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    I am not ablr to sell stuff from robins store. I was able to join 2 covens and problem started after quest given for second spell. Hope I can help. Thanking in advance.


    P.S. I am not able to email u

  2. There was no problems till I got the task to sell Jinx's old dress. It was my assumption that being able to join two covens might have contributed to the problem. What happened after I slept at the inn is, if I access the shop and try to sell stuff now, the game hangs, though the music is still on. It wasn't there before. And can I get her email id too?
  3. I am given the option for selection, but nothing happens if I do so. Not even 'this is not what I want' message is coming.
  4. Hello I am currently playing Aveyond 4, but there is a problem. I have completed every quests (nearly) and the only ones remaining are joining coven and the follow ups. The problem is that I was able to join both covens (only later I knew there were 3). I got spell from both. Life from Lor and steal item from jinx. I completed membership of Jinxs and got the sell old dress. The problem started from there. I have already sold nearly all items, only thing remaining are the extra hat, the dress and piggy bank. Now, the trigger for customers activates, but no customers are coming and I just can't sell the item. The lowest level in my team is lv60, normal mode and I can't go back since there r no previous saves of coven and I have played too much. I am attaching screenshots and hope u can help. help. Thanking in advance.
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