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  1. Many thanks!!! I hope I don't have to go through Zombie city first since I can't enter there yet lol
  2. I know I'm late getting this game...it's too awesome! Graphics are impressive, mapping a little too many flowers but it makes it colorful! I already posted to a reply re: Rossa"s box still can't get since there's no box floating in any of the lakes (inclusive of lake just below Zombie City) unless I'm still missing having found another lake lol Kudos on your first game!!!!! I'm recommending it to a lot of people. Is there a chance of 2nd game w/Random/Sarah or other L.F. characters since Aldorlea characters have been used? Thanks for making this game!!!
  3. I'm at the lake right below the Zombie city entrance, sparkly lake still getting can't be reached...and I've been to all of the sparkly lakes lol thanks for any help...also can't get into the Zombie city either Roman is still too scared 😣
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