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  1. I'm not sure why you even bothered to outsource that one? I mean the Alicia faceset in your art thread looked pretty damn good, and you said you did this with MV ? Don't get me wrong, the facesets look great and I get wanting a more distinct, professional look , but you seem to already be quite good in that regard, and there are plenty of free resources/parts out there. Regardless of that, I totally support whatever decision you want to make on this front I have a small idea for the reboot btw, since you're adding content. How about a glimpse of the Militant Squirrels? I mean, they show up in literally every other AV game and they're kind of a series staple, so idk would be nice to come across them, even if they're just an easter egg.
  2. Saaame, the remake is how I found this forum. I've been an Aveyond fan for forever, obviously, but AP just has such a charm to it. It's pretty flawed from a technical standpoint, but I also remember it taking some unexpected dark turns. Like, okay. This is a cute 16-bit looking game, but you find several brualised corpses, one of a priestess in Dyuti shrine, and the grisly murder of Lord What'sHisFace. Then you have a brothel which apparently goes all mafia on you if you attempt to leave and places a hit on your head, and the guards aren't gonna do anything because where else would they go for, ahem, company? And then they just 'annoy you so you slay them', and I was just staring at the screen like ... Did I just commit several murders in broad daylight?? Not to mention the child trafficking going on. I love these bits, and they're mostly absent from AV. Siriusly can't wait for Dan's remake, so excited!
  3. Hey guys, I've been a fan of the Aveyond games pretty much since they came out, and in AV1 there's a lot of talk of Rhen's mother, Queen Alicia Pendragon of Thais, who died trying to protect her and gave her to her adoptive parents to keep her safe while she perished fighting off the demons. I was very excited to learn when I first played AP that this awesome warrior queen will be in the party, and I must say, she did not disappoint. "Only a girl! What's that supposed to mean?! I'll show you what a girl can do!" However, upon some wandering about the fandom I'm seeing that Devon/Talia seems to be the preferred ship? I'm thinking I might have been biased coming in from having played Rhen's Quest already, but this fascinates me. I do see the appeal, don't get me wrong, they're childhood friends and for the first stretch of the game they're the only party members so it's easy to get attached to them as a couple. It's just odd to me because I knew Devin/Alicia would canonically get together and give birth to Rhen, so I shipped them pretty much before they even met. I liked their dynamic later on, too -- how Devin jumps to rescue her when Zorom kidnaps her, how he refuses to let her sacrifice herself (yes yes I know, he does it for Frederick too, but I didn't know that the first time I played and thought it was very sweet) and how he's obviously impressed with her from day one. And she is just hilarious, caring not at all that he's of low birth and just demanding that the priest marries them, like she's expecting push back but is determined to get her man. No bothers were given that day. Personally, I'm team Delicia, but I'm very interested to hear what the fandom thinks. Do you prefer Talia or Alicia? Why or why not?
  4. Okay, having played the updated version the two bugs princessbinas pointed out have been fixed, so hurray! Agree with Scarlet Pendant on most points. I played all the Aveyonds, so that could be why, but I didn't find the battles hard at all, and I was able to take out 3 enemies with just Talia. Had to heal afterwards, but eh. Didn't level up at all, but did equip the knife found in one of the houses, so that could possibly have made a difference as well. BTW, noticed no armour to buy this time around? (what was it in the original? Hats?) But that could just be for the demo. Update since I was able to finish it from the naming afterwards: No attraction point counter for Devin? Found this odd, since Talia has one. During the cutscene where he joins the party, some of the text went by automatically and way too fast, I wasn't able to read all of it. Some minor spelling issues. Same cutscene, Talia says 'one of your apprentice' but the plural is 'apprentices'.
