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  1. Hi "MR", I am currently working on Dawn's Light 3, and do not know where to turn for help.  Do you, or anyone in this community know if there is a walkthrough for this game?  I am currently in the Acid Cave, forgot the games name of it, and am stuck in the very first "challenge" of this area. 

    Vera and her 2 sidekicks are dealing with the part where the chickens have told Maverick and Rick to (Mav to guard chest) and Rick to watch the farm.  Got the latch from chest, and hammer from Rick and Maverick removed the nails from the lid of the chest.  Now I am supposed to talk to Maverick until he confesses the chickens told him what to do when he first walked past the basket of potatos.  Well it is 3 days later since I have been talking to him, and he never does what the pdf file says he wil do.  Please someone help me, I really want to continue this game...


    Thanks in advance,




    1. Musical_Rainbowly


      @verraFae Hello there ! I am sorry for my absence...

      I have no idea about this game, actually... Sorry. But you made me curious and I will try it. If I find something, I'll let you know :)


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