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    I'm embarrassed to report that I still get side tracked, easily misled and distracted. I never use to be like this, and I can assume it's old age creeping up and the myriads of medication I'm on. Ok, baby steps ... would any of the members here have a game that was created by you that I can play? Or, perhaps a game that you can recommend, preferably one created with Hero Kit?
  2. Right, I've had all good intentions to start this project and I can't quite reach out far enough to hold onto ... onto .... onto .... commitment. So, an unwritten (or typed) wish is merely that, a wish. I'm hoping by typing this, I'm actually putting my neck out there to stir some movement and to start a game. Looking at my diary, there's an excuse not to start till ... 2022. Actually, my life isn't that hectic, but I generally find things to do simple walking through the house. I can't focus on one thing, and that's a real issue. LoL. Anyways, I will start my Gaming plan this Thursday, and will report back ... whether I managed to pull through, or get distracted.
  3. Brief intro and awkward handshakes all round. I am new to Unity, stumbled across the HeroKit and found myself entangled with sparkly knowledge beams emanating from this site. I'm from the primarily dried, arid plains of Australia, now surrounded by concrete and metal towers in the city of Sydney. Helluuuuuuuuu everyone. I have little to next to nothing experience, and am 2 steps back from ground zero level of talent in gaming, but here I am. I want to give this a go, it looks fun and the people here look to be toxic, radiation and zombie-free! ... so please excuse my ignorance if I ask lots of silly question. Hope I can bring some measure of insight into someones journey.