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  1. LisaRae

    classic rpg games

    Hi; this isn't strictly on-topic, but you are the most recent post to mention Leah's Tale I've seen anywhere. Do you know the secret to the carved rock symbols????? I cannot find the right place anywhere, and the guide (that I paid for - DON'T buy it) only alludes to the location, it does not specify it (and the developer has gone out of business). Sorry to pester you. On topic: BigFish Games still has a reasonable selection of RPGs (but be wary of the guides, they're often not worth the money, also it can be tedious hunting them down), Steam seems to when I search for help (I don't use them yet), and the Aldorlea site (https://aldorlea.org) has more than you can poke a stick at. You just have to have a decent exchange rate to USD... (which I don't.)
  2. LisaRae

    Midnight's Blessing 1