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  1. Thanks. I've tried the mouse, the Enter key, & now the Space bar. All of them collect one Cheeki & then bring up the notice that you caught a Cheeki; & then the second Cheeki (if it really exists...) isn't accessible. I've checked & rechecked my Cheeki count both before & after trying to click, so I'm definitely not just overlooking it - I know how easy it can be to collect stuff without knowing. I guess I'll just not be able to collect them all. 😢 (Not a perfectionist AT ALL... 😉)
  2. Sorry to reply so late (& to have missed this in my previous post), so I expect you solved it, but have you clicked on the web that is in the way? After that it is running around trying to snare the little ... critters. (I have spent so much time trying to catch loose cheekis it's ridiculous!) Edit: The secret cheekis - how do I click twice? I can NOT get the game to recognise a double-click, & if I click & collect the cheeki, I can no longer get the other. Is there some sort of trick to it?
  3. Thanks! I heard about the second crusade ground cheeki the way you mentioned (Night Watch), but it was too late to get it to verify, & I missed the second Ulrock one you mentioned. I didn't put specific locations because I'd gotten the impression that it wasn't allowed. I appreciate the update, thanks. :)

  4. She's not the daughter, she's the wife. There isn't a daughter.
  5. I've edited this quote with minor alterations so as to not fill the entire page. 😂
  6. I had this happen as well. Use the keyboard (arrow keys and enter key) to get out.
  7. Hi. I had no problem opening the store once I had the deed & ledger, and was able to enter the store before I had those items (although it was simply an empty building at the time). Is it possible you're at the wrong building? It's the row above the Inn in Halaina, with the Quill sign outside. If that isn't the problem, you may need to post a bug report. Good luck.
  8. Hi; this isn't strictly on-topic, but you are the most recent post to mention Leah's Tale I've seen anywhere. Do you know the secret to the carved rock symbols????? I cannot find the right place anywhere, and the guide (that I paid for - DON'T buy it) only alludes to the location, it does not specify it (and the developer has gone out of business). Sorry to pester you. On topic: BigFish Games still has a reasonable selection of RPGs (but be wary of the guides, they're often not worth the money, also it can be tedious hunting them down), Steam seems to when I search for help (I don't use them yet), and the Aldorlea site (https://aldorlea.org) has more than you can poke a stick at. You just have to have a decent exchange rate to USD... (which I don't.)
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