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  1. Absolutely gorgeous art Berry! Loving it!
  2. I was thinking about how many times I played the Aveyond series the other day and I actually wanted to wake up the comunity a little bit by asking about favorite moments people had while playing Aveyond. Let's see, for me, I played AV1 the most times, and honestly, Rhen stabbing Ahriman and finally freeing the land was sorta my favorite moment, I guess you could say. Aveyond as a series is starting to reach a preety ripe age, so I just wanted to take a second and think back a bit. Curious to see what other people's fav moments were!
  3. Ooooh godness it all looks brilliant!
  4. Beautiful as always, I love ever single one of them, and Frederick's full slimey splendor is amazing! I love your work and I feel so honored to see your talent! ❤️❤️
  5. A huge Haddan fanboy right here, bruh
  6. @Blurble If you still take offers, how about Ean choosing the option to go to Thais at the end of AV2, but ending up having the same duty of Tailor Darzon of saving the Pendragon from some new whatever evil.
  7. Oooooh, are there any Ahriman Prophecy hardcore fans here? Well, despite it being easily outclassed by the other Aveyond games, I always thought Ahriman Prophecy was a fantastic game. I thought the lore was amazing, the atmosphere was excellent (despite Mysten Far being a bit spooky) and it generally explained a lot. There are some things that make no sense, but there are so many things that explained AV1 so much and it made it even better.......I dunno, I just really love Ahriman's Prophecy, and I still hope there are people who appreciate it. Oh and I love that Dan is remaking the game! I cannot wait for that either!!
  8. Awwwww. That's sooooo swweeeeettt! ❤️
  9. Wow, I'm 16, I played Rhen's Quest when I was 12, then I replayed it again, and again, and one thing led to another and I replayed it a hella lotta time. I'm not the ol' time fan that greeted the AV1 when it was released, but I'm a huge fan none the less! My favorite installment is Ahriman's Prophecy, since it explained a lot and made the lore of AV1 even better. I like to think I'll be a fan for quite a few years now! I really like AV3 as well. And I think the community is absolutely amazing! Thank you all! edit: Had to be a good bro so I helped my sis while playing it for the first time!
  10. Gotta be the center of attention at parties, you know me! XD
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