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  1. @Mickychi Thank you for the suggestion! I'm still hoping for the walkthrough, but I can't wait to start playing it so I'll have to make do with The Daily Moogle playthrough in case no one has it still :-). Thanks again๐Ÿ˜
  2. Hi there!

    I saw you mentioned, back in March 2017, you had the walthrough by over_cloud9 for Aveyond: The Lost Orb. Do you still happen to have it?

  3. @LizzyBug Hi! Do you, or anyone else, still happen to have that walkthrough? Also, not exactly the right topic but, is Stella dead dead or is there a way to revive her? I didn't know she would die unless I had Edward propose to her, until it was too late Edit: never mind, I launched the game and it answered my question regarding Stella :-). The walkthrough would still be very much appreciated though!
  4. I guess I'll just deal with it-- I like to listen to music while playing and muting doesn't really contribute to achieving that goal. Thanks for your suggestions though ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Ah that's a pity. Replacing the sound files is a pretty good suggestion, thanks for that one! Just not looking forward to replacing 228 of them, each with their own name of course.. Lol.
  6. Hello everyone, I bought Aveyond 2 for MacOS on Radialapps. There's an option to turn off the music, which works fine, but I would also like to turn off the sound effects. There's no option for this. I've tried to delete the sound effects folder, but as soon as I'm in a fight and attack, I get a message the sound file isn't found and the game shuts down. Is there any solution for this? Thanks,
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