  5. Yaaaay demo is here! I've played it (as far as I can, I'll get into that in a minute) and in short I love it and you've done an amazing job! That doesn't mean I'm not going to be constructive, so here are more detailed thoughts, conveniently separated into sections: What you kept the same The music instantly shot me back into childhood, so yay for that! Elden looks and feels just like the original, it was kind of neat to know where everything is but have it still feel like I'm exploring a new map. From the enemies to the NPCs to the quests, most of the original has made it in here. I love how you even have the exact same random animals walking about, the pig specifically was very nostalgic for me, I used to love chasing it. What you added The portraits look cute as hell, and THE CUTSCENES OMG. They looked and flowed great, no complaints there. Certainly an upgrade from the original, as most of the cutscenes, if you can call them that, were conversations held in empty space with some sort of vaguely menacing picture in the background. I love how you've actually made the maps for these places, and we get to see Prince Zorom's attempted assassination instead of just being told about it. Seriously enhances the experience. Speaking of, small things I really loved throughout include the animation on the blacksmith (how great was that), also adding Gemma's letter to her dad (so sweet) and keeping the bit about Talia warming her hands over the fire when she touches it. Small stuff, but it makes the world come alive a little more, especially with small additions like the interactions of the farmer and Bessy, and before that Talia and Gemma in the beginning. Also, neat with the little firewood quest to start off with, and also SO MUCH YES on seeing the quests pop up when you obtain them! Great idea! Battle system Love it! I feel like it's as close to the real time stuff as you can get it, with the hero sprites moving in to attack and their facesets showing up to frown as they take damage. Makes it feel more dynamic than a static battle screen, but with the added bonus that you can actually take your time and strategize without fear of being mobbed and cut down while wondering how to execute a spell. Excellent handling of that aspect! Overall, looks incredible so far! Loyal to the game, but with enough little things to make it feel fresh and more fleshed out. Now, moving on to the technical side of things. This will also be separated so that you get an idea of what is personal bias and what is objective. Bugs Okay, so there are a few. First one is when Talia first talks to the cow -- for part of the dialogue her portrait and name disappears only to be replaced by 'talc' Next, and I'm not sure if this is an error or intentional, but if it's the second do ignore me. When Talia fights, her faceset bounces up and down when expressions change (when she gets hit and frowns or wins and smiles). This might be because you intended the battles to be more dynamic, but thought I'd mention it just in case it wasn't supposed to do that and it was a positioning error. A small one is the spelling of 'a herbalist' which should be 'an herbalist'. I was not able to finish the demo if it goes further than the naming. Reason for this is an error, most likely an altered or deleted line: Script 'Monster Spawning' line 263: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'refresh' for nil:NilClass Those were the only ones I experienced, tried to do as much as I could and clicked on most things, but stuff might have slipped through the cracks Personal nitpicks Okay, so loving the faceset, very nice. And I love the sprites too, buuuut... well, Talia's sprite looks like an adult. When she speaks to the kid characters, which are supposed to be her age, it's especially noticeable, since she's obviously got an adult sprite. I love parts of it, the hair especially, and the dress is cute, but it sticks out when speaking to Gemma and the other kids, and in the original she did have a kid sprite in the early game. Didn't get to see Devin's (as I mentioned couldn't get past the naming) but he can probably get away with it being a little older. Come to think of it, I didn't get to see Devin's faceset either, if the demo goes so far. Doh, now I'm sad. Second one is that we didn't get to see Bessey follow Talia once she gave her the carrot! The cow just disappears, even though the game tells you it's following her. Just wish it actually did that, is all. You could probably do that on the same principle as the monsters that follow the player, but again this is a biased thing and not objective at all, so feel free to ignore this whole section. Anyway, hope this was helpful! If the rest of the game is like this, I've gotta say you nailed it.
  6. Oh oh, OR replace this with Herbalism ? Or maybe call it Alchemy? I don't remember where I saw this, but what if instead of 'creating food' with magic Talia just made, you know, potions? You know, like a priestess that is known for healing would make? Also, it was Talia's dream in the beginning to be an herbalist, so it would help to make sense of why she'd choose this order in canon. In terms of suggestions, the biggest problem I found with the original (I love it to bits but it is very very flawed) is the insane amount of grinding you need to do. I get that it makes the game longer, but it also makes it more annoying. I don't want to spend hours wandering around the Dwarf Mines or Faiara just to grind gold/levels. A bit is okay, but damn, I think I spend roughly a half of each playthrough just grinding. Also, I know you'll probably be adding this, but it would help a lot if we're able to see the levels of all the characters and the exp for each like in later Aveyond. Also maybe vary the Alicia and Talia dialogue a little? Both girls say the same when Devin does sweet things for them, and it makes it almost irrelevant which one you pick, because everything happens the same way anyways. Also, totally agreeing with Scarlet Pendant that a special item would be nice, again to make a difference to which girl you go for. Add character profiles? Maybe ones that keep count of merit and attraction points? Maybe add different lockpicks for Jack so that he needs different ones to open different chests? Instead of.... whatever was going on in the original 😂 I know a lot of these suggestions is stuff that the later Aveyond games had, but it would be nice to see them in the remake. Would make it feel more like a part of the same whole. Anyways, looking forward to this! Looks simply amazing thus far, very reminiscent of the original. Can hardly wait for the demo!
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