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  1. Okay so this is not a query or something but I felt like sharing my experience. This was my second time playing this game, the first time I played it was about 2 years back. So I remembered that Spook is Gyendal and he would first fight with Mel and then the actual battle started. However, what I did not remember was that Mel does not participate in the actual final battle. So I had not bought ANY weapon or equipment for Ulf as I was not planning to have him as a battler due to his lower level as compared to others. And then imagine my shock when the battle begins and Ulf is right there when it was supposed to be Mel, especially when I had earlier sold his axe and he had literally nothing. *yikes* The only thought I had was "Gyendal kill me fast so that I can go and buy Ulf some equipment". So, I had Edward, June and Yvette on attack (I am not a big fan of using magic and prefer attacks) and used Ulf for Spider Eggs. But then, my luck totally turned around. June's staff was the Charm one (From Acropolis I guess) and Yvette had the bow from the caves themselves. June's staff charmed Gyendal whereas Yvette's bow caused Berserk!! Plus the poison from Spider Eggs!! So, in every round, Gyendal lost about 23,000 HP while I just stood there with full health, like wow! It basically took me only 1-2 minutes to defeat him and the only damage I got was of about 150-200 HP to Edward, that too in the very first attack by Gyendal. Call it fate or luck or whatever, I didn't need to use even a single restorative that I had been stocking since the very beginning. It was quite fun! 😊
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