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  1. When I import HeroKit and the asset in the topic, the scripts of OrthoCameraOn.cs and ThirdPersonCameraOn.cs will be missing out some word reference(targetObject, defaultPos,defaultAngles,firstPerson,Initialize). Is that possible to be solved?Thank you @Ant This is not bug, but I don't know where to start the topic, so I put it on here.
  2. QTE can be formed in different time and aspect I think, just depend how you want to use it. But I think the main point of QTE is "a simple input in specific timing to perform some certain movement", and for more visual enjoyment, mostly add some animation or slow motion. QTE often involve in console game, which definitely is major indie or hobbyist developer aiming for. The QTE system is not common in asset which make it have much more value. No matter what, as you said, QTE must be benefit in the long run in many aspect, definite make herokit into the next level.
  3. I did not realize that. For QTE system, in my thought, it is just as you said---"in game dodge roll type things", which is like a slow motion scene and let player to perform some action, dodge, ability, blocked something like that.
  4. Sure, I understand MMO system would be very difficult, even though I am just new for game development, I will try my best to finish and code my game as well as possible. This type of multiplayer game system research I have already read a lot of it. However, for how lazy person I am, if there have any asset can be reduce amount of time to finish my game, I definitely will choose it and that is what asset for. As someone else who has poor programming skills and big game development dreams--Me, I am much appreciate that have HeroKit which make me reduce bunch of time to finish my game!This thread is just a suggestion, especially MMO system. But QTE will be great if it achieved.
  5. This is fine even that multiplayer system would not be inplemented in the near future. That is just a suggestion. I am more asking for QTE system, which is really great game mechanic, that not many asset have done. It can definitely make HeroKit become more attractive. However, since I am very new to game develop. According to your word, it that mean develop a multiplay system in Unity cannot use the method which is build everything then figure out the server?It need to have some certain code method with every function I want to make in my game?So, is that I should learn ECS from now?
  6. @Ant But what would QTE(quick time event)be estimated?Do you currently have planned to finished after development break? Also according with your roadmap, some of it will be really helpful if you develop: System Database ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Connect Character in database to Hero Object via Action ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Create core HeroKit RPG specific Actions for Characters ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Connect Items and Equipment Databases to Items Menu ⭐ ⭐ Create more HeroKit RPG specific Actions for Items and Equipment ⭐ Connect Skills to Hero Objects ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ QTE ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Multiplayer system These will definitely be game change, when it developed, it probably become one and only asset we need to develop a RPG game in Unity!
  7. @Antand I saw a topic of dynamic character status formula you have currently working on it. That is what I call awesome work.I am definitely looking forward those different type and customizable formula
  8. HI Ant, what a wonderful asset you have made. This asset definitely can save ton of time to do my games. Back to the topic, is that you will looking for doing something like QTE and Multiplayer System in this game?
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