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  1. Hey Eleni ! Nice to see you here ! Welcome ! ❤️
  2. Thank you ! ❤️ Good luck in the college and have a good time with AP after !
  3. Yeah, I remember that in Aveyond 3-1, the enemies in Ghed'ahre are kinda difficult... you mai have some wins, but there are chances to get defeated, so, maybe the best thing you can do there is to avoid them, especially the ones in groups ( 3-4 ) , and try to kill the solo ones or some groups of two. Also, I remember that Teij'al has to help Galahad in a battle with three or four skeletons, which can be tricky, if I am right. Oh god yeees, about Aveyond 1, I HATE that stupid spiders in the attic. In Expert, they can kill you and it's like " REALLY ? A LIL' SPIDER B**CH KILLED ME ? " , and that's how your challenge is ruined :') . And about the game mode, of course we are talking about the expert mode. I mean, really, easy and normal are, you know, to easy for some experts like us 😂 .
  4. @Seraphus Wow, I really like how much time you paid to organise your gameplay and build some plans and strategies ! Big brain 😉 I will watch your attempt, and, welp, tell me about your future victories, pls. I am sure you will do it, you are prepared. Stay determined ❤️
  5. @LMHM2017 Welcome Back ! I am from the " Some of you may not know me " section 😂😅. Nice to meet you ! 3 Years means a lot of time . Sadly, the forum's days are numbered... but still, some of us are trying to keep it alive . I hope you cand join our topics and be more online Have a good time !
  6. @Seraphus Lol, what a coincidence :))) I am glad to see that I am not the only one here who is in this challenge. I will try to find your vids and well, good luck ! I am surprised about Aveyond 3-1 , and don't give up on Aveyond 2, maybe there is a way to actually do it !
  7. @Kaiso Sadly, I can't say anything about Ahriman's Prophecy. I played all Aveyond Games, but not this one... tomorrow I am gonna get my laptop back and I will try to play it :) Now, about Rhen's Quest, about the chickens... I think you are talking about the ones from the forest between Ghalarah and Veldarah. Why are they so hard ? You just, don't have to encounter them untill you get to academy, take the outfit and a good equipment. You even get a Warning when you go in the forest after Rhen gets her token, to not FIGHT ANY CHICKENS. But about Ahriman, I have to agree. It can be really hard, if you don't have a good strategy. I remember that there are some good strategies, like the Plague spell ( It can deal massive damage to him) or Teij'al's Final Embrace. I beat only once Aveyond 4, I still don't know too good everything about it, but I will replay it some day. Sooo, Yep, I know it can be really hard, but, idk, I will still try, maybe untill I will realise that it is impossible, or maybe I will be victorious 😅
  8. @lovely-girl I understad, I understand... and I know you can still die, but still i am so determined to omplete this challenge :)) because I know I can and well, if you encounter lots of battles and you have a good strategy, I think you can really do it. Also, about your idea, I know I cna do that, but, you see, I am talking here about a SERIOUS gameplay with ABSOLUTELY no death :)) . I was re-playing Rhen's quest to win this challenge, but I remembered that I never tried Ahriman's Prophecy, sooo I am going yo play it, then return to the challenge Thank you for joining this topic ! ❤️
  9. Hey ! I am sooo happy that there are still persons who wants to keep alive this game and it's comunity ! I agree with you and Welcome to the forum!
  10. I am curious if someone finished any Aveyond game without deaths, or if you ever tried. Do you think if it is actually possible ? I mean, in any battle, the monsters can " surprise " you, with a critical attack or a good attack plan. Or the effect of a spell won't work always, and your plan could be ruined and get defeated... Anyway, let me know pls
  11. @Kaiso Thank you ! Sadly, I kinda forgot about it... But in my country the summer holiday will start after a week and I will have a lot of free time ! So, I will try to work at it again
  12. Hi "MR", I am currently working on Dawn's Light 3, and do not know where to turn for help.  Do you, or anyone in this community know if there is a walkthrough for this game?  I am currently in the Acid Cave, forgot the games name of it, and am stuck in the very first "challenge" of this area. 

    Vera and her 2 sidekicks are dealing with the part where the chickens have told Maverick and Rick to (Mav to guard chest) and Rick to watch the farm.  Got the latch from chest, and hammer from Rick and Maverick removed the nails from the lid of the chest.  Now I am supposed to talk to Maverick until he confesses the chickens told him what to do when he first walked past the basket of potatos.  Well it is 3 days later since I have been talking to him, and he never does what the pdf file says he wil do.  Please someone help me, I really want to continue this game...


    Thanks in advance,




    1. Musical_Rainbowly


      @verraFae Hello there ! I am sorry for my absence...

      I have no idea about this game, actually... Sorry. But you made me curious and I will try it. If I find something, I'll let you know :)


  13. Where can I find it ? Also, where is the Aveyond Lord of Twilight Voice Pack ?
  14. As we all know, the best part of Aveyond was it's storyline ! The mysteries, the quests, the dialogues, all that feelings, they created an amazing story, placed in a video game. And I think this storylines would fit perfectly in a book ! I am already working, but I would like to know what do you think, and to have the permission from the creator, @Amaranth
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