian drinks that were going to be served. The three of them picked up the vampire couple next. They only found Tei'jal in the vampires' house. "Do not worry about my husband. He is only in the woods, probably shouting more endearments for me. He is so sweet, no?" The vampire sparkled in delight. "You call that sweet?! I shall tell you about the things men did for me back in the day!" Mad Marge cackled as she told her stories. "That is nothing close to what my husbands did just to marry me." Elini pitched in. Captain John sweatdropped at the women's antics and slowly went outside to find the knight. True to the vampiress' word, Galahad was slicing and thrusting his sword on the trees around him, shouting 'Evil demon, monster!' and other words normal people would cringe hearing. But alas, Captain John was no longer a normal person, remembering everything that they've been through before defeating Ahriman. The pirate leaned on a tree, waiting for the knight to notice him. It only took a moment before Galahad turned to him. The knight automatically asked how he fared and the men exchanged troubles about their wives. After both parties' finished their conversations, they went to fetch their last member. They flew to Veldarah, where the said member had become a teacher. They found him teaching his last class for the day and decided to wait outside of the school. After a while, they noticed a man with a patch of green hair walking towards them. The men greeted him, locking his head in their arms and rubbing his head, to the sorcerer's annoyance. But he allowed them to do so for a while, since they haven't seen each other for three months. After the men had their fun, the women, specifically Elini and Tei'jal, slipped their hands under Lars' arms and dragged him to the nearest private area, which was the back of the school. "So, have you moved on yet?" Mad Marge immediately questioned the young sorcerer as the other women let him down. "Me? Moved on? From who?" Lars asked, feigning innocence (according to the women's eyes, at least). Elini stared at him, unamused. "Sorcerer, it is not healthy to deny a fact that each of us, except for the sword singer, had known since we bought the house in Sedona." "What fact? I know nothing of the sort!" Lars continued to evade their questions, much to the irritation of the vampiress. "If you do not stop with that stupid denial, I will not hesitate to bite you neck." Tei'jal snarled, showing off her fangs. Lars, gulping, put his hands up in surrender. "I only like her as a friend! Why do all of you insist that I love her?!" Lars said, feeling helpless. After all, a vampiress is threatening you, who would dare go against that? "You say you don't love her, do you?! Then why are you so overprotective of her all the time?!" Mad Marge hollered. "She's my best friend! Of course I would be protective. But I am NOT overprotective." He said, crossing his arms. "And I have no plan on going to the stupid wedding. I would only see a stupid Peta and a stupid baldy." Lars raised his chin in a royally pain in the ass way. 'She didn't even bother inviting me in person. I had no contact with her for three whole months. What kind of best friend does that?!' He thought while shaking his head mentally. "You're not going to the wedding?! Then we shouldn't have wasted our time going here. I could have copie- tasted the Thaisian beverages by now!" Mad Marge catched herself and huffed as she glared at the young man. "Well if you actually informed me that you were coming, I would have told you in advance!" Lars stomped his feet. "Lars, you are not going?" The young man turned to look at the Veldtian woman. "If you would just agree, we already have a plan to make Rhen fall for you." "I don't WANT Rhen to fall in love with me! Don't you see how much Dameon means to her?" Lars said, exasperated. "On the otherhand, I'm just someone who treated her like she was less than the dirt on my feet for the months she'd been my s-slave!" Lars stuttered when he said that dreaded word. Every time he says, thinks, or even hears that word, all the guilt and pain he locked within himself keeps bursting out. He remembers every kick, slap, push he ever did to HER. Her, who opened his eyes and introduced a bigger world that he could never have imagined. Her, who didn't let him down even when her own life was at stake. Her, who smiled so forgivingly, so gently, at HIM. Him, who had abused her physically and mentally. Him, who would have saved himself at the slightest hint of his life being in danger. Him, who still couldn't forgive himself for everything he has ever done. After a short moment of silence, he said once again, "I'm still not going to the wedding." "You stupid little boy!" Elini suddenly burst out. "Why can't you see that you have treated her better for the last two years of our journey! You know her better than anyone else! You have seen her at her best and at her worst! You've been with her for the longest time! And now, if you do not wish to break her heart at her wedding day, come with us, and show her your support as a friend, an ally, someone no longer her enemy." She told Lars. Lars stared open-mouthed at the woman's outburst. He contemplated her words for a few moments then sighed. 'She's right. I don't even have a proper excuse for not going to the wedding. After everything I did to Rhen, this would be the least I could do.' He thought. "Fine, I see your point. I'll..... go to the wedding." And with their final member in tow, they flew on their dragon and went to the place once called the Blasted Lands.
  14. Probably the Dreamworld, it looks ethereal-like to me. If you had a million dollars, what would you buy first?
  15. (This thread seemed like fun. I want to revive it a bit lol.) Strawberry 😋, or any type of fruit. If you were stuck in a tower with a dragon guarding it outside, which Aveyond character do you want to come and rescue you?
