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  1. Hi "MR", I am currently working on Dawn's Light 3, and do not know where to turn for help.  Do you, or anyone in this community know if there is a walkthrough for this game?  I am currently in the Acid Cave, forgot the games name of it, and am stuck in the very first "challenge" of this area. 

    Vera and her 2 sidekicks are dealing with the part where the chickens have told Maverick and Rick to (Mav to guard chest) and Rick to watch the farm.  Got the latch from chest, and hammer from Rick and Maverick removed the nails from the lid of the chest.  Now I am supposed to talk to Maverick until he confesses the chickens told him what to do when he first walked past the basket of potatos.  Well it is 3 days later since I have been talking to him, and he never does what the pdf file says he wil do.  Please someone help me, I really want to continue this game...


    Thanks in advance,




    1. Musical_Rainbowly


      @verraFae Hello there ! I am sorry for my absence...

      I have no idea about this game, actually... Sorry. But you made me curious and I will try it. If I find something, I'll let you know :)


  2. I also love the Aveyond games. Started getting them for my grandsons when they were young, now all are grown, some in college, some in the military, but they loved these games. Now I am playing them, and I really am enjoying them. Wished the forums were much more active as I have lots of questions. Love these games. Hope some other programmer would take up the ideas and revamp and develop them to todays tech abilities.
  3. wish i could find all the planks, got the oars, and the figure head, and 10 of the 19 planks and have gone back and forth looking for the rest of the planks with no luck. Am getting really discouraged Can you help please? VerraFae
  4. can not wait. I really love these games but the graphics in Ahriman's Prophecy I can not deal with...
  5. i did talk to her will go back and make sure as i begin all over again. Got to the end and messed up about how to make sure Edward finally married Mel, so ..... thanks for your help. wish there was a good map of the demon plains so I could figure out how to get whereever easier thanks so much
  6. all the mirror does when i click on it is to show Edward what he really looks like. I can't figure out how to take it. Please help.
  7. There is no image to click on.... Please help
  8. Again thanks, the hours of fun these games give me is wonderful. VerraFae
  9. Your memory is fine.... I am just 71 and it just took me like 20 times to figure is out. It is the test in the Phyree Jungle. It took me two days to get this far in this game. I LOVE these games, just a problem or 2 along the way. The size of the maps, even with a magnifying glass, sucks. and amaranthia.com no longer is active so the stuff that was on there is no longer available... but these games are so fun I keep trying. Gave up on killing the last boss in Aveyond 1 Wren's quest, but I will go back and try in again after i get all these that I own, (bought them for my grandsons who are all grown now, and in college...) so I am enjoying them! Thanks for your help.
  10. HI, read your txt file, but my problem is none of the color combos work....?? What am I doing wrong, please Merged posts. ~Mopiece
  11. I have played through killing Ahriman in Aveyond 1c, 3 times now but the game wont end. I go to Aveyond to the temple and the Oracle tells me to hurry to Ahriman's castle and kill him, every time!! Pleaese tell me how to get the game to recognize I offed him? Thanks, verraFae
  12. they all were very interesting, and each, first time I tried to do any of them I got back out of them and "practiced" until I could the worst of the evil beings that try to get you. The only one that still is really killing me, is dreamland. Boy, I just can't seem to get my act together in this one. I do ok until 3 or 4 of them are ganged up against you. I am trying deferent people unti I get the right combination to get through this area. WOW
  13. I love these aveyond games. Bought them at first when I was doing a lot of baby sitting for my grandsons, they loved them too, and think it hilarious that grandma is still playing them - like i had a chance when they were little boys, GAME HOGS! Laughing now though. But out all the games I got them these are the ones that still are played the most. Working on the sixth druid quest now, gettingg excited!
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