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  1. Hello!! So I've been playing since Rhen's Quest, quite a while :'> However I'm not particularly active online, I had a dead account on the last forum, I think it was the Amaranth one.. I don't remember if the Android side was discussed there since it was such a long time ago, and while checking here I've seen a few comments mentioning it, but nothing new on that topic. Not sure if Amanda is still as active on the forums, but I was wondering if with today's technologies it was possible to convert to Android? I know until 2015 it was pretty much impossible, since it was redoing the whole game, but not so sure about today. I'm constantly observing the Play Store, the whole internet really, and there are no games like this ones, as we all know here. And many reviews of RPG's complain about how boring or click based the ones uploaded are right now. I feel these series answers that completely, and while it's probably no easy task, instead of trying to come up with a fifth game having no funds, which may be risky, surely going with the new times is going to prove itself worth it if it's combined with a marketing campaign or something. Aveyond 1 is more than good for this, it has nostalgia on it's name for many people so that it can gather enough downloads at the beginning. But if paired with enough shoutouts etc it could come back. I know the last game wasn't a hit, but that's because it had the franchise name but not its essence. The ending of the previous game had us all hooked, but the 4th wasn't the next part of the story... I know if you were to put the games there, maybe a free demo of the first hour for the new people, and a payed one for all of us, it would do great. I don't know, maybe have some YouTubers play it, like Undertale. Or a Kickstarter campaign? 5th? Good luck, sorry for many of us being pushy :'> Ps: The only one near Aveyond I've played on the Play Store is "Doom and Destiny" which was really engaging and did great, so it *is* possible.
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