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  1. HI! Ant! I think that I am busy, I will ask you a question! To put it briefly, the player wants to name the character. In the input field, you want the player to enter the name in the character and display the name in the conversation. What should I do?
  2. Hi , Ant! It is before modification. 1. Randomly created 10 gold 2. randomly spawn 10 enemies randomly 3. Enemies move randomly and chase players 4. The player picks up "gold" and gold is destroyed. (I changed "Destroy Hero Object" to "Turn Hero Object Off") 5. Finally, the random motion of the enemy stops and synchronizes with the movement of the player. This is like imitating the player's movement without following the player. For example, go to the right when you go to the right, and move to the left when you move to the left. I wanted to destroy "gold". I do not remember details of trial and error, but "RpgController 2D" became normal by changing "Destroy Hero Object" to "Turn Hero Object Off". Trial and error is moving the state to an empty object, changing the action, and so on. I am studying Unity and HeroKit, so I do not know the difference between "Destroy Hero Object" and "Turn Hero Object Off". There is no change in the fact that the object "disappears", so I do not know the difference.
  3. Was self resolved. When "Destroy Hero Object" in another event was changed to "Turn Hero Object Off", it started to work normally. I do not know why.
  4. Hi , Ant! It is hard to explain, but I will try it.😅 1. Generate 10 spawn objects. 2. While moving randomly, head to the player. 3. When the player is running away, some of the objects spawned eventually stop. It is about half. 4. When checking with the inspector, RpgController 2D (script) was turned off. Even if you change the number of spawn objects, it stops.
  5. Visual Novel module! It is amazing!😁 I see. I'll try! Thanks!
  6. Hi Ant! Is there a plan to introduce a node type like the dialogue system for Unity or integration with the dialogue system for Unity? It is convenient to attach to each object with show message action. However, if it is a long conversation or branch, it gets confused. So I wish for the ability to browse only the dialogue. Thanks!
  7. I tried it! I did it! Thank! BTW, I'd like to create a sim game with a hero kit! Thanks!!
  8. Hello! Today, I bought a kit.I am learning while I am struggling because I am not a coder. Please let me ask a few questions. Does the ShowMessage action have a typewriter effect function? Is there a pdf in which the document of the HeroKit is gathered? The site's documentation is fragmentary and I know it's handy to use like a dictionary. However, in order to read back many times, I feel that it is somewhat troublesome because I will make a transition from page to page with clicks and clicks. Thank you!
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