  16. Hi everyone! This is my first fanfic (first story, really) but Aveyond 1 has always been my favorite videogame. Not even my love for final fantasy could beat it 😆 If you know the Aveyond fanfic "Uncertainty Principle" by Blurble, this was heavily influenced by it. So if you see anything similar, I'm sorry in advance (bows) I tried my best to make it differently. Anyways, I LOVE THAT FANFIC! Thank you very much to Blurble for that 😀 So without further ado... Rhen x OC or Rhen x Lars Fanfic!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 1 Above the grassy hills of Aveyond, While a soft breeze was calmly blowing, In the temple of the sun where light was blindingly shining, Decisions were made, Thoughts not conveyed. "I'd like to marry Dameon." The purple haired swordsinger said, as she looked expectantly to the sun priest, her eyes wide and shining. 'I love him. I really do. Even Danny could not make me feel the same way he does.' Rhen thought it through. It was obviously the best choice. She didn't want to be a hermit. She would probably miss her friends too much. She'd rather be dead, than live alone for the rest of her life. Going back to Clearwater was clearly crossed out. Nothing was there that she wanted to hold on to. Her parents, or adoptive parents, had lied to her all this time, she had forgiven them though. But she no longer wanted the life she used to dream of. A life as a housewife... thats not anything the present Rhen wanted now. Third option, and still not appealing to her at all, was being the queen of her real parents' kingdom. She had no intention of ruling anything, much less a kingdom. She was nothing but a girl who saved the world, how would that help in restoring a broken kingdom? The only bright side in that though, is being with Dameon, who was presently smiling widely. No one knew though, what thoughts were currently running through his mind. But... There's actually a fourth option, however she didn't know how, exactly, she felt about it. The Oracle clapped her hands in a slow and gentle way. She approached the couple and said, "Congratulations to the new king and queen of Thais! You have my blessings." Everyone clapped along the old woman enthusiastically, their faces however showed different kinds of emotions. None of them were truly happy for the two. Tei'jal and Elini looked at each other, then stared at a certain green-haired boy. Galahad and Captain John looked directly at the sun priest, who still kept his big smile. Mad Marge clapped the loudest, but had an indifferent expression. Lars clapped weakly, and had a strained smile on his face. His head was full of questions, full of regrets, full of emotions. Wasn't he a choice? Even if he was only a best friend to her, why was he pushed to the sidelines? Why didn't she choose him? He should've asked for the answer. He should've told her everything. He should've been given a chance. 'But I never really DID stood a chance, huh? No matter what I do, it will still be Dameon who she will choose in the end.' He thought bitterly. The clapping slowly went to a stop. Lars immediately went forward and hugged Rhen. The swordsinger hugged him back. She knew what her choice meant. She knew that this would mean she would hardly see her friends anymore. But she won't regret it. She was sure she won't. "I'm sorry Lars. It looks like I can't fulfill my end of the bet after all." Rhen told Lars as they broke away. Her head bowed down, unable to look at him in his eyes. Her head whipped up in surprise, however, when she heard him laugh at her softly. "Then that only means one thing." He said smiling at her. "I'm going to win and I have bragging rights over you." Rhen laughed at his antics and stuck out her tongue. "Fine, I admit defeat this time. But do me a favor." She said seriously. "Please-" "Abolish slavery for me." Lars cut her off. "I know. It has always been what you wanted. And who am I to say no to the queen of Thais?" He grinned cheekily. "Thank you Lars." Rhen said with full honesty. "Anything for my best friend." Lars replied. "Well then, I hogged you for too long, your fiancee is waiting." He said while shooing her away. She only laughed in response and faced her other party members who came and congratulated her and Dameon. After that, Elini and Tei'jal immediately went to Lars' side. "Human, it is unfortunate that it is the sun priest that she chose. The summoner and I had always chose you for the girl. However, the girl appears to have other plans." Elini nodded in approval. She suddenly smiled, and had a certain glint in her eyes. "But do not worry, northener. We are willing to help you gain her heart." Elini showed him a bottle, half full of a special pink liquid. The two women grinned at each other, a plan formulating in their heads. Lars smiled at the two. He appreciated their concerns, and their slightly evil plans. But. "I only see her as a friend. Even if I did see her as anything more, I don't deserve her. All I want is to stand by her, to keep being her closest ally. I won't be able to forgive myself if I did anything to hinder her happiness." Lars told the women. "But we all see how much you care for the girl. It's impossible for it to be only friendship." Tei'jal said, slightly surprised that her intuition could be wrong. "I agree. You love her, she does too. I have no idea why the two of you are pushing each other away." Elini crossed her arms, while Tei'jal nodded in approval. "I'm sorry, but you're wrong. Don't you see that she loves Dameon?" Lars asked the two. "T-that's just infatuation. Surely she'll leave him before the wedding." Elini said, not entirely sure herself. "No matter what happens, I will support Rhen in whatever situation she'll be in. Whether today, or in the future." Lars said with resolve and left the two to their own musings. The women stood still for a while, looked at each other, and shrugged. "I still find it hard to believe that those two fail to realize how they are meant for each other." Tei'jal thought out loud as they both watched the boy walk out of the temple. "They have spent years fighting, laughing and colliding with each other. Yet, they always seemed to find a way to numb their own thoughts and feelings." Elini added, as each of their party members moved to congratulate the new couple. "I'm still team Larshen though." Tei'jal said. "I am too. Except it's team Larhen." Elini countered. They glared at each other for a bit, then laughed. Elini then moved and stuck close to Captain John, who had started to tiptoe out of the room in an attempt to escape the Veldtian woman. Likewise, Tei'jal encircled her arms around Galahad, preventing him from moving away. The two women proceeded to congratulate the couple, with their men in tow. With one same final thought before they said their goodbyes, Tei'jal and Elini looked at each other. 'Having a man by your side is still the best way to go.'
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    Hi everyone! I'm a new member but I've played Aveyond since I was a kid. I was so happy to see this site! I play The Sims 4 and Aveyond, so this was the end result 😂 Please help me make them look like the characters more! THANKS YOU!
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