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  1. Hi , this time I'm in the main dome. I did hit that red fireball which depelets all of your MP and leaves you with a HP of 1. After I hit it, the upper steel door opened but I'm havig a hard time opening the botton steel doors. I went and looked everywhere in this big mansion and I even destroyed all the monster in the library section which many locked doors. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I think I found something behind the top pillar from the left. I think there is a shadow of a square switch. Maybe thats the part that will lead me to the access card. I got the water access card by the teleportation portal. There was a hidden bridge to the north when I exit the temple place. I thought I stepped on that hidden switch earlier.Thanks for the info.
  3. Hi, the five places I've been to was The art district where there are many houses in it, The park district with many bushes, A place where some blue doors can be opened and I cross many bridges to a gate on top, A district filled with different paths where I have to ride a mini ship and lastly the laboratory where I need an access card to continue. I have searched mostly everywhere in these five different areas in that blue sigil particular area.I'm having a hard time finding the access card.Maybe it's hiding in some bushes.Also, I'm wondering when I use in one of the areas with the ship. I came to a place with green numbers starting from 5 down to 1. Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm now in area 10 and I'm in one of the cave filled with 6 cards to access each of the 3 middle doors. I'm in the room with 3 switches and I still need an access card to active the water. Anyone knows where that card could be. Thanks again
  5. Hi, I'm now in area 10. I have found the two crystals being one in the library where I have to answer some questions and the other being on Pacifica Boulevard where there are various crystals that I have to input the correct numbers. Now, I'm having trouble finding the thrid one. I think I know its somewhere in the ark or maybe I'm wrong. Now I'm on a giant ship and I found a hidden elixir and went downstairs into a weird looking laboratory with cells. I have no clue what these cells do but are there any things that is useful down there that can help me find or lead to the next crystal. Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, I'm really getting excited now, but I'm stuck in the Central Tower. I'm at the top floor with the blue refreshing point and a blue crystal savestate.Can everybody help me here. Where I'm a suppose to go from here. Is there some sort of a button or a switch I have to press. Thanks
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